Edgar Allan Poe Premier Event! Death bởi the Visitation of God

EdgarPoe posted on Apr 02, 2008 at 01:35AM
Edgar Allan Poe – his life and words come alive on stage in Death by the Visitation of God
New York, NY May 2008 – Madman or genius? Questions have surrounded the brilliant author for well over a century, but the fact remains that his was a mind drawn to the dark side of human nature. Drawing on letters, writings and first person memoirs as a source, FantasyLand Theatrical Productions brings Poe to life in Death by the Visitation of God, a journey into the mind, heart and soul of Edgar Allan Poe. This is your chance to see the man as he was, not as your high school literature textbooks portrayed him. Poe loved intensely in the face of great loss, even as he struggled to be the writer whose words endured and gained in popularity long after death had claimed him. See him as the brilliant and passionate genius, a loving husband shattered by the loss of a young wife to whom he was intensely devoted, and as a son mourning for a mother he barely knew. Walk with him once more to Moldavia, and remember him.
FantasyLand Theatrical productions began as the dream and vision of two artists, Christian St John and Lowrie Fawley. After three successful years in Newberry, Florida, producing both classic works as well as avant garde theatre, the company has relocated to Manhattan where it hopes to bring new works to the stage.
Death by the Visitation of God. Premieres Friday, May 16th and Saturday the 17th at 8pm, and Sunday, May 18th at 3pm in the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre. Tickets are General Admission $18
Times Square Arts Center
300 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(8th Avenue and 43rd St)
Tickets are available through Smart Tix: link
Visit the theatre website at www.fantasylandtheatrical.com
Show website at www.fantasylandtheatrical.com/poe

Lowrie Fawley, Christian St John
Lowrie@fantasylandtheatrical.com; christianstjohn@fantasylandtheatrical.com
115 Morris St #1425
Jersey City,

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