Dragon ball Z: Universe X
- Dragonball Z: Universe X -

- CHAPTER FIVE: trang chủ -

As the dozen mát, máy làm mát clones stood firmly, two of them darted phía trước, chuyển tiếp from the masses right into a collision with the oncoming Trunks and Vegeta. As they collided the two Cooler's found either their knees hoặc fists slamming directly into their intended targets, namely Vegeta and Trunks' guts causing them to collapse.

The masses of Coolers who had stood back previously all began to gather as they began to take Vegeta and Trunks away. The two Coolers who had actually knocked them out nodded to each other as well before following behind the other clones that had gathered.

Gohan who had already been knocked out bởi mát, máy làm mát was still being held quite tightly bởi the two clones of Cooler. mát, máy làm mát himself nodded to his two clones as they began to take Gohan away, of which mát, máy làm mát seemed to be proud of himself as he was going to finally take his revenge. He thought about how his clones would be dealing with Vegeta and Trunks before shaking his head.

"My my...these monkeys. They were mighty that is for sure, but I was mightier. Still, once my clones bring them to the Big Gete ngôi sao then the fun will begin. I'll take every ounce of energy they have and then...the universe will end." mát, máy làm mát declared to himself as he began to levitate off the ground before flying in the direction his clones had taken Gohan.

On The Big Gete Star, Current Age - 789

The scene then changed dramatically as Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta were all bound high up in the air. Machinery was actively working all around them, whilst at the same time energy seemed to be being stolen from the three warriors via what was wrapped around them keeping them bound. Vegeta was the first to have awoken of the three and was very angry about his current situation.

"This situation is very much to my disliking. And of all the times...these two boys had to be asleep." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến to himself shaking his head as he looked ahead of himself towards a giant machine figure that appeared to be asleep itself. Vegeta wasn't entirely sure just what this machine was but he knew it looked too much like mát, máy làm mát for his liking.

Just then, Vegeta noticed some movement from the individual that was hung up tiếp theo to him on his left namely Gohan. Even though Gohan was clearly out cold just as Vegeta had been he realized that he needed to awaken him to devise a way out of their situation. "Gohan! I đã đưa ý kiến Gohan! Wake up bạn son of a clown!" Vegeta yelled in an attempt to awaken the young Saiyajin...but it didn't seem to be working. "GOHAN WAKE UP!" Vegeta furiously yelled once more.

Gohan slowly began to open his eyes as his eyesight returned to him slowly but surely. The one thing Gohan noticed however was that he couldn't really di chuyển and when he fully came to he realized his arms and body were bound bởi some sort of cable, most likely the cables that were inside of Cooler's body that would repair him.

It was then that Gohan turned his head towards his right noticing Vegeta who was clearly about to blow one of his veins in anger as Gohan put on an apologetic face. "I'm sorry if I've angered bạn Vegeta...but where on earth are we?"

Vegeta turned his nose up at Gohan's apology. "Hmph. I'm not entirely sure where we are...but I know we aren't dead, that much I can tell you. I still feel the pain and bruising from our fight with Cooler." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến towards Gohan emotionlessly as his eyes remained on Trunks.

Noticing Vegeta's fixed stare Gohan also turned his attention to his left where he saw Trunks held up high just like himself and Vegeta and was seemingly still unconscious. That was when Gohan noticed the yellow colour surging away from Trunks and along what seemed like a metallic cable, the same ones that bound himself and Vegeta. "Hey Vegeta...have bạn noticed those weird cables?" Gohan đã đưa ý kiến to Vegeta in a questioning tone.

"Of course I've noticed them! I mean all three of us are bound tightly because of them!" Vegeta blurted out in some frustration as if Gohan were treating him like a simpleton. "But, if bạn meant that our energy is being drained. Then yes Gohan, I've noticed." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến in typical aggressive tone of voice.

Gohan just simply smirked at Vegeta's attitude about the situation. "Then the conclusion as to where we are seems obvious. The last thing I remember was fighting Cooler, now based on the result of my fight I can only assume bạn and Trunks also fought mát, máy làm mát as well. Now được trao Cooler's vendetta I can only assume we're inside the Big Gete Star. After all...that thing in front of us looks disturbingly too much like Cooler."

"So bạn made the same assumption as I did. Then again I don't think anything could look as ugly as that floating garbage does right now, well besides Frieza and the rest of his stupid family that is." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến mockingly with a smirk as Gohan was seemingly smirking as well at Vegeta's comment.

"Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh. I hardly think either of bạn are in the position to be mocking me hoặc my family. I may very well just be a damaged wreck, but bạn are all weak and soon your energy will also be mine." Cooler's voice đã đưa ý kiến echoing from the giant damaged head that seemingly managed the entirety of the Big Gete Star.

"But first perhaps I should enlighten bạn some. As bạn may have guessed bạn are indeed wired up to the Big Gete Star, and bạn will probably be wondering how I survived Vegeta's attack. It's simple really, whilst dying inside outer không gian I was discovered bởi a sentient computer chip. A chip that assimilated everything it encountered until me. And from there I took control, so in a sense I am the Big Gete ngôi sao to put it in your simple terms.

"But all of that no longer matters, because you're about to fuel the destruction of the planet bạn were trying to save. Somewhat ironic when bạn think about it really. Now give me your energy!" mát, máy làm mát shouted out causing a reaction from Gohan and Vegeta.

"W-what do bạn mean? You're already taking our ener-" Was all Vegeta could say as all of a sudden the cables wrapped around the three Saiyajins began to suck out their energy at an increasing rate causing immense pain. In the process Trunks was struck to life as he cried out in agony as well along with Gohan and Vegeta.

"I must say it's amazing the power bạn Saiyajins possess it really is. Now I can understand why Frieza destroyed your planet. For one his frantic fears were good for something after all. But any thêm energy than this and even I would be in trouble." mát, máy làm mát đã đưa ý kiến towards a silence as the energy absorption had stopped. Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks remained where they were held, almost as if they were dead.

On the outside, the Big Gete ngôi sao had begun to destroy and essentially consume Planet New Namek causing mass panic and destruction all over the planet. The planet shook violently as all the Namekians were panicked. Whilst this was happening Krillin, Bulma, Dende and Moori were trying to rationalize the situation.

