Bảy viên ngọc rồng Z Create a Dragon Ball người hâm mộ Character!

Coolman1011 posted on Aug 24, 2014 at 12:24PM
Create a fan made character!
Guidelines: (what you need)
Power Level (You may tell how it rises [or falls] throughout his/her history)
History (It'd be nice if at some point in time they meet with the Z Fighters, but that is not required.)
Attacks/Techniques (Please create new one[s], you don't have to. but if yo do, describe them.)
OPTIONAL: Special Abilities (Example: Captain Ginyu's power to switch bodies)
Appearance (Picture or description)
If you think I missed something, please insert it.
What are you standing there for? Get Creatin'!

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hơn một năm qua Booksarecooltoo said…
Guidelines: (I haven't decided yet so can I come back to this one?)
Name: Alpha last name unknown
Gender: Female
Race: I can't spell sayin except instead of monkey,it's a wolf and she can do it anytime
Power: level: Depends on who she's fighting and what form she's in
History: She was abandoned when she was little and was very mean, she found out she was the princess of the Spirit Wolves. She has been almost everywhere they have been watching them. She has been caught by Gohan (Wait is this when he was 5? If so he has caught her once, and called for his dad. Goku didn't see her so he thought Gohan was seeing things. If not that happened a couple times when he was 5.)
Attacks: Well, she can hypnotize anyone to do anything, then she just takes the person or whatever it is fighting moves.
Special abilities: Would connecting to a dead wolf pack count?
Appearance: I'll try to get a picture next post, if not then after I'll describe it.
Personality: Sneaky,sly, get her mad I dare you, sassy, mean, if you want her to be nice you have to guide her to the light side, dark, mysterious.

hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Ryu Tako

Sayain Name: Kokumotso (it means Corn )

Gender : M

Race : Sayain

Age: 25-30 (by end of GT )

Power Level: Unknown

History: Ryu Tako was Part of the Sayain army during thier mighty rule under the Tyrant Freezia of the frost demons. Ryu Tako was young when this happend he was around Age 4 or 5 and had decent enough power level to help out the lower class sayains with their missions he was rumored to Rival the young Prince of his people. Once Freezia begun his attack Ryu was shoved into a pod by his father at the very last second and ported to the planet of earth where he strayed dormant from aging until A Old man stumbled upon the pod one day. The Old man Took in the boy and brought him to a Village known as Miso. where he was raised to fight from his first day of training in the stances of Old Kung-Fu, Karate, Jujitsu and the growing Martial of Mui-tai Ryu quickly rose to the ranks of master due to his sayain Blood. As the result of his mastery to learn all Martail Skill much like Goku the elder of his Village told of the place known as Kami's Lookout where young Ryu Now age 9 ascended up to the tall Mystical Spire and learned the Arts of Ki mainpulation witch of course came naturally to him. Upon reaching the spire The young Ryu met the futures strongest warrior Goku. The two became quick friends and rivails. While Goku had to leave Ryu stayed on the Lookout for 1 full year before he left. After a few years Ryu now age 15 was approached by The Z fighters Krillin, Tein and Yamcha where they informed of the attack of the two sayains in one years time and informed of Goku's Demise. Ryu agreed to help them despite knowing only him and goku can stand up to the foes now. When the Sayains Arrive Ryu didn't show up at first having the Z fighters loose faith in their two trump cards. Naturally when all hope is Lost Ryu shows up and has deep regret at being so late. He's quickly disposes of Nappa then heads over to the Rock gorge where Vegeta is now in his Ape form. Ryu tries to fend off the Gaint Ape but dies in the process Naturally like the rest of the fighters he is put on King Kai's Planet & Much like Piccolo stays dead until the Freezia Saga. it's during this time that Ryu devolps his own fighing style known as the way of the Dragon witch is a martial skill that focues on high speed movements with Strong heavy attacks. Ryu get's wished back to Namek just a little after Freezia enters his third fourm where Ryu displays a fervouis display of his skills. Thus causing Freezia to enage his final and most deadly fourm and almost Kill the newly born sayain until Vegeta comes in to save him. When goku is making the Sprit bomb him and Piccolo rush in to help their alley defeat the space vaillain. After the sucessful launch of the deadly ball. Ryu is struck through the his right lung by the enraged Villain. When Ryu comes to he seems to be on earth and is told of Goku's "death" and hears of the rumor of him becoming a super sayain. Ryu disappears once again until the Androids appear. After Piccolo is defeated by imperfect cell as he absorbs 17 Ryu starts to combat the new and improved Vegeta as he shows his Super form. Ryu then shows his new form as he goes super sayain one. Much to Vegeta's dismay Ryu ends up fighting second form cell with Vegeta. As Vegeta agrees to the Deal Ryu tries to end the Andorid right then but is knocked away by Vegeta where the two have pretty serious brawl ultimately ending in a draw. Ryu frustrated with Vegeta's arrogance he fly's off. Ryu ends up at the lookout until he receives news of what's happend and that cell has reached his final form and that he is giving one week for the fighters to prepare. Ryu then spends one full week in the Hyper bolic time chamber to help further his power. During the Cell games Ryu doesn't do to much other then watch in horror as Gohan is beaten then watches in regret as Goku gives away his life for others. Ryu then watches and aids Gohan like all the Z fighters while the two are battling. After the cell games during the time skip at some point Goku inform Ryu of his ascendance to a super sayain 2 & the shocking level of 3. Ryu then at some point achives both super sayain 2&3. Ryu like everyone enters the World Martial arts tournament instead of Gohan having his energy sucked out because of Ryu's more advanced power level the two hench men target him instead and suck his energy Ryu is left incapacitated for a while but wakes up just in time to here of the Terror of Majun Buu. Ryu is inactive at this point as Goku brings him and Gohan to the supereme grand kai's Palace where he trains more and has his mystic power unlocked becoming Mystic Ryu unlike Gohan who let the power ware off. Ryu stuck with it and trained it to it's Maximum output. Ryu face Super buu (gohan absorbed ) after Vegito is absorbed. Ryu is able to put up a good fight but is killed by a unsuspecting Ghost kamikaze Barrage followed by a super Kamehameha. Ryu comes back to help with the fight against Kid Buu and is brought "Back" when all the good people on earth come to life. Once Kid buu is defeated Ryu goes to train and witness the incarnation of Uub and see's that Majuin Buu has turned a new leaf with all the evil being purged from him. during the events of GT Ryu only comes in when Baby & Omega shenron appear. During the baby saga Ryu helps untaint everyone of earth and help recharge super sayain 4 Goku. During the fight of Omega shenron Ryu shows up in the newly showed super sayain 4 and helps Goku and Vegeta defeat the mighty Villain.

