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posted by HPCouples
So, I've collected a couple of responses from people explaining why they ship Dramione and why it is such an amazing ship. Whenever someone gives bạn a hard time about Dramione hoặc các câu hỏi bạn why bạn ship them, feel free to refer back to this article. (credit goes to wonderful users from tumblr and Fanpop, responses were not tampered with, but if bạn want bạn can correct any spelling mistakes and grammar)

Reason 1: I'm still quite new to the community, but I'll take a stab at it. First off, it's not that I hate Ron... though I freely admit he reminds me strongly of a high school boyfriend...
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Close enough to start a war,
All that I have is on the floor,
God only knows what we're fighting for,
All that I say, bạn always say more,

I can't keep up with your turning tables,
Under your thumb, I can't breathe,

So I won't let bạn close enough to hurt me,
No, I won't ask you, bạn to just desert me,
I cant give bạn what bạn think bạn gave me,
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables,
To turning tables,

Under hardest guise I see, ooh,
Where tình yêu is lost, your ghost is found,
I braved a hundred storms to leave you,
As hard as bạn try, no, I will never be knocked down,

I can't keep up with your turning...
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Now I will tell bạn what I've done for bạn
50 thousand tears I've cried
Screaming deceiving and bleeding for bạn
and bạn still won't hear me
Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily defeated bởi bạn
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom
I'm dying again

I'm going under
Drowning in bạn
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under

Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
so I don't know what's real and what's not
always confusing the thoughts in my head
so I can't trust myself anymore
I'm dying again

I'm going under
Drowning in bạn
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through

So go on and scream
Scream at me I"m so far away
I won't be broken again
I've got to breathe I can't keep going under
posted by NewLove2
 nice di chuyển
nice move
Ginny screamed what r u doing with harry. harry woke up and saw hermione in his giường naked he screamed "wat the? " he fell ginny ran to him and hermione transported to her and dracos room Draco was there he grabbed her and asked where she was "None of ur busniss draco." he sighed "do bạn care about me." Hermione asked Draco " no im just thirsty." she gave him special water he drank it "Come here." draco grabbed hermione and started kissing her a few giây later he came back he grabbed her neck and sunk his claws in it
bạn gave me vasculin she couldnt breathe she fainted she came back but her eyes were still closed Draco was crying and sobbing to himself "I'm an Idiot bạn loved her Draco whyd bạn do that" he đã đưa ý kiến she saw blood on her Draco saw her wake and gasped.
 Why did u do that!
Why did u do that!
My first story :)) It starts from the express and pupils are going back to Hogwards after summer. Harry, Ron and Hermione are now in their last year. Hope U like it :)) Plz, bình luận ;))

I'm sitting in the Hogwards express. I'm reading, as I usually do. I like reading.
"Are we there yet? I'm hungry" Ron complains.
"Ron, could bạn just be quiet? I'm trying to read" I say.
"I don't keep my mouth shut until I get food" Ron answers.
"Then I'll go with Luna" I say and enter to corridors. I'm looking for Luna. Where is my lovely blond friend? Soon I'm faced with Slytherin prince, Draco Malfoy. My books...
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Is it true what they say,
Are we too blind to find a way?
Fear of the unknown đám mây our hearts today
Come into my world,
See through my eyes
Try to understand,
Don't want to lose what we have

We've been dreaming
But who can deny,
It's the best way of living
Between the truth and the lies

See who I am,
Break through the surface
Reach for my hand,
Let's hiển thị them that we can
Free our minds and find a way
The world is in our hands,
This is not the end

Fear is withering the soul
At the point of no return
We must be the change
We wish to see
I'll come into your world,
See through your eyes
I'll try to understand,
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Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside
All these blessings all these burns
I'm godless underneath your cover
Search for pleasure tìm kiếm for pain
In this world now I am undying
I unfurl my flag my nation helpless

Black black tim, trái tim why would bạn offer thêm
Why would bạn make it easier on me to satisfy
I'm on ngọn lửa, chữa cháy I'm rotting to the core
I'm eating all your kings and queens
All your sex and your diamonds

As I begin to lose my grip
On these realities your sending
Taste your mind and taste your sex
I'm naked underneath your cover
Covers lie and we will bend and borrow
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All about us - T.A.T.U.
Judas - Lady Gaga
Apologize - Timbaland
E.T. - Katy Perry
What about now? - Chris Daughtry
Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
bạn and me - Lifehouse
Bring me to life - Evanescence
Because of bạn - Kelly Clarkson
Halo - Beyoncè
Boston - Augustana
He shot me down - Nancy Sinatra
In my head - Jason Derulo
It's over - Jesse McCartney
Take your sweet time - Jesse McCartney
Your tình yêu is my drug - Kesha
Jar of hearts - Christina Perri
I'm with bạn - Avril Lavigne
Hello - Evanescence
Scandalous - Miss Teeq
Goodnight moon - Shivaree
Te amo - Rihanna
Maneater - Nelly Furtado
Everybody's fool - Evanescence
posted by DeniseAnne
This isn't a famous song: it's bởi Evanescence, and I discovered it about 4 years ago. It impressed me for the actual and painful tone it has; it made vibrate my soul. I hope it will make the same impression to bạn all!

Playground schoolbell rings, again
Rainclouds come to play, again

Has no one told bạn she's not breathing ?

Hello, I'm your mind, giving bạn someone to talk to...Hello...

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream

Don't try to fix me
I'm not broken

Hello, I'm the lie living for bạn so bạn can hide...