On Planet New Namek, Current Age - 789

"This is not good at all. At this rate our planet will be destroyed yet again and bởi someone just as terrible as Frieza no less." Moori đã đưa ý kiến feeling angry with himself since he couldn't do anything to stop it. Dende seemed to be at a loss for words but felt the same as Moori did.

"I'm so sorry Moori...Dende. I had no idea that any of this would happen. It's all my fault...I should never have come here!" Bulma exclaimed as she dropped to her knees and began to cry, she wasn't crying out of fear but out of shame.

Moori then spoke up as if to console Bulma. "None of this is your fault. I somehow doubt this has anything to do with bạn being here, after all Frieza came to out planet of his own accord. If anything is to blame it is the Dragonballs themselves." Moori đã đưa ý kiến softly to Bulma before helping her back to her feet.

"In any case...were any of the Namekians taken hostage hoặc did we manage to save them all?" Krillin asked as Moori had a stern look on his face when Krillin mentioned hostages.

"Some were taken away...but not that many. We must leave their safety to Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta. I am certain with them here we have nothing to fear." Moori đã đưa ý kiến looking to Dende who seemed reassured bởi the mentioning of Gohan's name.

On The Big Gete Star, Current Age - 789

All of a sudden, the cables that were wired up to Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks began to absorb energy once more, this sudden change caused even mát, máy làm mát to be surprised. "What's going on...why am I absorbing energy...don't tell me they heard what I said?!" mát, máy làm mát exclaimed trying to stop the energy absorption process.

The cables that had been holding the three Saiyajins snapped away only to be grabbed onto bởi Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks who weren't going to let go at all at this point. "Heh, so he wants our energy huh?" Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến smirking some. "Well then Vegeta and Trunks...why don't we hiển thị him was Saiyajins can do?" Gohan declared. "I'm not sure what's going on...but if Gohan and my father are doing this, I will too!" Trunks exclaimed as the three transformed into Super Saiyajins and began pumping out as much energy as possible.

"Stop it! Stop it đã đưa ý kiến I said!" mát, máy làm mát began shouting as panic overcame here and explosions came out from every possible place across the Big Gete Star. Meanwhile, in the area where the captive Namekians were at, the explosions had caused their cells to break apart allowing them to escape the madness of the Big Gete Star.

The three Super Saiyajins then dropped downward to the ground having exerted too much energy in overpowering the Big Gete Star. Gohan was holding onto his ribs from the damage mát, máy làm mát had inflicted on them followed bởi the damage the Super Kaioken had caused as well. Trunks was starting to get up as Vegeta kept his focus on the sight of mát, máy làm mát who was furious from all the destruction.

In the midst of all the destruction caused bởi Trunks, Vegeta and Gohan the Big Gete ngôi sao had broken away from New Namek unable to maintain it's energy consumption of the planet's core floating into outer space. This in turn seemed to be the start of what could be good ending for the planet.

All of a sudden mát, máy làm mát began to grow in size using bits and pieces of the Big Gete ngôi sao as he launched himself phía trước, chuyển tiếp grasping his large hand around Gohan who felt the intense pain from earlier resurface. Blood began to seep out of his body as he struggled within Cooler's grip. "I...will not...ALLOW THIS!" mát, máy làm mát boomed out loudly as he was intent on killing the lot of them before they were able to destroy him.

Gohan was clearly in agony as Trunks' face angered at the sight he was having to witness, feelings of losing Gohan a một giây time began to surface increasing his anger. "Father!" Trunks yelled towards Vegeta who was on his feet now.

"Yes Trunks, I know!" Vegeta shouted right back at his sun as an energy ball charged up in his right hand before tossing it towards the cables on the right of Gohan's body. At the same time, Trunks charged up an energy ball as well firing that off to the cables at the left of Gohan's body as the two energy balls severed Gohan from Cooler's grip.

"Naaarghhh!" Was all mát, máy làm mát allowed to escape as his hand was severed from Gohan's body before reforming in aggression towards Trunks and Vegeta's offensive against him. "You stupid monkeys...I'll kill bạn all!" mát, máy làm mát shouted in his rage.

"Heh...I'll never let anything happen to Gohan again..." Trunks đã bình luận with a smirk as he brought his arms phía trước, chuyển tiếp to charge up an energy attack in front of himself aimed for Cooler. "Gohan, can bạn stand?" Trunks asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

Gohan was still caught up in his binding as he powered up his Super Saiyajin aura breaking the remaining bindings around him despite all the blood on his body and his tattered clothing. "Yeah...just barely..." yeah Gohan đã đưa ý kiến bringing his hands to his forehead to charge up a Masenko.

Vegeta on the other hand held both his arms apart charging up his own Super Saiyajin aura as what appeared to be yellow energy gathering at his palms formed. At first it could have appeared to be the technique he had used earlier, but something was different. "You two will need to keep him busy, this technique...might take time."

"It doesn't matter how much time bạn have, I will never die!" mát, máy làm mát screamed as his entire body began to di chuyển phía trước, chuyển tiếp towards Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta. His hand looked as if it was going to grab for Gohan again considering he was in the worst condition of the three, but this in turn caused Trunks to explode with his Super Saiyajin aura.

"Oh no bạn don't! Burning Storm!" Trunks yelled out as a massive energy attack fired off from his hands towards mát, máy làm mát who didn't seem to be phased bởi the oncoming attack as he simply shifted his position to catch Trunks' attack within his two giant hands. "What?!" Trunks exclaimed as he kept firing his attack.

"Pathetic monkey. Why do bạn even struggle against your own fate? Your attack will not harm me!" mát, máy làm mát yelled confident that no matter what the three did he would win.

Gohan seemed to be physically struggling with maintaining his body upright as well as charge his attack. This of course was down to the injuries to his ribcage that he had suffered both because of mát, máy làm mát as well as himself. "Heh, because bạn say so?" Gohan asked with a smug look which only enraged mát, máy làm mát further. "Now...eat my Masenko...HA!" Gohan shouted out as the yellow ball of energy that had been charged up fired off towards Cooler's two hands combining with Trunks trước đó attack.

"Raaargh! bạn dare challenge me still? This still won't be enough!" mát, máy làm mát screamed out as he was holding off now both Trunks' Burning Storm as well as Gohan's Masenko. However mát, máy làm mát did hiển thị signs that the combination of the attacks was having an effect on him.

