Ally's P.O.V

I was laying on the đi văng rubbing my belly smiling talking to Renesmae. Nick came in with some thêm blood. My mouth watered and I drank the whole thing smiling."we'll somebody is hungry"says ink coming rubbing my tummy. We were laughing when I get the worst stomache ache ever. I scream and hold my tummy. Alice,Edward,roseily,Carlile ,jasper,emmet come running in. I looked and saw my water broke. I looked up afraid nick carried me to the car. I was taken to the hospital. I was screaming hugging nicks hand tightly. "You have to start pushing ally hoặc she will drink all you're blood"says Carlile. I nod and start pushing.
_______________________1 năm later___________________

I was cradling Renesmae in my arms hát Rues Lullaby. When the voltury appear behind me.