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And, bởi royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend!
Why, that's us!
Công chúa Anastasia
And I'm so eligible!
Lọ lem
Why, that means I can go too!
Hah! Her, dancing with the Prince. [laughing]
Công chúa Anastasia
[mocking Cinderella] I'd be honored, Your Highness. [holds out her flute] Would bạn mind holding my broom? [both waltz in place, laughing derisively]
enhance! (0) LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại (0) win (0) :-( (0) wtf (0) cute 0 LADY TREMAINE
Drizella? Drizella.
Mmm? What?
Get up. Quick, this instant. We haven't a moment to lose. [goes into Anastasia's room]...
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posted by Pyjamarama
These are songs sung bởi Disney Villains. Have fun. There are lots of Disney Villain Songs available on Youtube.

My friends, we are about to embark on the most
odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme
of my illustrious career. A crime to hàng đầu, đầu trang all
a crime that will live in infamy!
[Ratigan:] Tomorrow evening,
our beloved monarch celebrates
diamond jubilee. And, with the enthusiastic help
our good friend Mr Flaversham, it promises to be
night she will never forget. Her last night, and
first, as supreme ruler of all mousedom!

From the brain that brought bạn the Big...
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This is part to of the results of my countdown which includes places 20-11. Unlike 39-21, while there was some haters with some of these girls, tổng thể they're considered either very pretty hoặc beautiful. Personally I strongly disagree with some of these things but oh well it's not my list. Anyway just like last time I'm going to tell the publics opinion and than mine. Also keep in mind that this is just the opinion of fanpop. Please leave a bình luận on what bạn think of the article, enjoy.

20.Jane(Return To Neverland)
 She definitely is pretty, no doubt but she's not as stunning as the others. She's thêm of a plain Jane if bạn know what I mean. I don't like her button nose and her hair has always annoyed me. I do find her eyes pretty though.-starlight77
She definitely is pretty, no doubt but she's not as stunning as the others....
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The villain does his best to give his worst, and Walt Disney phim hoạt hình Studios are no exception. Good cannot triumph without evil. In 51 Disney classics, they have brought to life some rogues who will go down in history. On the following pages, we pay tribute to some famous characters who did not win, however hard they tried.

1. Witch-Walt Disney's most famous and terrifying witch made her debut in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937, the academy award winning story about the Queen who turns into a witch and offers her stepdaughter a poisoned táo, apple because she is jealous of her youth...
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xin chào everyone! Well, I decided, since I haven't made an bài viết in awhile, do a danh sách of my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 Disney males. I had to think, but I've got the danh sách together. So...sit back and enjoy reading! No mean các bình luận please.

5. The Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

I tình yêu this guy so much. Seriously. Even though we don't get to see him much, he left a lasting impression on me. I mean, right away. When he goes over the wall, and bạn see his smile, bạn know he's genuine. And when he pops up and sings into the well with her, it's hilarious. Especially Snow White's reaction. And when he starts singing...
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posted by MissxMeg
Recently, a girl told me one of my yêu thích movies, How To Train Your Dragon, which is a DreamWorks movie, was childish. She told me that phim hoạt hình is childish, and for little kids. I told her she was wrong. Dead wrong. It doesn't matter if it's Disney hoặc DreamWorks, it's how much bạn tình yêu that movie. It matters that the story means something to you. I told her the following:
Is Toy Story 3 a childish movie? How many kids actually saw it? There were thêm teenagers that saw Toy Story 3 than children. Toy Story is the same type of movie as How To Train Your Dragon. Animation. phim hoạt hình isn't...
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 Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
I, for one, absolutely adore Disney. My favourite film is a Disney film. My favourite character is a Disney character. My fanart is always Disney fanart. There is not a part of my house that is free from obsession. So I decided to sit down, think it out and finally stress over putting them all in an order - my hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 favourite Disney movies. This is going to take some definite kicking and screaming, but whatever.
Yes, I swear. Deal with it, because I'm not going to stop doing it. I don't care if bạn think it's "wrong" and "limits vocabulary" because that's the biggest piece of fucking bullshit...
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9. Gisselle and ponchastos
Giselle- She stands at 9th : At the beginning of the film, she is originally the stereotype of a Disney Princess. Because she lives in the perfect fantaisie world of Andalasia, she has barely felt emotions that are rare to the land such as frustration, sadness, and anger, which, of course, are common on Earth. She dreams of having her own Prince Charming, whom she will fall in tình yêu with and live happily ever after. She also loves animals, who help her both in Andalasia and on Earth. She understands tình yêu for all and life.
Poncahontas - she stands at 9th : Pocahontas loves...
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9.TRUE tình yêu Kiss : fron Chuyện thần tiên ở New York When bạn meet the someone who was meant for you
Before two can become one there's something bạn must do

[Rabbit:] Do bạn pull each other's tails?
[Bird:] Do bạn feed each other seeds?