Vegeta still had his arms pointing to each side with a yellow energy ball in each, it was also of note that sweat began to pour down Vegeta's face as he attempted to supercharge his attack. All the while he begun to grow a smug look on his face as he watched Trunks and Gohan ngọn lửa, chữa cháy their attacks. "I think...it's about time...we end this!" Vegeta declared bringing his arms together in front of him, his fingers curled almost like his Final Crash attack.

mát, máy làm mát began to look smug all of a sudden as his two giant hands began to push Gohan and Trunks' attack forward. "Yes...I'd say it's about time I destroy bạn monkeys once and for all. You've been nothing but a thorn...until the very end." mát, máy làm mát đã đưa ý kiến as he attempted to create an energy ball to fully blow them all away.

Vegeta's energy attack was clearly reaching it's as even his own veins on his head could clearly be seen. "Trunks...Gohan...it's about time we hiển thị this freak...what TRUE Saiyajins are!" Vegeta declared as he looked directly towards Cooler. "So freak...if bạn think you're so high and mighty, why don't bạn stand there and take this! FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta roared with ferocity as he fired off his attack towards Cooler.

Trunks and Gohan automatically responded as they powered up to their Ascended Super Saiyajin forms putting even thêm power into their own attacks. The three attacks of Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta merged together inside of Cooler's giant hands as he felt himself being overwhelmed.

mát, máy làm mát became panicked with a look of fear on his face. "What's this?! Impossible?!" mát, máy làm mát shouted out as the combined energy attack blasted away at his hands before finally enveloping mát, máy làm mát himself within the power of Trunks' Burning Storm, Gohan's Masenko and Vegeta's newly created Final Flash. "You...haven't seen...the last of me!" Was the last words mát, máy làm mát shouted out as the energy attack blasted right through the Big Gete ngôi sao and into outer space.

As the dust began to settle from the energy collision, Gohan having overexerted himself along with his blood loss collapsed to the ground with a loud thud causing Trunks to completely focus his attention on Gohan. Vegeta dropped down to one knee with a smirk on his face as he looked towards Trunks and Gohan proud.

Trunks rushed over to Gohan to help him up despite being unconscious. "It's all right Gohan, I'll get bạn to someone that can heal you." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến softly to his mentor before looking towards his father with a serious look. 'Father...you were amazing. bạn had never conceived of the Final Flash in this timeline...and yet bạn took in what Gohan had done with the Kamehameha and invented the Final Flash...you truly are a tactician.' Trunks thought to himself moving over to his father.

All of a sudden, thêm explosions began to rocket all across the Big Gete Star. The resultant explosions rocked the structure enough that Trunks nearly fell to the ground along with Gohan who he was holding onto. "Father...we have to get out of here. The entire thing is going to explode." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến urging his Father to get going.

"I know son, let's move." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến in response as he began to float off the ground before flying off down the nearest corridor to try and find an exit to the Big Gete Star. Trunks also began to float as he followed after his father still carrying the unconscious Gohan.

"Father do bạn even know where you're going? At this rate we'll be dead yet again." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến though hardly being serious in what he was saying.

"Oh will bạn shut it son, of course I know where I'm going!" Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến angrily in frustration knowing though that Trunks was winding him up as they continued to look for an exit to the Big Gete Star.

On Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

Several dozen Namekians looked up towards the sky, amongst them was Krillin, Bulma, Dende and Moori. Their eyes were fixated on the sight of the explosions in the sky that were occurring due to the Big Gete ngôi sao being destroyed.

"Do you...do bạn think they're alright?" Bulma asked softly hiển thị much concern for her husband, son and in some respects adoptive son. The look of worry and concern was evident bởi her facial expression whilst the others remained calm.

"If it were anyone but them...I would of đã đưa ý kiến they were done for. But this is Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan we're talking about. If it's them...they're alive. The last time I sensed their energy they appeared to be on that thing that eventually left the planet." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến trying to reassure Bulma.

Just then, the group noticed what seemed to look like something shooting across the sky. Krillin and Dende automatically deduced that it was Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan because of their energy signatures as Krillin floated upward into the air. "It's them...I know it's them. I'm going over there." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến to the group around him before flying off to the direction he saw them fall towards.

Dende simply nodded his head watching Krillin fly off. "If that is them, they might be injured. And that means they'll need healing so I better go too." Dende đã đưa ý kiến before also floating up off the ground flying off right behind Krillin in the same direction.

Bulma stood there, helplessly as she watched the two of them fly off. She wanted to say something, no she wanted to shout something. "..." She wanted to cry and scream, but she didn't she simply paused for a moment unable to do anything. Thoughts were simply racing through her mind, thoughts of Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan...and it simply brought about sadness. Suddenly she felt a hand being placed on her shoulder, this caused her to shudder as her head turned slightly seeing the large Namekian in the form of Moori.

"I understand bạn are troubled. However, there is nothing to fear, if they are alive Dende will ensure their survival this much I know. If not, then we can simply revive them with the Dragonballs..." Moori said, trying to reassure Bulma despite not really understanding where she was coming from.

Bulma suddenly turned around with tears running from her eyes with a look of anger on her face. "YOU KNOW NOTHING! bạn understand nothing of how I'm feeling. Troubled? I'm beyond troubled! I may have Mất tích my husband and son for the một giây time!" Bulma shouted not caring what any of the Namekians thought of her before running off towards her ship wanting to be away from everything.

Moori stood there at a loss for words as he and the other Namekians watched her run off. He honestly couldn't blame her, Namekians didn't exactly have the type of feelings that Humans had so it was difficult for him hoặc any Namekian. Of course he had a tình yêu for his own people, but the type of bonds that Bulma had were beyond him. He still hoped that she and the others would be fine.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Dende were still on route to the location they had seen in the distance as Dende finally spoke up. "What if it isn't them?" Dende asked as he felt something in his throat move, because it would technically be his first true meeting with Gohan since their encounter with Frieza.

Krillin simply turned his head to Dende and smiled. "I'm certain it's them. But their energies are fairly weak...so it's not easy to tell. In any case we won't know for certain until we get there Dende." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến before looking forward.

Dende thought about it to himself and then simply nodded his head again. "Okay Krillin. Let's hurry up and find them then." Dende đã đưa ý kiến as the two of them tried to fasten up their pace to find their friends.

Several miles away from Krillin and Dende was a huge crater with tons of rubble covering the area, a clear sign of something having crash landed not long ago. All of a sudden, tall spiked up black haired emerged from the rubble as a head was accompanied bởi it. The head began to shake itself as a body in Saiyajin armour also emerged as well.

