Disney What is your yêu thích moral found in a Pixar movie?

Pick one:
Our connection with others is what makes life meaningful.
Humanity’s hàng đầu, đầu trang priority should be taking care of Earth, it’s our only trang chủ
True tình yêu conquers all
Find a balance between family obligation and individual ambition
A great artist can come from anywhere
Life can be lived, and still enjoyed, at a slower pace
Society should never discriminate against any person’s abilities
Parents need to remember that children need a certain amount of independence
Listen to your parents because they know what’s best for bạn
Even people that scare us may have a softer side..
Nothing lasts forever so savor all the precious moments of tình yêu while bạn can
If we all work together, we can accomplish anything
Just because you're small hoặc weak doesn't mean your capable of great things
Don't let jealousy control your thinking
 kenzieiscool posted hơn một năm qua
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