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posted by shafiqua
Đôrêmon is a cat like robot,
His eyes are made with a dot.
Nobita is lazy,
When he think about study,
He get crazy.
Đôrêmon like doracakes,
'Trouble' is a thing which Nobita makes.
Shizuka is a girl,
She looks like a pearl.
Suneo butters up Gian,
because he is 'shaitan'.
(shaitan is a hindi word means very horrific.If Suneo will bơ up Gian, he will not beat him)
Gian is ugly and fat,
Đôrêmon is afraid of rats.
During homework-
Nobita is asked to learn
During marathon-
Nobita is asked to run.
Gian always make Nobita's fun,
After playing baseball under the hot sun.
(means when players are available, Nobita is not needed for playing baseball)
Sewashi was the person bởi whom Đôrêmon was sent,(to 21st century)
Now let's put the poem's end.
posted by medouri
Đôrêmon (ドラえもん?)
Voice actors: Kōsei Tomita (From episode 1 to episode 26), Masako Nozawa (From episode 27 to episode 52) (1973), Nobuyo Ōyama (1979~March 2005), Wasabi Mizuta (April 2005~)
Voice actors (Golden): Chisa Yokoyama
Doraemon, the titular character, is the main protagonist of the series. He is a cat-like robot created bởi the Matsushiba robot company, and is sent back in time bởi Sewashi to aid Nobita. He possesses a fourth-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store. He also has...
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posted by medouri
Shizuka's Mother
Voice actor(s): Keiko Yokozawa (1979~1981), Masako Matsubara (August 1981~March 2005), Ai Orikasa (April 2005~)
Shizuka's mother. She's kind, but can also be quite exigent on Shizuka sometimes.

Yoshio Minamoto (源 義雄 Minamoto Yoshio?)
Voice actor(s): Masayuki Katō (1979~1980), Masaru Ikeda (1981), Akira Kume (1999), Aruno Tahara (July 2005~)
Shizuka's father, a normal salaryman WHO often goes to movie with Shizuka. His best known appearance in Fujiko's story is the night before Shizuka's wedding. He's also the only parent with official full name besides Nobita's parents.

Peeko (ピー子?)
Shizuka's lovely pet canary. It is yellow in color and sings sweetly. Peeko escapes from the cage very often.
posted by CoolAniket
(First song)

Jindagi sawar dun
ik nai bahaar dun
duniya hi badal người đi đòi nợ, dun mai to
pyara sa chamatkar hun
mai kisi ka sapna hun
jo aaj ban gaya hai sach
ab ye mera sapna hai ki
sab ke sapne sach mai karoon
aasma ko chunlun
titli ban udun
Han helicopter
la la la la
mai hun ik udta robo doraemon
mai hun ik udta robo doraemon

(Second song)

Jeene ka sahi dhang,

Seekho tum iske sang,

Sare jamane,

Jaane pahchane,

Ye hai Doraemon,

Chahe bacche ya bade,

Sabka ye dulara hai,

Hai bada hi pyara Doraemon,

Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Hai bada pyara,

Dost hamara,


Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Lal, lala, lala,

Lal, lala, lala,

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posted by ThunderJJ
Singers : Gian, Nobita, Suneo, Shizuka, Dekisugi

Gian : How beautiful this place is
The season here cannot be repeated anywhere
This is Nhật Bản This is Japan

All : How beautiful this place is
Hey, The season here cannot be repeated anywhere
This is Nhật Bản This is Japan

Suneo : Here’s mount Fuji, there’s mount Akaishi
Here’s mount Kaikoma… there’s mount Hiuchi
The ngày today we’re here

Dekisugi : Here’s mount Fuji, there’s mount Akaishi
Here’s mount Kaikoma… there’s mount Hiuchi
The ngày today we’re here

Shizuka : companion, this is…. our ritual
How beautiful this place is
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The Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer (のび太の宇宙開拓史 Nobita no Uchū Kaitakushi?) is a 1981 animated film based on the được ưa chuộng manga and anime series, Doraemon. It was released in 1981. The movie was released in Nhật Bản 14 March 1981. In 2009 the film was remade as Doraemon: The New Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer.


Nobita has been having a weird dream about a boy named Roppel and his strange companion Chami traveling in space. bởi a twist of fate, he met them in person where it turns out that they are real and that they were being pursued in space, causing their không gian vehicle to malfunction, connecting the không gian vehicle itself with Nobita's room. They journeyed to Roppel's planet and amidst their enjoyment, Nobita and Đôrêmon pledged to help Roppel's planet free from their oppressors.
dear Readers,
this is the plot of the Đôrêmon Movie mentioned above. This movie was released in Nhật Bản on 3rd March, 2012. it is the 32nd istallment of Đôrêmon feature films.