"Ergh. What kind of crash landing was that Trunks?" Vegeta grumbled out in frustration turning around to see where his son was. "Trunks answer me right this second!" Vegeta yelled as a vein on his forehead appeared.

Just then two bodies emerged from some thêm of the rubble. One had short black hair and wore a tattered trái cam, màu da cam and blue uniform. The other had long purple hair and had a very tattered purple capsule corporation áo khoác on. "Well father, it could have been worse. We could have been killed in that ship's explosion." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến softly.

"Hmph. Whatever bạn say Trunks." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến sticking his nose up at Trunks' bình luận as he pulled himself upward completely and turned around towards the two other bodies near him. "Speaking of which, what of Gohan? Is he alive?" Vegeta asked with only a slight hint of concern in his voice, but mostly a lot of aggression.

Trunks was still holding onto Gohan as he looked at him for a moment before looking towards his father. "I think so...but he has Mất tích a lot of blood..." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến softly as himself and Gohan fully emerged from the rubble.

Krillin came to a halt as Dende did as well. Krillin could not plainly see the very noticeable tall spiked up hair of Vegeta's as well as Trunks' identifiable purple hair from below. "Al right! It is them Dende, let's go down and get them!" Krillin đã đưa ý kiến before flying off downward towards the three Saiyajins.

"Right Krillin." Dende đã đưa ý kiến before flying off downward behind Krillin, he was happy that Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan were alright. It seemed he had worried over nothing, and the thought of being reunited with Gohan made him very very happy.

As Krillin and Dende landed near the crater, Vegeta was the first to take notice smirking some. "Well, it's about time the cavalry arrived. Not that you're much of a cavalry baldy." Was all Vegeta had to say as he then noticed Dende as well. "Namekian! bạn had better hurry and heal Gohan, he's seriously injured." Vegeta ordered towards Dende.

Dende quickly ran towards Gohan and Trunks as he looked at Gohan in particular. He was definitely in a serious condition. "Please lay Gohan down for me so that I can heal him." Dende đã đưa ý kiến to Trunks who complied and laid Gohan down on one of the nearby rocks. Dende then put his hands phía trước, chuyển tiếp and formed a yellow light above Gohan's body as he began to heal him.

"You...must be Dende right? When I was growing up, Gohan told me a lot about you. I'm certain he will be glad to see bạn again." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến smiling towards Dende before looking to his mentor and hoping for his recovery.

"That's correct. Judging bởi Gohan's injuries...it's fortunate I was able to get to him or...he might have died again. I'll be able to heal him enough to stabilize him but then he'll have to recover on his own." Dende explained to Trunks who seemed completely fascinated bởi what Dende had to say whilst his father had no interest at all.

Krillin then decided to open his mouth as he aimed what he needed to say to Vegeta. "Vegeta...is it all over?"

Vegeta who presently had his back towards Krillin, had also folded his arms. "If bạn mean did we defeat Cooler, then yes baldy. It's over."

"Cooler did bạn say? But didn't bạn kill him when he arrived on Earth?" Krillin asked confused as to what Vegeta had said.

"It's a long story. But thêm to the point, where is Bulma?" Vegeta asked with a hint of anger in his voice before turning around to face Krillin. "Well?"

Krillin was caught off guard bởi both the câu hỏi and Vegeta's sudden impatience. "S-she's fine. She should be with Moori and the other Namekians..." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến hesitantly as Vegeta suddenly flew off in a burst of speed.

"Did something happen Trunks?" Krillin asked as Trunks looked upward towards Krillin before replying himself.

"Think about it Krillin, they hardly had a reunion before those machines attacked. They need a proper reunion. Besides...even I wanted to ask that question...I miss my mother." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến softly as he noticed that Dende's healing had stopped.

"I've done all that I can for Gohan. I've stopped his bleeding, and I've somewhat healed his rib cage damage. The rest is up to his will to stay alive." Dende đã đưa ý kiến before standing up straight.

Krillin nodded some to Dende. "Thank bạn for at least trying to do what bạn could Dende. I suggest we head back I'm sure Moori and Bulma will want to hear what we have to say." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến before turning towards Trunks. "I would stay, but I'm sure bạn and Gohan will be fine now. Plus I'm sure Dende wants to make sure things are fine with the other Namekians. So, just make sure bạn come back to us Trunks." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến before looking down towards Gohan. "And bạn too Gohan, you've made your dad proud trust me."

With that, Krillin and Dende began to float off the ground before flying off in the same direction Vegeta previously had, so as to check on things back at the Namekian village they had left Bulma and Moori at.

Trunks watched them leave before they finally vanished out of sight as he looked back to his mentor who still remained unconscious. "Gohan...please recover. I...don't want to lose bạn again. I...don't want to be alone again either..." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến as a tear dropped from one of his eyes onto Gohan's cheek. It was clear he still retained a lot of the emotional trauma he went through when Gohan died so many years ago.

All of a sudden, Trunks heard a voice, a faint voice but a voice he knew all too well. "You know bro...crying isn't good for you." The voice đã đưa ý kiến as Gohan's eyes finally began to open with the sight of Trunks in tears. "Besides...I'm Goku's son, I won't be beaten so easily." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến coughing up a bit of blood as he sat upward on the rock Trunks had placed him on. "Jeez...why is my back hurting really bad all of a sudden..."

Trunks tried to rub the tears from his eyes, but he was just finally happen to know that Gohan was fine. "S-sorry...Dende told me to put bạn on there so he could heal you." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến with some hesitation. After all Gohan had pretty much been his big brother growing up, so this was pretty emotional for him.

Gohan finally stood up as pain surged up his body from his lower spine. "I suppose Dende couldn't repair all the damage to my ribs...because it hurts to hell. Heh heh." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến as he turned around to Trunks. "But Trunks, I'm proud of you. I never had the chance to tell bạn that, but defeating those Androids...you really did me proud as your mentor."

Trunks was still fairly emotional but all he did was nod his head before smiling. "Thank bạn Gohan, bạn have no idea...how much that means to me." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến softly once thêm before floating upward. "How about we go tham gia Krillin, Dende, father and mother and go home?"

Gohan nodded some to Trunks. "Yeah. That sounds like a good plan. It will be good to see Piccolo again..." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến smirking a bit as he began to reminisce about those days...when his father was still alive. "I hope he's as proud of me as I am of bạn Trunks." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến softly himself before floating up off the ground. Trunks and Gohan then began to fly off towards the Namekian village themselves.