[Giselle:] No, there is something sweeter everybody needs

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a prince I'm hoping comes with this
That's what brings everaftering so happy

And that's the reason we need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch
So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who bạn tình yêu through true love's kiss

[Animals:] She's been dreaming of a true love's...
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These kind of các bài viết are kinda passeé, but there's never anything wrong to do them once in a while. I'm excited for Moana, the songs, the characters sound so charming, and it feels like a genuine classic Disney film of the 90s, very similar to Aladdin, which would make me happy.

So without further ado, here are my favorites.

10- Alice in Wonderland- It's so original, and I feel it's the only Alice in Wonderland adaptation that isn't a borefest. I think the captured of the book well, and it really helps how they showed the story in a thêm "visual" sense, while the book obviously relied more...
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This is the danh sách of from the hottest to the ugliest Male Disney Villains.

*1. Prince Hans (Frozen, 2013) - Because He is Good-Looking, Charming and Sophisticated Male Villain from Frozen.
*2. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and The Frog, 2009)
*3. Captain James Hook (Peter Pan, 1953)
*4. Hades (Hercules, 1997)
*5. Jafar (Aladdin, 1992)
*6. Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, 1996)
*7. Gaston LeGume (Beauty and The Beast, 1991)
*8. Shan-Yu (Mulan, 1998)
*9. Clayton (Tarzan, 1999)
*10. King Candy/Turbo (Wreck-It Ralph, 2012)
*11. Stromboli (Pinocchio, 1940)
*12. Alameda Slim (Home On The Range, 2004)
*13. Governor John Ratcliffe (Pocahontas, 1995) - Because He is a Greedy, Racist Jerk to the Native Americans.
posted by cruella
After leaving the hiding spot Mickey, Goofy, giống cúc, daisy and the children started to make their way to the cabin. As the group fled quickly down the overgrown trail all they could do was hope to avoid any thêm trouble.

Webby, being the youngest and smallest member of the group, was having a hard time keeping up with the rest. But she continued to press on and run as fast as she could in spite of that, because she knew it’s what Uncle Scrooge would want her to do. All the while as she ran, struggling to keep up, she feared that the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys would come back and get them. She also worried that...
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Church Chorus:
Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti (I confess to God almighty)
Beatae Mariae semper Virgini (To blessed Mary ever Virgin)
Beato Michaeli archangelo (To the blessed archangel Michael)
Sanctis apostolis omnibus sanctis (To the holy apostles, to all the saints)

Beata Maria
You know I am a righteous man
Of my virtue I am justly proud
(Et tibit Pater (And to you, Father))
Beata Maria
You know I'm so much purer than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd
(Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned))
Then tell me, Maria
Why I see her dancing there
Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul
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 2# Mulan
2# Mulan
2# Mulan-Yes, i like this film. It's a classic. Shang is a cool dude. I like it when Mulan is a teenager and wears a white makeup. Reflection is one of my favourite Disney songs. This film is a masterpiece. I like Chi-Fu because he's dastardly. Mulan's father is so great. Watch Mulan take on the most notorious Disney villain of them all, Shan-Yu.

1# The Return of Jafar-As bạn know, this film is my number 1 favourite because i like the villains. Jafar is the best Disney villain ever. Abis Mal is Jafar's henchman. My favourite song is You're Only một giây Rate. Jafar is a calm villain but not Texas...
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posted by Pyjamarama
 Martin Jarvis narrated the best classic tv show, Huxley Pig.
Martin Jarvis narrated the best classic tv show, Huxley Pig.
Martin Jarvis, OBE (born 4 August 1941) is an English actor. He narrated the best cult kids classic from the 80's, Huxley Pig. Now he's going to be the new Disney voice actor in the new Disney classic, Wreck-it Ralph. He's doing a new voice of Satine. Isn't it exciting? Satine will sound like any of the Huxley Pig characters. Here's a classic song from Huxley Pig. A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

Who ya gonna be today, Huxley Pig?
oink oink

A suitcase full of clothes,
Everybody knows,
When you're dressed in your Sunday best,
Anything goes.