This film has Doraemon, Dorami, and Nobita traveling to a "last paradise" where extinct động vật were still around. In this 2012 Đôrêmon movie, Doraemon,Nobita,Dorami,Shizuka,Gian and Suneo goes to the island where extinct động vật came to life and live peacefully.The story starts when Nobita and his dad,Nobisueke Nobi, compete with their pet beetles in a beetle battle competion, but Nobita loses every match. He...
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posted by medouri
Gian's Mother
Voice actor(s): Kazuyo Aoki (1979~March 2005), Miyako Takeuchi (April 2005~)
She's the owner of a small but successful store "Goda Grocery", as well as the only character Gian is deathly afraid of. Gian always tries to flee from her when she orders him to help the store. Though being as strong as her son, she's a righteous person as she cruelly punishes her son whenever he bullies people.

Gian's Father
Voice actor(s): Masayuki Katō (1979~1980), Yū Shimaka (1987), Daisuke Gōri (November 1987), Yū Shimaka (1993)
He mostly works outside to help his wife's store. Though being the...
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posted by ThunderJJ
konna koto ii na
dekitara ii na
anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo

minna minna minna
kanaete kureru
fushigina POKKE de kanaete kureru
sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na

(hai! takekoputaa!)

tottemo daisuki

shukudai touban shiken ni otsukai
anna koto konna koto taihen dakedo

minna minna minna
tasukete kureru
benrina dougu de tasukete kureru
omocha no heitai da

(sore! tototsugeki!)

tottemo daisuki

anna toko ii na
iketara ii na
kono kuni ano shima takusan aru kedo

minna minna minna
ikasete kureru
mirai no kikai de kanaete kureru
sekai ryokou ni ikitai na
(ufufufu... doko demo DOA!)

tottemo daisuki

tottemo daisuki
 Saki, Gian's niece
Saki, Gian's niece
I tình yêu this episode in which Gian's niece Saki makes an appearance. Saki believes in ancient Asian legends and myths. Just like any other child, Saki too wants to see the thỏ rừng, hare in the moon that makes cơm, gạo cakes .
Gian and Saki were sitting near the Windows when it was dark outside. Saki spotted the full moon and instantly was reminded of the old tale. She asked her "uncle Gian" if there really are rabbits in the moon making cơm, gạo cakes. It's difficult to answer a child's innocent questions. He/she will not be satisfied no matter how much we explain. The only way is to hiển thị it to them somehow or...
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posted by ThunderJJ
 At the đồi núi, hill
At the hill
Đôrêmon episode review

I especially tình yêu this episode in which a Raccoon dog family wins Suneo’s friendship.
It all happened in a pleasant day. At school, Gian dubiously noticed the đã đưa ý kiến Suneo Honekawa taking his favourite trái chuối, chuối out of his bag. Then he didn’t eat it. He spared it for someone. In in evening after school, Gian follows him and even climbs a tường of his house to spy on him. Gian saw his friend Suneo Mất tích in thought.This made Gian go out of his wits. Suneo has a girlfriend? Then the other ngày at school, Gian kept a watch on him.
He saw a màu hồng, hồng ribbon falling from his text book...
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posted by medouri
Tamako Nobi (Rukia Nobi) (野比 玉子 Nobi Tamako?)
Voice actors: Noriko Ohara (1973), Sachiko Chijimatsu (1979~March 2005), Kotono Mitsuishi (April 2005~)
Voice actor (Young): Tomoko Kawakami
Tamako (born on 16 February), is Nobita's stay-at-home mother and the series main antagonist. She can be very strict, is usually seen scolding Nobita, grounding him, hoặc sending him out of the house (a typical Japanese household punishment used bởi parents). She is disappointed bởi his lazy attitude and academic failures. Several episodes involve Nobita trying to avoid his mother’s scolding bởi using...
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posted by imadh
Gender:    Male
Species:    Robotic cat
Height:    129.3 cm (4 ft 3 inch)
Weight:    129.3 kg (285 lbs)
Skin color:    Blue (originally Yellow)
Birthdate:    3rd September 2112 (Virgo)
Nationality:    Japan
Habitat:    Tokyo 22nd century (past)
Tokyo 20th century (present)
Family & friends
Parents:    Nobisuke Nobi (adoptive father)
Tamako Nobi (adoptive mother)
Brothers & Sisters:    Dorami (younger...
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posted by chocopie249
the hiển thị is about a blue cat robot sent from the 22nd century to help a lazy and weak boy called nobi nobita. nobita is always put in trouble bởi gian and sunio. Đôrêmon gives him some devics that can help him.nobita has a little crush with a girl called shizuka . he wants to marry her in the future .so nobita asks help from Đôrêmon to impress shizuka.nobita is very jealous of a boy called degisugi who always tops the class and also does well in sports.shizuka always is impressed bởi degisugi.nobita always fails in exams and is very weak in sports.but nobita.but nobita and Đôrêmon are good Những người bạn forever.
posted by medouri
Suneo's Mother
Voice actor(s): Kazue Takahashi (1973), Yoshino Ōtori (1979~March 1991), Mari Yokō (April 1991~March 2005), Minami Takayama (April 2005~)
She loves Suneo very much and spoils him rotten. She sports curly hair and is often seen hiển thị off her jewellery hoặc branded handbags. Even though she's much kinder than her own son, sometimes Mrs. Tamako feels jealous for her hiển thị off.