Upon their arrival to the village, Krillin and Dende were there amongst the many Namekians as well as Moori. However Bulma and Vegeta were nowhere to be found. This made Trunks wonder as he was about to speak up, but it was Moori who spoke instead.

"Trunks, I am sure bạn are wanting to know where your mother is at presently. Your father wanted to know the same thing...you could say they needed some time alone...I believe Humans would say..." Moori đã đưa ý kiến to Trunks before looking towards Dende. "Dende. bạn have been trained for several years to become the inheritor of Namek's Dragonballs, however..." Moori began to say as he paused for a moment.

All those near to Moori listened intently, especially Krillin, Gohan and Trunks. Dende was taken aback bởi Moori's words as he also listened to what Moori had to say too.

"With everything that has transpired with the attack on our planet...as well as taking into consideration our Những người bạn from Earth. I have made the decision to not allow bạn to do so." Moori đã đưa ý kiến which completely shocked the majority of the Namekians who began to talk, Dende himself was in serious shock, yet he somehow knew why.

"As I have understood. It was Earth's guardian and the creator of Earth's Dragonballs that was revived with one of Porunga's wishes. As such, I feel that bạn Dende would make a better guardian for the Earth and it's Dragonballs. I am sure this most come as a surprise, but for all we was unable to do for Earth I think it is for the best this way." Moori finally finished what he needed to say as he looked directly towards Gohan and Trunks.

"Do bạn know where Bulma and Vegeta went to Moori?" Gohan asked on behalf of Trunks who was still rattled with emotions from Gohan's possible death. "I'm sure Trunks would really like to see them right now."

Moori nodded his head some. "When Bulma left, I was uncertain. However Vegeta seemed to know, I would assume if bạn follow him bạn will learn her location as well. Now then my friends, I must thank bạn on behalf of Namek for your assistance. With everything that has happened I am sure bạn wish to return to Earth as well." Moori đã đưa ý kiến with a smile as he then looked towards Dende who had remained silent.

"T-thank you." Is the only words that Dende đã đưa ý kiến before looking upward at Moori with joy and sadness in his eyes. It was clear he was happy about going to Earth where he could continue to be with Gohan and his other friends, but he was also sad about leaving Namek and his Namekian friends.

Moori continued to smile. "Remember Dende, bạn are a Namekian and bạn must remain strong. But always remember that bạn can return to us whenever bạn wish." Moori then looked towards Krillin, Gohan and Trunks. "The same, can be đã đưa ý kiến for bạn my friends. I wish bạn the best when bạn return to Earth."

Krillin nodded some in acknowledgement as he looked to Dende, Gohan and Trunks. "I think it's about time we headed trang chủ don't bạn think. Grand Elder Moori, bạn have helped us thêm than bạn can possibly know." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến with a smile himself as he placed his hands on Dende's shoulders. "Dende, I know Piccolo will be very happy to see bạn again. He often spoke about bạn the few times I did encounter him in Other World."

Aboard The Hope II, Current Age – 789

Bulma was sat huddled up in the captain's bridge chair and seemingly still crying after her outburst with Moori, she knew it wasn't really his fault but she simply needed to let it all out. She felt like her whole world had been made good only to be destroyed yet again. She really wasn't sure how much she could take, that is until she heard 'that' voice.

"Don't bạn think it's time bạn stopped the crying, Bulma." The voice đã đưa ý kiến as footsteps could be heard, the footsteps got closer and closer to Bulma. Then a set of arms began to bọc around the chair and around Bulma herself. Bulma was in shock, to even hear his voice...or his touch. That was when his face peered in from the side, as emotionless as he always was of course. "I am a Prince, and bạn Bulma are my Princess." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến softly, with a blush on his face again.

Bulma was flushed completely red, when her tears began to pour out again and she wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck almost suffocating him from how tightly she held onto him. "You stupid man...do bạn know how much...I needed you...missed you..." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến as she continued to cry from the joy of having Vegeta back.

Vegeta began to struggle somewhat because of Bulma grip until she loosened her grip and then let go of him. He then came round to the side of the chair as he leaned in to Kiss her on her lips, embracing her in his arms hiển thị her how much he missed her. "Hmph. Then let me assure you, had I retained my memory whilst dead I would have đã đưa ý kiến the same." Vegeta declared hiển thị a side of himself that only Bulma was privileged with seeing.

Bulma began to smile softly looking into Vegeta's eyes for a moment. "But look at me...I've grown older whilst you've remained young and handsome..." Bulma began to look downward as she felt that she was no longer worthy of being Vegeta's princess.

Vegeta then lifted Bulma's head up looking back into her eyes. "Bulma, it doesn't matter. bạn are still as beautiful as the first time we kissed. And I will always, tình yêu you." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến smirking somewhat before kissing Bulma once more, the two feeling this precious moment between themselves.

Just Outside The Hope II, Current Age – 789

"I-incredible..." Krillin đã đưa ý kiến as he stood outside the Hope II alongside Gohan, Trunks and Dende. The four of them stared in awe at the huge ship that they had tracked Vegeta's energy signature to. "Did...your mother really build this Trunks?"

Trunks nodded solemnly. "Yeah, me and mother both built this ship. It must have been completed either when I was killed hoặc shortly after I would assume. I'd still like to know what happened then as well."

Gohan was silent for a moment, but then he spoke. "Well Trunks, when bạn died I had been watching over bạn since I knew you'd be travelling to New Namek. I saw the individual who killed you...and what happened after that..."

Trunks turned round to face his mentor, surprised that Gohan hadn't mentioned this until now. "Wait...you know? Why have bạn never mentioned it until now?" Trunks exclaimed confused as to why Gohan had withheld this information despite them both being dead previously.

Gohan was silent again for a moment, but again spoke. "Well I had been training with my father as bạn know. But, I also felt like it should be mentioned with everyone...or at least for bạn to bring it up. But, it was an unknown individual who attacked bạn as bạn know. They then lấy trộm, đánh cắp the Time Machine...so who knows what they've done to the past hoặc future."

Trunks was in shock...he couldn't believe that the Time Machine had been stolen...and probably misused. "I see...so that's why bạn wanted to wait. bạn felt my mother needed to know, right?" Trunks asked Gohan as Krillin and Dende remained silent themselves.