A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

Who ya gonna be today, Huxley Pig?
oink oink

Sam is here to play,
thực phẩm is never far away.
A new dream every day, Huxley Pig
oink oink

A new dream every day.....Huxley Pig
oink oink
posted by Pyjamarama
The villain does his best to give his worst, and Pixar phim hoạt hình Studios are no exception. Good cannot triumph without evil. In shorts and features, they have brought to life some rogues who will go down in history. On the following pages, we pay tribute to some famous characters who did not win, however hard they tried.

Upon the grasshoppers' first invasion of Ant Island, Hopper discovers the absence of food. Due to his belief that mercy is a weakness, he demands that the ants try again - and when Flik tries to stand up to him, tells the ants to double their normal payment. During their brief...
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posted by Pyjamarama

Fifteen puppies!

How marvellous.

How marvellous,

how perfectly... ugh!

The devil take it.

They're mongrels... no spots!

No spots at all.

What a horrid little white rat.

They're not mongrels!

They'll get their spots.

Just wait and see.

That's right. They'll have

their spots in a few weeks.

Oh, well, in that case I'll

take them all. The whole litter.

Just name your price, dear.

I'm afraid

we can't give them up.

- Poor Perdita, she'd be heartbroken.

- Anita, don't be ridiculous.

You can't afford to keep them.

You can scarcely feed yourselves.

I'm sure

we'll get along.

Yes, I know....
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This my một giây bài viết on this club and my first bài viết rating movies. I tình yêu Disney phim chiếu rạp and I just decided to share my hàng đầu, đầu trang ten. Feel free to leave comments, but make sure they are respectful.

10. The Incredibles
This is the first Disney/Pixar to make the list. I though it was a really unique idea. My yêu thích character is Violet. I just tình yêu her powers.

9. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
I loved this movie so much when I saw little. Its iconic especially with the mì ống ý, spaghetti and meatballs scene. I want mì ống ý, spaghetti so bad whenever I watch this movie. I tình yêu Lady and Tramp!

8. Castle...
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So..those are my yêu thích Kiss moments and couples and i want to add this bài viết to see do bạn like them :)

#1Simba&Nala: My yêu thích couple ever !They become my yêu thích couple since "Pinned ya scene"♥About the Kiss i like it because there was a toungue in it.

#2Todd&Vixey:We saw very little of them,but they grab my heart♥So cute couple.

#3Lady&Tramp:Ahh so romantic couple and kiss.I don`t like romatic,but Lady&Tramp grabed me♥.

#4Duchess&Thomas O`Maley:This was a tình yêu at first sight♥Thomas is such a romantic.

#5Bambi&Faline:They are so cute togerher♥It was very Công chúa tóc xù from Bambi when he saved Faline from the other deer.

#6Scamp&Angel:This was tình yêu at first sight too ♥I don`t really like Scamp,but Angel is AMAZING♥

#7Mufasa&Sarabi: When i was little they were my yêu thích couple,but there is no a lot moments moments for them so..but i think they are EPIC♥
 Bambi&Faline♥ So Công chúa tóc xù step from Faline ...
Bambi&Faline♥ So brave step from Faline ...
 Here's a snapshot of Disney that has pretty much nothing to do with this article! Yay!
Here's a snapshot of Disney that has pretty much nothing to do with this article! Yay!
Damn, this took some kicking and screaming. I tình yêu my Disney characters, and to just choose 10... Well, I think I narrowed it down.
I can't wait to finally sit back and look at this so I can appreciate those characters I tình yêu the most for what they really are - my personal best. For me, Disney really doesn't get much better than the 10 characters bạn see below. And that's saying something. That's saying A LOT.
Anyway, yes, I swear. I don't give a shit that I swear either.
On with the countdown!

Before I start, I just have to give these three a mention:
#13: Kuzco - The Emperor's New Groove (2000)...
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