Attacks/Technique :

Kamehameha (Taught )

Super Kamehameha

Galactic Drestoryer

Galaxy Cannon

Cosmic barrage

Cosmic Arrow

Meteor Strike (made )

Dragon fist (taught )

Super Dragon Fist ( Taught )

Super Dragon Flash Cannon ( made )

Spirit breaker (made )

Kaioken (taught by supreme North kai )

super sayain 1-4

Raging Dragon Throw (made )

Dragon thow (Taught )

Dragon Fang fist ( Made )

Dragon Claw ( Made )

Dual Dragon Claw (made )

Super Dragon Claw (made )

Appearance: Pic

 Name : Ryu Tako Sayain Name: Kokumotso (it means ngô ) Gender : M Race : Sayain Age: 25-
hơn một năm qua AndreaTiffany12 said…
Bulla) super saiyan 90000..


She's a saiyan hygren race which is a combination of saiyan and omega shenron)

Her power level is 700000000*. She multiples double her power when a moon is cast down on her she found a way to make a moon ..she has a moon synthesizer . .she also can turn in to past super saiyan forms one through 5 and even gods mode and super saiyan passion pink which is a bit higher than black rose transformation .
She has a secret power that will be revealed if she opens up the Jar but it should not be necessary

In this time line she was like baby she is a clone of bulla by a evil scientist she escaped from the lab and she went to the gt universe ..
She went in a worm hole she entered to when super saiyan 4 goku was fighting baby vegeta and baby pan and baby piccolo and few other fighters .. so bulla transforms to look like Gohan it's a trick to catch goku off guard . She used a strong atrack and defeated baby but instead of killing baby she absorbs baby into her system making her a lot stronger ....so as goku congrats Gohan she used a strong attack called big bang final explosion destroying goku in the process . .everyone is in shock that Gohan killed his father but then bulla walks back in the portal and travels to another part of the gt timeline) she messed everything up by killing goku .... instead of just the six Dragons) there are 8 shadow dragons ..she fights each dragon but each dragon has a bit of edge on her so they think she busts with razor blaze kamikaze atrack destroying the first dragon . . She absorbs the dragon the next dragon approaches her he's a dark fire type dragon created by a a weird wish he tries burning bulla but has no luck ..bulls yells loudly the ground shakes) she's shrieking out her clothes tears open and a new transformation is revealed the super saiyan 15 transformation it shocks everyone even goku who some how is back he's watching bulla and sees somethingodd about her her attacks look like something familiar it's then he realized it wasn't goHan who killed him but bulla . He yells and begs bulla for a rematch , bulla accepts and she tells going to a higher level the rocks begin breaking in the ground building shattered as she became a super saiyan it is a hard transformation she continued yelling until she contained the power with in goku triedhas best to beat her but he couldn't his attacks weren't doing much damage he begged vegeta to fusion with him vegeta says why should I kaka rot he fusedb ut it wasn't enough as her Kamehameha spirit bomb big bang shark attack times a bilion) destroying the saiyans ...goku and vegeta gogeta) is no more .. the dragon Balls can't revive them they are stuck in the after life .
hơn một năm qua AndreaTiffany12 said…
Attacks sharp Kamehameha . .

A pink mannequin screeching Kamehameha

A few other attacks she has a variety of attacks

She has a infinite life meter she can die it's possible but it actually adds more power to get when she revives automatically if she's killed the 17 days she's back with a new power she has so much attacks but her deadliest) atrack is the galaxy wing spirit animal train bomb explosion atrack it's her strongest) atrack but she has a few powerful,techniques she can change into any z warrior) but she has all of shenron attacks . Whirl wind dark lightning and pink array circle blast ..she also has the power of allove the dragon Balls ...
hơn một năm qua AndreaTiffany12 said…
The secret move is pink god explosion fist it's actually pretty weak attack but it has a powerful stunning effect on the enemy ..
hơn một năm qua AndreaTiffany12 said…
The thing is that even if the pink god explosion is her weakest attack it drains a bit of energy from her ...so there is a few draw backs.