"Not entirely, I'm sure Bulma worked it out after bạn were dead. After all, there would have been no Time Machine. But, my main reason for not mentioning it is because with this in mind we need to prevent such things happening any more." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến in response to Trunks' question.

Trunks nodded, and Krillin nodded as well though Dende simply listened since he didn't completely understand them. "You're right Gohan. We will have to discuss it with everyone once we're on Earth."

Just then, the door to the ship suddenly opened as Vegeta was stood there with that usual annoyed look on his face as he leaned against the door frame. "So how long do bạn boys intend on standing outside, hmm?" Vegeta asked as Trunks, Gohan, Krillin and Dende made their way inside of the ship. Vegeta then moved away as the door closed shut.

As the group arrived on the bridge, they were welcomed bởi flashing lights and Bulma who turned around in her captain's chair, with a big smile on her face when compared to how she had previously been crying. "Well, I'd like to welcome bạn all to the Hope II as I named her."

"It is a pleasure to welcome bạn to my inner walls." A female voice đã đưa ý kiến softly as if out of nowhere but at the same time everywhere.

Vegeta who was standing bởi the elevator just smirked as he watched Krillin, Trunks, Gohan and Dende begin to freak out and look around them. "Wondering whose talking? Heh. Even I was surprised at first...but Trunks I'm surprised bạn wouldn't know."

Trunks looked towards his father for a moment. "Of course not...but the way bạn say that...do bạn mean that..."

"That is correct, I am the Hope II's main computer. I was created and developed bởi Bulma to be a journey companion." The computer đã đưa ý kiến revealing everything that caused a vein on Bulma's head to nearly burst.

"Right! That's enough computer. But yes, I developed and added the computer's AI so that I wouldn't feel so alone. But in any case, computer I want bạn to set us a course to Earth, Capsule Corporation." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến somewhat flustered at first before regaining her normal composure.

Krillin, Gohan and Trunks were finding this entire situation to be rather...amusing in all aspects. Whilst Dende on the other hand was simply admiring the machinery of the ship, the entire concept bewildered him considering his race was fairly...magical.

"Understood Bulma, I will begin plotting a course for Earth and we will be under way shortly. However, I would advise bạn all to please not touch any of my consoles as this may disrupt my operations." The computer đã đưa ý kiến emotionlessly causing Dende to di chuyển away and back towards Gohan and the others.

"Tch...that computer is one bossy lady..." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến with a snickering bình luận as Trunks started to laugh at Gohan's comment.

"Gohan, it's an AI...that's just how it is." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến as Gohan smiled some realizing just how much of a brainy person Trunks had become growing up.

"Ahem. If you're all done joking around, bạn can make your way to your own rooms. You'll find them on Deck 2 if bạn take the elevator...though I hadn't planned for bạn coming as well Dende so I hope you'll find it okay."

Dende nodded some. "I'm sure whatever it is will be fine Bulma." Dende đã đưa ý kiến softly as he simply followed behind Gohan, Krillin and Trunks.

"Trunks can bạn come here for a minute, I need to talk to bạn and your father." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến softly, in the way that only a mother can.

Trunks stopped and turned around towards his mother. "Sure mom." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến as he waved to Gohan and Krillin before coming closer to his mother.

Vegeta was still standing at the same spot as he knew what Bulma was intending but didn't say anything, he just continued to smirk.

"You see Trunks. Your quarters are with me and your father on Deck 1. bạn could say...I made Deck 1 our house." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến feeling a little embarrassed as she mentioned this.

Trunks sort of stood on the spot with a look of absolute shock on his face, the concept of an entire ship's deck being...a house was almost insane. "A-are...you serious? Please tell me you're joking mom."

Vegeta continued to smirk whilst leaning against the wall. "Ohohoho. Your mother is being deadly serious son." Vegeta clearly had already checked prior to Trunks coming on the ship and was pretty much gloating.

Trunks was almost stunned bởi the reaction from his father. It was almost...strange to see the behaviour his father was demonstrating in front of him. But then...he never really did see what his parents did when they were alone...and it honestly scared him.

"Bulma, I would like to point out that flight preparations are complete. We are ready to leave New Namek on your command." The feminine computer voice stated as if to cut into the discussion at hand.

Bulma swivelled her chair around to face the front of the ship. "Understood computer, take us away." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến before turning around back to face Trunks. "In any case, we should probably get some rest before we arrive home."

Trunks looked down for a moment and then to his father and finally back to his mother. "I think...I'll stay with Gohan instead. I just think that bạn and dad need some time together." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến with a blush on his face, though really he just didn't feel comfortable living around them at the moment.

"Very well then Trunks, bạn had best skedaddle to where Gohan went. In the meantime I still have some discussions to have with your mother." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến leaning away from the tường moving towards Bulma who stood up from her chair.

"Gotcha, I'll see bạn in the morning mom." Trunks đã đưa ý kiến before turning around to enter the elevator.

"You know...Trunks can be somewhat insensitive...but at least he cares about our feelings Vegeta. I raised a very good son." Bulma đã đưa ý kiến as she embraced Vegeta.

"Yes Bulma, bạn did. He is a son to be proud of." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến as he embraced Bulma right back. The two broke their embrace before moving towards starboard door into their 'house'.

Eight Hours Later, Current Age – 789

Vegeta and Bulma were both huddled up in their bed, Vegeta though with his arms behind his head was looking up at the ceiling intently. Bulma on the other hand was still fast asleep. Though with everything she had been through emotionally that was no surprise.

Vegeta pulled himself out of the giường moving towards the wash basin looking directly into the mirror on the wall. He really hadn't aged in the slightest, the only changes that were apparent were the masses of cuts and bruises across his body from the fight with Cooler. Vegeta continued to lean on the basin looking downward. "I can't sit idly any more. I have to become stronger, like my son and Gohan. I am Earth's protector now not Kakarot." Vegeta muttered to himself as he pushed away and made his way through several doors coming onto the bridge.

"Good morning, Vegeta. Do bạn require my assistance?" The estranged feminine computer voice stated as usual.

Vegeta's head perked up upon hearing his name as he sighed some remembering about the computer's voice interaction. "I require no assistance, machine. However Bulma told me that there is a gravity chamber on this ship. Where is it located?" Vegeta asked with a hint of a growl in his voice.

"The Gravity Chamber is located on Deck 3. However, I would like to inform bạn that several of this ship's passengers are presently in the lounge area that is also located on Deck 3." The computer's voice stated once more.

