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Recently I've been making character countdown số phiếu bầu dedicated to each Disney movie, this is the countdown info for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (the first movie only).

10. The Archdeacon

9. Djali

8. Victor

7. Hugo

6. Laverne

5. Phoebus

4. Esmeralda

3. Frollo

2. Clopin

1. Quasimodo

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This is a danh sách of my favourite Disney Heroines from each Disney Era and including Pixar as well. Since I like a lot of them, I am going to add 2 Heroines from each section.

Golden Era (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Bambi) [b]

[b]1. Snow White

I am sure the choices for this era is no suprise since there is no one else, but I really like Snow White. She is cheerful, believes in the best, but is also has a thêm sarcastic, teasing humor and is bossy. I think there is thêm to her than there is Lọ lem and Aurora. She prayed about Grumpy liking her hiển thị that this is an insecurity of her...
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Here's another hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 danh sách of mine, this time it's about my yêu thích Disney Animated Couples. Hope you'll tình yêu this bài viết :)

10. Duchess and Tomas O Malley

I tình yêu their first meeting, it's an unexpected meeting, but not in a bad way. I also tình yêu that even though they tình yêu each other they aren't very romantic with each other, but they're thêm than best friends. I also tình yêu that Tomas O Malley says twice in the movie how pretty Duchess's eyes are, he also mentions both of the times that they look like safires.

9. Rapunzel and Flynn

This is the only computer animated couple to be on...
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posted by Pyjamarama
Frollo: [as Quasimodo towers over him] Now, now... L-Listen to me, Quasimodo...
Quasimodo: [heaving in gasping breaths] No, *you* listen! All my life, bạn have told me that the world is a dark, cruel place. But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you...

Frollo: Look at that disgusting display.
Phoebus: [raising his visor] Yes, sir!

Quasimodo: bạn are good to me master. I'm sorry.
Frollo: You're forgiven. But remember Quasimodo, this is your sanctuary.
[Frollo leaves]
Quasimodo: My sanctuary.

Brutish Guard: Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped.
Frollo: What?...
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posted by Pyjamarama
Sykes: Three sunrises. Three sunsets. Three days, Fagin.
Fagin: [counting on his fingers] Three sunrises. Three sunsets. Three days. Three, three, three. That's nine. Nine?
Sykes: No, Fagin. Three.
Fagin: Three? Oh, bạn mean, just three days? Oh, my goodness! Oh, I'm having a bad day!
Sykes: Now, I lent bạn some money, and I don't see it. Do bạn know what happens when I don't see my money, Fagin?
[rolls up the car window on Fagin's neck]
Sykes: People get hurt. People like bạn get hurt. Do I make myself clear?
Fagin: [wheezing] Clear! Perfectly clear!
Sykes: So, Fagin. Did we bring something...
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posted by Pyjamarama
One night, in new york, there was a husband and a wife with a baby. They were walking when suddenly a gun shot came. It was an evil cowboy called Texas Pete and his very cowardly, outrageously camp henchman, Skeleton. “What are bạn doing here?” Shouted a husband. “Get away from us!” Shouted a wife. “Let the baby go!” Shouted Tex. “Or I shall kill bạn both!” “Never!” Shouted a husband and a wife. “Go get them, Tex!” Shouted Skeleton evilly. Texas Pete and Skeleton chased after a husband and a wife. “Help us, Police!” They cried. But it was too late. Texas Pete was...
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posted by Pyjamarama
SuperTed is a Welsh teddy chịu, gấu who has superpowers. He along with his friend Spotty try to do good. SuperTed was a series of stories created bởi Mike Young who eventually created a ti vi series based on those stories. 'SuperTed' was created bởi Mike Young in 1978[1] for his son to help him overcome his fear of the dark. Later Mike decided to put the stories into book form. Superted originally was a chịu, gấu from the woods who was also afraid of the dark, until one ngày Mother Nature give him a magic word which gives him Superpowers and transform him to SuperTed. After a while, Mike started to...
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posted by Pyjamarama
 Aladdin và cây đèn thần 3
Aladdin 3
Aladdin và cây đèn thần (Scott Weinger) and Princess hoa nhài (Linda Larkin) prepare for their marriage. Aladdin và cây đèn thần recovers a dagger, his only memento of his Mất tích father, who had abandoned his family when Aladdin và cây đèn thần had been a small child. During the ceremony, they and the assembled guests find themselves the targets of a raid bởi the infamous Forty Thieves, led bởi a man named Cassim (John Rhys-Davies), who is after a particular piece of treasure: a staff which is the receptacle of a powerful oracle. Aladdin, Abu, hoa nhài and the Genie fight back against the thieves, driving them off. They discover the Oracle, who...
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posted by KataraLover
xin chào guys this it where I come back into the story and tell bạn what I'm going to do. This is a very long chapter so I might have to skip some parts but still tell bạn basically what happened. That's the fun part of being the nararator bạn get to fast foward through the garbage bạn don't wanna see. Anyway to the point lets see the first sad part in this chapter, the mothers unset over their missing children. Lady and Perdita are moping in the house worrying about the kids. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and try to talk to them.

"Girls! Come on don't be sad, we hate bạn being so sad"...
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No rude các bình luận please. This is completely MY OPINION. Anyways, on to the article. I think Snow White is incredibly underrated, and she's in my hàng đầu, đầu trang ten Disney characters. When she finds out her stepmother wants to kill her, she remains positive and keeps a smile on her face for the majority of the film. She's also incredibly hilarious and adorable. "Oh, bạn can talk! I'm so glad!" I also tình yêu her cute little voice, which I think is underrated as well. I also think it's funny when she makes the dwarfs hiển thị her their hands, and when she says "Oooohhh, bạn must be Grumpy!" Snow White is someone...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
1. Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
2. Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
3. Pongo (101 Dalmatians)
4. Perdita (101 Dalmatians)
5. Dodger (Oliver and Company)
6. Copper (The cáo, fox and the Hound)
7. Lucky (101 Dalmatians)
8. Jock (Lady and the Tramp)
9. Trusty (Lady and the Tramp)
10. Rolly (101 Dalmatians)
11. Patch (101 Dalmatians)
12. Rita (Oliver and Company)
13. Toby (The Great chuột Detective)
14. Scamp (Lady and the Tramp 2)
15. Tito (Oliver and Company)
16. Peg (Lady and the Tramp)
17. Georgette (Oliver and Company)
18. Penny (101 Dalmatians)
19. Lafayette (The Aristocats)
20. Einstein (Oliver and Company)...
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