Disney Favourite lyric from a Disney movie.

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'Now your beside me and look how far we come'
'Storybook endings,fairytales coming true'
&# 39; There&# 39; s something sweet and almost kind&# 39;
'There's something sweet and almost kind'
&# 39; Look at this stuff, isn&# 39; t neat&# 39;
'Look at this stuff,isn't neat'
'How does she know bạn tình yêu her,how does she know she's yours
&# 39; Now at last, I found in bạ n the missing part of...
'Now at last,I found in bạn the missing part of me'
I dont know when, I dont know how but I know somethings starting right now.
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When's it my turn?
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Although bạn can't see it bạn know they are smiling each time someone shows that
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And you'll never hear the chó sói, sói cry to the blue ngô moon For whether we are white
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