"Heh...so those boys are already stuffing their faces..." Vegeta đã đưa ý kiến with a smirk on his face as he moved towards the main elevator before stopping for a moment. "Actually, what is the present time computer?" Vegeta asked.

"The present time is Five Thirty Seven AM. Is there anything else bạn require?" The computer asked almost curious as to why he wanted to know the time.

"No, that is all machine." Vegeta stated pressing the elevator's call button bringing it up to that deck. As the door opened, Vegeta entered it before pressing the Deck 3 button. This caused the doors to shut as the elevator began to move. Whilst the elevator was in motion, Vegeta began to think on Goku's death followed bởi the strength shown bởi Trunks and Gohan as he smirked some with the doors opening to the lounge area on Deck 3.

The sound of the elevator caused Gohan, Trunks, Dende and Krillin's heads to turn towards the elevator as they saw Vegeta exit from the elevator. "Hey Vegeta, sleep well?" Gohan asked with a snicker on his face as he downed a glass of nước chanh before slamming the glass down.

Vegeta smirked some as he moved towards where the four were sat, standing near the bàn rather than sitting. "For my first sleep in 20 years, I'd say I slept fine. But let's cut the small talk Gohan that isn't why I'm here." Vegeta stated with a serious look on his face.

Gohan was simply smiling as he got up from his ghế, chỗ ngồi and began to di chuyển over towards the other side of the lounge. "Of course, of course. bạn want to learn the secret behind the Ascended Super Saiyajin so bạn can get stronger, right?" Gohan asked looking towards the group's general direction.

Trunks was surprised bởi Gohan's directness but then, they were all adults here now so he assumed that Gohan's change in behaviour was reflecting that. That was when Vegeta responded. "Stop playing games with me Gohan. The Androids may no longer be a threat to the Earth but the events of New Namek have just proven that we must continue to grow stronger."

The look on Gohan's face became serious as well. "You think I don't know that Vegeta? My entire reason for getting stronger was for that very purpose. Trunks' reason for getting stronger was for the same purpose. However, for bạn to obtain the power that I and Trunks have, bạn need to become stronger bởi training. That is all there is to it Vegeta."

Vegeta grumbled some in irritation as his hair flickered into the golden hue of Super Saiyajin. "There is no way after everything that I did to achieve Super Saiyajin that mere training would help!" Vegeta growled as he stated this as his anger became intensified.

"He's right father. In the past, we achieved a higher power through training intensely together for an entire year." Trunks said, hesitantly almost scared at the moment of his father's anger.

Vegeta's head turned towards his son who was behind him, his face showed a look of disbelief at what Trunks had said. His entire body then swivelled around to face Trunks now as his anger rose. "You expect me to believe we could train for a năm while the Androids destroyed everything?! Absurd!"

Gohan had begun to smirk some as he spoke up. "Normally...yes. But tell me Vegeta are bạn aware of Kami's lookout on Earth?" Gohan asked with curiosity knowing he was going to blow Vegeta's mind wide open with his revelation.

Vegeta automatically turned around once more, this time to face Gohan as he inched closer. "What about that old Namekian's hiding place?! In fact why are bạn even changing the subject!" Vegeta's rage was reaching it's as Gohan was trying his patience literally.

"Well, inside Kami's lookout is a special training area. Inside one ngày of normal time is roughly one năm inside of the chamber. That is how yourself and Trunks most likely achieved one năm of training. Am I right Trunks?" Gohan asked still smirking because he pretty much knew this was the case after what his father had told him.

Trunks simply nodded his head slowly, it was strange for himself to be diễn xuất so...softly but it was the fact he was around his real father and his real mentor and not the ones from the alternate past. "That's correct. The Hyper Bolic Time Chamber."

Vegeta was now in disbelief...Earth had this type of training and it had not even been mentioned to him until now...he wasn't sure if he should be glad hoặc angry considering how such a place could have severely assisted them hoặc at least he thought so. "And that...is how you're saying I will get stronger as well? Is that what you're telling me Gohan?!" Vegeta growled lightly still somewhat shocked.

Gohan simply nodded his head. "That's correct. You're probably thinking why this was never mentioned to bạn before. It's simple really, we never required it's uses. Plus...only my father knew of it's existence considering his closeness to Kami and Mr. Popo. However, I suggest bạn train on the ship as much as possible, we'll be trang chủ soon after all." Gohan đã đưa ý kiến before walking phía trước, chuyển tiếp and past Vegeta.

Vegeta was just standing there, as his hair began to return to it's usual deep black colour whilst continuing to stare at the training room's door that stood in front of him. "I'll surpass you..." Vegeta muttered softly as it seemed Gohan, Dende and Krillin had now left the room, leaving Vegeta and Trunks to remain. "I'LL SURPASS bạn GOHAN!" Vegeta roared out as he dropped to his knees full of determination now as Trunks watched on.

On Earth, Current Age – 789

"Kami, I have retrieved the Dragonballs successfully." A large individual with black skin and red lips said, stood on Kami's lookout. The individual in front of the man was the very elderly Namekian known as Kami, otherwise known as Nameless Namekian's good half.

"Very good, Mr. Popo. I'm sure our Những người bạn will arrive on Earth soon enough. I just hope that nothing has gone wrong..." Kami đã đưa ý kiến with a hint of concern on his face as Piccolo, the darker half of the Nameless Namekian stood tiếp theo to him.

Kami focused his attention on Piccolo entirely now as he opened his mouth. "Piccolo...I sense bạn have your own concerns though about the situation."

Piccolo somewhat shrugged off Kami's câu hỏi as he turned his back to Kami. "Of course I do. Things always seem to occur...first it was the Saiyans, then Frieza...then Frieza's brother Cooler...and finally the Androids." Piccolo đã đưa ý kiến before facing Kami and Popo. "Let's face it, we have every reason to be concerned."

Kami looked down for a moment. Thoughts went through his mind, he was thinking about how many times his and Piccolo's connection had also caused problems due to his ownership of the Dragonballs. "I'm sure bạn blame yourself. But I also find myself holding responsibility. I am meant to be the Guardian of the Earth...but due to our connection I prevented the Earth from standing a chance against the Androids."

Piccolo sighed for a moment before responding. "If you're going to bring up that we should have refused, I'll stop bạn right now. I have no intention of ever refusing with bạn old man, I am my own being and that's how it should be. Besides, had bạn remained whole the likes of Garlic would have become Earth's guardian."

