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 Very funny so what now do bạn want a kiss.
Very funny so what now do you want a kiss.
Ok so I adore Disney Princesses as they are so unique and very different to one another. Here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 favourite Disney princesses because I tình yêu them so much.

I changed my princesses around as I tình yêu these princesses and the phim chiếu rạp they appear in. So no nasty các bình luận please and tell me what do bạn think of these princesses. Enjoy.

#5 Tiana

Ok so lets kick off with the newest Disney princess. Yes folks Tiana. She isn’t a Disney princess as she starts off as a waitress in New Orleans. What I like about her is that she is very sassy and quite stubborn. She meets the rather annoying Naveen who is a hit with the ladies(yep a womanizer like that Britney Spears song). Although she is a new princess but she wouldn’t be my all time favourite.

Line: ‘Its called mucus’.

#4 Jasmine

Another princess I tình yêu is hoa nhài from Aladdin. She is smart, funny and rather childish. What I like about her is that she treats Aladdin và cây đèn thần as a somebody and not as a commoner with no money(as he steals stuff in the market). I like how she says the line ‘I am not a prize to be won’ as she wants to marry someone that she can tình yêu and not marry someone that she doesn’t love.

#3 Ariel

As a child I loved this princess. I was so obsessed with her I had the doll, the keyring,the pyjamas of Ariel, and a statue I got in Disneyland Paris. I tình yêu her because she is so optimistic and so perky. I like how she believes in tình yêu and how she saves a prince from drowning and she falls in tình yêu with him. I also like the fact that she gives up her mermaid life to be with the man she loves. Part of bạn would wonder would she miss the mermaid life and return to sea some day, well in the sequel she does but she returns to the human world.

#2 Belle
My all time một giây favourite princess as she is the best princess since Ariel and Jasmine. She is smart, a daydreamer, very stubborn, treats everyone the same, is obsessed with đọc sách containing fantaisie characters and she is rather shy . I like her chemistry with the beast(who really is a beast in disguise) and how she treats him like a man and not as a monster. I tình yêu her style and her gracefulness. My favourite scene with her in it would be the ballroom scene hoặc the part where she tells Gaston that he is a monster and not the beast as she brought out the Beast’s inner kindness as well as his beauty. The most saddest part was when the Beast died and she was crying out softly Please don’t leave me I tình yêu you.

#1 Giselle: I do tình yêu this princess despite the fact she isn’t a princess as she mocks nearly all the princesses(from Sleeping Beauty to Snow White, only she’s a lot better) but having đã đưa ý kiến that I tình yêu this character and this movie as it brings back the old memories from Disney as well as the magic that Disney brought us as children. I like how she is like Ariel with giving up the cartoon life to be with Robert(who was her real true tình yêu all along and she never realised this until the ball). She’s funny ,OTT annoying, very optimistic, sings in public places when people are looking LOL, brave, can kick đít, mông, ass as she saved her man from Narissa and she’s a tình yêu struck person who loves happy endings and bạn guessed it True Love’s kiss. I like how she starts off very childish and really annoying bạn tình yêu to have earphones on bạn and listen to rock âm nhạc really loudly so that bạn won’t hear her and then she ends up being thêm mature and experiences anger for the first time which was her một giây emotion as her first was love. As well as the above I tình yêu how she drives Robert insane as he found her cracked and OTT. A great movie and a great character.

Line: ’ No, is that the only word bạn know NO’

‘Dreams do come true and someday something wonderful will happen’.
 I am not a prize to be won
I am not a prize to be won
 Eric,I tried to tell bạn
Eric,I tried to tell you
 His no monster Gaston bạn ARE
His no monster Gaston YOU ARE
 i've been dreaming of a true love's kiss'
i've been dreaming of a true love's kiss'
 Oh do it again,oh thats wonderful hiển thị me again
Oh do it again,oh thats wonderful show me again
 Giselle gives up cartoon life for THIS. >3
Giselle gives up cartoon life for THIS. >3
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