Ally's P.O.V

I was in the woods feeling the wind hitting my fur. I was running with my best friend nick we have been best Những người bạn since we were1. We were having a good time "hah I beat bạn again" yells nick with that smile that made me smile. "so not fair bạn gave me a 10 một giây head start well bạn win bạn win let's go eat" I say we run inside and st some snacks. "arent bạn scared" I say looking I those deep brown eyes. "scared of what" he says with concern he was18 I was only 15 he treated me like a sister he was really protective. "the voltury coming hoặc any other ma cà rồng what if one of us don't make it" I say with tears flooding my eyes.
" I wont let anybody hurt bạn ever" he says putting his hands in mine"thank bạn with bạn I feel safe" I say with a smile. We were laughing until we heard rustling we got up we turned around when we turned back their they were the voltury we quickly ran and transformed I ran off quickly so did nick I was running when one of the ma cà rồng grabbed me I bit his head off and ran. I turned to see nick rip 5 heads off at once I smile and ran off. I ran to the end of the woods. I was running. Until I trip on a large piece of rock and tumble down I turn back into normal me. I get up and run off whe. I get bitten I fall to the ground and scream. Mick came running whe he saw me be went crazy and attacked everything in his path then picked me up and took me inside Carlile took care of me right away