Kami closed his eyes listening to his darker half. "You are correct about that. But I feel I have been a poor Guardian one way hoặc the other."

Mr. Popo simply listened to the two Namekians banter about what could have happened and what has happened. It was clear that Popo showed concern for both Kami and Piccolo because Earth's protection was as much his responsibility as Kami's since he was Kami's keeper.

Inside The Hope II's Training Room, Current Age – 789

Vegeta was furiously training just as Gohan had suggested he do inside of the ship's training room. He was also in his Super Saiyajin form to maximize the extent of his training. Trunks knowing the key to improving his father's strength had offered to train with him.

That was when Vegeta brought his hands apart but thrust phía trước, chuyển tiếp before firing multiple blasts in the direction of Trunks. Trunks having much thêm agility than his father promptly dodged these blasts bởi jumping backwards each time. Vegeta then brought one arm backward as he began to charge a massive energy attack.

Trunks then stopped for a moment as he thought over the last giờ of events. 'I wonder...did Gohan provoke my father so that he would return to his old self?' Trunks pondered this for a moment before thinking again. 'Thank you...Gohan.'

Vegeta then thrust his arm forward. "Trunks stop Daydreaming and prepare for my Big Bang Attack!" Vegeta roared out as he fired off a massive blue energy attack that went right towards Trunks.

Trunks immediately powered up to his Super Saiyajin form as he jumped phía trước, chuyển tiếp into the air charging up his own energy attack causing it to collide with Vegeta's big bang attack. The two Super Saiyajins landed on the ground of the training room, both with a smirk on their faces.

"It's good to know that my son can keep up." Vegeta gloated for a moment even though he knew that his son was stronger than himself.

"Heh. This is nothing, I could keep doing this all ngày father." Trunks responded with before launching phía trước, chuyển tiếp đọc his fist for a blow. In return, Vegeta also launched phía trước, chuyển tiếp đọc his own fist for a blow as the two collided, each bundled fist hitting the other fighter's face. The two of them smiling as each was sent flying backwards.

Several Days Later, Current Age – 789

A voice begun to sound through the speakers across the ship, it was a female voice specifically Bulma's. "Everyone, I need bạn on the bridge of the ship, we are about to enter the atmosphere of Earth."

Shortly after Bulma's announcement, everyone except Vegeta and Trunks had arrived on the bridge. This caused Bulma to be concerned. "Where are Vegeta and Trunks?"

Gohan had his arms folded and seemed to be smiling. "Probably still training if I had to guess." A soft chuckle escaping his lips as he đã đưa ý kiến this. Bulma seemed to seem thêm concerned now from Gohan's chuckle as she looked towards the main elevator that Gohan and the others were standing in front of.

Just then, the door to the ship's elevator opened as a battle damaged Vegeta exited onto the bridge followed bởi a battle damaged Trunks as well, this caused Bulma to become shocked. "Vegeta...Trunks...what happened to bạn two?" Were Bulma's words but Vegeta simply turned his head in ignorance for a moment before moving past the group, with Trunks just behind him.

"Just land us on the planet woman!" Vegeta scoffed out placing his hands against the control panel at the very front of the room. Bulma was still somewhat shocked but simply shook her head and went over to the control panel herself to begin the planetary re-entry process as the large ship began to enter Earth's atmosphere.

As the ship began to come down onto the planet's surface after it's re-entry in the backside area of Capsule Corporation, the ship made a brief shake before finally landing on the planet. "We did it, we're safely back on Earth everyone!" Bulma exclaimed only to notice that Vegeta was in one of his unamused attitudes as he walked past the group again making his way towards the exit, Bulma wasn't sure how to react. Everyone else seemed to follow after Vegeta as Bulma was left there to ponder for a while.

As the group walked down the ramp from the spaceship to the ground Gohan would begin to speak towards the young Dende. "So Dende, I have to ask...how long will it take to restore the Dragonballs so that we can begin using them to continue fixing our world?"

Everyone that was walking with them had turned their heads towards Dende as the green namekian would heave a soft sigh before speaking. "To be honest...it could take some time. If I was restoring the dragon Shenron it would probably take a day...maybe even less. But since that is not going to be possible it will take a period of time longer as there is a lot that goes into creating Dragonballs."

Gohan nodded his head softly as did everyone else. "That's fine though, there's no immediate danger to the Earth and I'm sure there is plenty of tasks we can all occupy ourselves with in the meantime, right guys?" Trunks would say as everyone nodded to his câu hỏi to which Dende seemed somewhat relieved about.

Bulma would follow on out shortly after the others as she stopped for a moment and shouted out, causing the group to stroll back a bit to hear her, except Vegeta who seemed to blast off into flight to do his own thing.

"There's something that's been bugging me, besides Vegeta's current attitude at the moment...but his attitude right now is the Vegeta I knew so that's honestly a good thing. But it occurred to me that if Dr. Gero had this...creature called Cell in a secret laboratory then wouldn't it be a good idea to investigate in case there is any other dangers lurking from his lab?" She would ask as everyone just stood there almost surprised, especially Trunks.

"Of course! I knew there was something I had forgotten mom!" Trunks exclaimed as everyone put their focus on Trunks. "The one thing that I encountered due to my changes to the timeline was an additional android hoặc two I had never seen before...if that's the case we need to check immediately, and that gives Dende time to create the Dragonballs as well."

Gohan nodded to Trunks' suggestion. "I agree Trunks, good suggestion Bulma. With that being đã đưa ý kiến Trunks and Krillin will head over to Dr. Gero's old lab now, that gives Bulma some time to do what she wants and Dende time to create the Dragonballs who I will go with. That sound good to bạn guys?" Trunks and Krillin both nodded their heads, Bulma and Dende also did as well. "In that case, Dende I'll take bạn to the lookout hoặc what's left of it to begin working." Gohan then placed his hand on Dende's shoulder before placing his other hand's middle finger to his forehead, completely fanishing.

Trunks and Krillin began to power up their auras before flying off, though Krillin was of course following Trunks as he knew where the lab was now roughly. Bulma reached out just prior to this as she was about to say where Dr. Gero's lab was. "Ah Trunks...always flying off without letting your mother say anything...though I suppose bạn already know where the lab is thanks to my younger self..." She muttered shaking her head before entering the remains of Capsule Corporation to await everyone's return.