Suneo's Father
Voice actor(s): Unknown (1973), Osmau Katō (1979~March 2005), Kaneta Kimotsuki (Stand-in for Katō, May 1989~January 1990), Hideyuki Tanaka (June 2005~)
A successful businessman. He has...
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Đôrêmon The Movie: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King (映画ドラえもん のび太の人魚大海戦, Eiga Đôrêmon Nobita no Ningyo Daikaisen?), also known as Đôrêmon THE LEGEND 2010, is a 2010 Japanese animated film that was released on March 6, 2010. This movie is part of the celebration for the franchise's 40th anniversary and it's 30th movie anniversary (映画ドラえもん30周年?).[1][2]

When Nobita feels like diving in his hometown, Đôrêmon uses Underwater máy bơm Simulator (架空水面シミュレーター・ポンプ?) to máy bơm all the water to fill up water. That night, Đôrêmon and Nobita use a Diving Mask Simulator to dive underwater. Later on, lots of fish, and a cá mập attack Đôrêmon and his friends. So, Đôrêmon puts a stop on the Underwater máy bơm Simulator, but there is a girl named Sophia, lay down on the bushes in his town.
posted by poulamikundu
Our beloved Đôrêmon was born on September 3, 2112. He, initially having yellow body and ears, was manufactured in the Matsushiba Robot Factory. Due to some problems at the time of Doraemon's manufacturing, there was an electrical power surge in the factory. As a result, Doraemon, to a large extent was destroyed and thrown into the garbage disposal. Noramyako, a female robo-cat saved him from the disposal furnace.

Since Đôrêmon had several manufacturing defect, he could not survive in the ordinary Robot School and was sent to a training class for special robots. Here, he met Noramyako again,...
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When I have just learned to read,the very first book that i read to test myself was a Đôrêmon comic,episode 29 like i clearly remember.That was when i was 4,and i thought 'wow!this kitty cat is amazing!'.then i started to read thêm and thêm of Đôrêmon comics.I collected things about my yêu thích idol:stickers,plushies,notebooks,...And every time i read a Đôrêmon book,i temperary forget all about my worries about school,friendship blah blah..He made me laugh and he is way cuter than any boy at school though he's a robot cat:).I don't really know why i like him so much,but then i realize that i wanted to be just like him,to live in a world full of happiness and magic.Doraemon gave me something to hope for-a better world maybe?And thanks to him (also Fujiko Fujio)I am still on my way with a lot of positivity.Doraemon lives forever in my heart,and i hope he does in your hearts,too.
bạn rock,kitty cat.
posted by fankid
Đôrêmon is sent back in time bởi Nobita Nobi's great-great grandson Sewashi to improve Nobita's circumstances so that his descendants may enjoy a better future. In the original timeline, Nobita experienced nothing but misery and misfortune throughout his life. As a result of this, Nobita's failures in school and subsequently, his career, have left his family line beset with financial problems. In order to alter history and better the Nobi family's fortunes, Sewashi sent him a robot called Doraemon.
Feature films
In 1980, Toho released the first of a series of annual feature length animated films...
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Today,3/9/2010,is our fave robot cat-Doraemon ドラえもん's 41st Birthday since they first established the Đôrêmon comics in Japan.I tình yêu u D - わたしは、あなたを愛しています,as much as bạn tình yêu Dorayakis.Thank bạn Hiroshi Fujimoto san as well as Motoo Abiko san for bringing fat D to children.I hope this người hâm mộ club will be thêm and thêm crowded,there will be thêm and thêm people loving and supporting Doraemon.I am a crazy fan,and Đôrêmon lives in my soul,giving me dreams and hopes,and i hope he does the same for bạn guys.
I tình yêu you,Dorae