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posted by ThunderJJ
 At the đồi núi, hill
At the hill
Đôrêmon episode review

I especially tình yêu this episode in which a Raccoon dog family wins Suneo’s friendship.
It all happened in a pleasant day. At school, Gian dubiously noticed the đã đưa ý kiến Suneo Honekawa taking his favourite trái chuối, chuối out of his bag. Then he didn’t eat it. He spared it for someone. In in evening after school, Gian follows him and even climbs a tường of his house to spy on him. Gian saw his friend Suneo Mất tích in thought.This made Gian go out of his wits. Suneo has a girlfriend? Then the other ngày at school, Gian kept a watch on him.
He saw a màu hồng, hồng ribbon falling from his text book as he took it out of his bag. In the evening, Đôrêmon and Nobita helped mom to find a friend of her’s using a gadget, a robot dog that finds things if it’s image is drawn correctly and inserted into the dog. They succeeded in finding the friend. Gian goes to them and informs about Suneo. Nobita and Đôrêmon were surprised to hear this and they decided to find Suneo with the help of the gadget they had used.

For the gadget to start its mission to find Suneo, they had to draw and insert his proper image into it. Nobita drew first, hiển thị the correct cáo, fox face features. But Gian đã bình luận that Suneo’s eyes were too small and his hair was too short. Gian drew another one, which not at all resembled Suneo and inserted it into the dog. The gadget started working. It sniffed and spotted a boy walking with a girl. From the rear view of the figure, it looked like Suneo. As Gian touched his shoulder, he turned around, and it wasn’t Suneo. The dog sniffed again and this time, it led the trio to the đồi núi, hill behind their school. They reached there and looked for Suneo. They climbed the đồi núi, hill and paused. They heard someone talking behind a tuft of bushes. Suneo and his girlfriend went for a picnic?
They heard him say “ this màu hồng, hồng ribbon looks pretty on you” The trio burst into laughter. But the camera moves to the front and we see Suneo tying a ribbon on a female raccoon dog’s head. When Gian, Nobita and Doraemon, got near Suneo, it ran off. They interrogated Suneo. Where is she? Who is she? Please let us meet her. Suneo asked them what they were talking about.

Gian told him that he had been watching his behavior. He insisted that they won’t leave unless they meet her. It was then that Suneo understood what they were talking about
He calls the raccoon dog and she came running to him. Her kids too came running. They were finally satisfied. “ so bạn were saving bánh mỳ, bánh mì and bơ for these raccoons.” Gian đã đưa ý kiến . Suneo sat on the ground with his legs crossed. The little raccoons playfully rubbed their cheeks against his knee. When he played with one with his finger, the it gave a bite. Suneo told them that he saw them in a pathetic situation without thực phẩm and shelter one ngày when he came to the hill. So he started to take care of them from that ngày onward. Đôrêmon đã bình luận that Suneo is a very good boy. Gian teased him bởi saying that if Suneo wants a girlfriend, he’ll look for a raccoon. To that, Suneo replied that if he wants a girlfriend it will surely be a human. Every one laugh.
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