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 Jack-Jack from The Incredibles
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the incredibles
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 I tình yêu this poster, don't you?
I love this poster, don't you?
Hi guys, I had watch both versions of this timeless classic and here are my review, opinions and comparisons on both films.

The Story-Line

Both films are faithful towards the original story bởi J.M. Barrie, the 2003 version has scenes especially with the Darling brothers. The part where they chanted 'I do believe in Fairies!' is really catchy, and I wish that it was part of the 1953 version too!
The only difference is that at the end, the Darling parents adopted the Mất tích Boys in the 2003 version. It was also sad that Wendy never saw Peter ever again! (2003 Version)

The Characters

I absolutely...
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This is an old idea that I had a few years cách đây but never got to, until now. Disney Channel, a place that gave many người nổi tiếng their first breakout role that would lead to many other opportunities. Some end up being successful adults, some become train wrecks, and some fade away from fame and are barely remembered (despite that they're still in the business). However, if Disney Channel and Hollywood in general, have taught us anything, it's that bạn don't need talent to be famous, in some cases bạn don't even have to be attractive hoặc talented in order to be famous. I think anyone can sing if...
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Wow. I can already see the hate brewing and I'm so sorry but she just annoys me.

Just hear me out:

The first time I watched Nữ hoàng băng giá I had no problem with her. I didn't necessarily like her but I didn't dislike her either. I was completely neutral to her.

I am going to flat out say it. Elsa is overrated.

I'm not hating on anyone for liking her, but I would like her oh so much thêm if the fandom didn't constantly tear down other Nữ hoàng băng giá characters and DP's and anything related to Disney, just to make Elsa look better. And what if bạn don't like Elsa? The những người hâm mộ get so frustrated and start going on...
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 Disney is awesome!
Disney is awesome!
Least favorite(please don't hate me if I insult your yêu thích character please remember we each have different opinions!)

10. Aurora-Sleeping Beauty

She is bởi far the most dull and boring DP ever! Her whole role in the movie was to sleep and the few traits she had were those of the stereotypical princess. I don't necessarily hate her, but I feel like even if the story did say she had to sleep for the whole movie, they could have made her a tiny bit thêm interesting in the time she was awake.

9. Hans- Frozen

Well I do have to say, he was a good actor, even if it was obvious he was...
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