*Don't cry...*

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello, I'm still here, all that's left
Of yesterday...
posted by Mallory23
~Once Upon a xạ hương, húng tây bởi zensho
~Heart of Ice bởi Dreaming One
~We'll Always Have Paris bởi Melissa D
~Their Room bởi aleximoon
~Bad Faith bởi Morrighan256
~Krum Do I Love? bởi yael
~Unwanted Bonds bởi Penelope
~ The Bleeding of October bởi Penelope(sequel to Unwanted Bonds)
~El Tango De Roxanne bởi Fira Black-Malfoy
~Courting Miss Granger bởi marmaladefever
~Dreaming in Crimson bởi Tabbycat
~Divine Humiliation bởi zarahjoyce
~Memoirs of a Dragon Lover bởi SometimesAngel
~Draco Malfoy The Amazing Bouncing con chuột bởi maya
~A Act of tình yêu bởi Elisha
~A Act of Love: The Sequel bởi Elisha
~Finding Out How bởi angel89...
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Looking up from underneath
Fractured moonlight light on the sea,
Reflections still look the same to me,
As before I went under

And it's peaceful in the deep,
Cause either way bạn cannot breathe,
No need to pray, no need to say
Now I am under

And it's breaking over me,
A thousand miles down to the sea bed,
I found the place to rest my head.

Never let me go, never let me go.
Never let me go, never let me go.

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me,
And all this devotion was rushing over me,
And the câu hỏi of heaven, for a sinner like me,
But the arms of the ocean deliver me.

Though the pressure's...
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I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed bởi all my childish fears
And if bạn have to leave
I wish that bạn would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that
time cannot erase

When bạn cried I'd wipe away
all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away
all of your fears
I held your hand through
all of these years
But bạn still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound bởi the life
you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams...
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Turn around and smell what bạn don't see
Close your eyes ... it is so clear
Here's the mirror, behind there is a screen
On both ways bạn can get in

Don't think twice before bạn listen to your tim, trái tim
Follow the trace for a new start

What bạn need and everything you'll feel
Is jsut a câu hỏi of the deal
In the eye of storm you'll see a onely chim bồ câu, bồ câu
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of tình yêu

"O Fortuna
velut Luna"

("O Fortune
like the Moon")

The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom

The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom

Try to think about it ...
That's the chance...
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posted by DeniseAnne
All along it was a fever
A cold with high-headed believers
I threw my hands in the air I đã đưa ý kiến hiển thị me something
He said, if bạn dare come a little closer

Round and around and around and around we go
Ohhh now tell me now tell me now tell me now bạn know

Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way bạn di chuyển
Makes me feel like I can't live without bạn
It takes me all the way
I want bạn to stay

It's not much of a life you're living
It's not just something bạn take, it's được trao
Round and around and around and around we go
Ohhh now tell me now tell me now tell me now bạn know

Not really...
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I didn't hear bạn leave
I wonder how am I still here
And I don't want to di chuyển a thing
It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
But I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here with me

I don't want to call my Những người bạn
They might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this giường
Risk forgetting all that's been

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
But I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here with me

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
But I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here with me
The Unseemly Proposal bởi sparx (incomplete)
The Sweetest Sin bởi annie
Meant to be bởi annie
A Thousand Words bởi annie
What’s Left of me bởi annie (one-shot)
The Witness and the Wife bởi mứt cam, bánh mứt Fever
Eight and Eighth bởi mứt cam, bánh mứt Fever
Bus Stop bởi mứt cam, bánh mứt Fever
Courting Miss Granger bởi mứt cam, bánh mứt Fever
The Revenant bởi horcruxnumber8
Fourth Time’s the Charm bởi horcruxnumber8 (one-shot)
To Be Use of bởi horcruxnumber8 (one-shot)
How we imagined light bởi horcruxnumber8 (one-shot)
A Dangerous Game bởi horcruxnumber8 (one-shot)
The Boomerang Effect bởi horcruxnumber8 (one-shot)
Unspoken bởi BelleOfSummer (one-shot)...
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I still hear your voice, when bạn sleep tiếp theo to me.
I still feel your touch in my dreams.
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why.
Without bạn it's hard to survive.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we Kiss I swear I can fly.
Can't bạn feel my tim, trái tim beat fast, I want this to last.
Need bạn bởi my side.
Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can't bạn hear my tim, trái tim beat so
I can't let bạn go.
Want bạn in my life.

Your arms are my castle, your tim, trái tim is my sky.
They wipe away tears that I cry.
The good and the bad...
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posted by DeniseAnne
Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding
Fall into your sunlight
The future's open wide beyond believing
To know why hope dies
Losing what was found, a world so hollow
Suspended in a compromise
The silence of this sound is soon to follow
Somehow sundown

And finding các câu trả lời
Is forgetting all of the các câu hỏi we called trang chủ
Passing the graves of the unknown

As reason clouds my eyes, with splendor fading
Illusions of the sunlight
And the reflection of a lie will keep me waiting
Love gone for so long

This day's ending is the proof of time killing all the faith I know
Knowing that faith is all I hold...
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posted by DeniseAnne
bạn took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh
That's right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You đã đưa ý kiến to me
Yeah huh
That's right

If someone đã đưa ý kiến three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and cú đấm them up
Cause they're all wrong
I know better
Cause bạn đã đưa ý kiến forever
And ever
Who knew

Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no
No no
I wish I could touch bạn again
I wish I could still call bạn friend
I'd give anything

When someone đã đưa ý kiến count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how...
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Closed off from tình yêu
I didn't need the pain
Once hoặc twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before bạn know it you're Nữ hoàng băng giá

But something happened
For the very first time with bạn
My tim, trái tim melts into the ground
Found something true
And everyone's looking round
Thinking I'm going crazy

But I don't care what they say
I'm in tình yêu with bạn
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth
My heart's crippled bởi the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding tình yêu
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding tình yêu
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep...
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