Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Okay I remake this because of a few changes and because I learned how to work the pictures. Anyway because of the 20 pictures I'm not going to talk much about numbers 30-21 and they're not going to have they're own individual pictures. This danh sách will have heroines, villianesses, and supporting girls.

Mysterious person: I shall tell bạn the fairest one of all

Me: Who the heck is that

30.Madame Mim only when she turns beautiful because as she đã đưa ý kiến it's only skin deep because she's really an ugly old hag.(Villianess)

29.Tiana's friend that wanted Tiana to go danceing while she's not that special but still beautiful.(Suppoting girl)

28.The girls in Lọ lem in the blue, pink, and yellow dress we get to see they're faces for like a few giây but are kinda beautiful but no where near as gorgeous as Cinderella.(Supporting girls)

27.The good ngày girl from beauty and the beast while she only đã đưa ý kiến one line and isn't seen that much she's still beautiful.(Supporting girl)

26.Belly Dancers the girls from Aladdin và cây đèn thần who have a talerence for Aladdin và cây đèn thần but fell sorry he's hit the buttom they're no hoa nhài but are still beautiful they're like arabian versions of the bimbettes.(Supporting girls)

25.Nakoma yes Pocahontas's best friend doesn't get very far she's beautiful but not enough to be higher hoặc in to the hàng đầu, đầu trang 20.(Suppoting girl)

24.Aundrey she has that whole sassy pouty cool look going on she's beautiful but not enough.(Supporting girl)

23.Nani she does have the trapical hawian look going on she's really sexy when she's surfeing but she's not beautiful enough plus I think her little sister is prettier than her.(Supporting girl)

22.Anita yes the woman from an animal movie she's not thought about that much but she was actually use bởi the same model who did Lọ lem and Aurora but still not beautiful enough.(Supporting girl)

21.Maleficent yes finally a villianess on the danh sách she doesn't get much attention in looks considering how gorgeous Aurora is plus because she looks like a vampire devil thing.(Villianess)

Time for the hàng đầu, đầu trang 20

A boy who won't be good might just as well be made of wood

20.The Blue Fairy she's tragically underrated when it comes to looks. She's gorgeous she's glowing with beauty plus a lovely dress. But she's just a blonde older version of Snow White, she looks 29 but is probably older considering nàng tiên live a long time.(Supporting girl)

Look there he goes isn't he dreamy

19.The Bimbettes Gastons number one những người hâm mộ who are gorgeous dispite that Gaston pays no attention to them. A friend of mine who read the original Beauty and The Beast thought they were Belle's sisters until I had to feel him in on th whole thing. They don't have much individuality in looks they look the same except for the hair style and dress color plus blonde is kinda rare. But they're just not all that special and not even close to being as beautiful as Belle.(Supporting girls)

I've been burnt bởi bạn before

18.Babette a beauty we only see in human form in the end and only for a few seconds. The feather duster that we all know her to be and Lumiere's girlfriend. The girl some people think is prettier than Belle which I must completely disagree with. She's gorgeous for a girl we see for only a few giây but she's a feather duster from most of the movie fore goodness sake.(Supporting girl)

Tell her what bạn did big daddy TELL HER

17.Charlotte yep little miss I wanna be a princess gets this spot. She's beautiful but she kinda does try too hard so people will notice her, hello girly your rich and already gorgeous bạn don't need to try so hard. Plus she's so rich she could probably bởi a counrty and become a princess what does she need a prince for.(Supporting girl)

Magic mirror on the tường who is the fairest one of all

16.The Evil Queen looks like she has thêm competition besides Snow White, she almost made it to number 15 but something you'll see later stopped her from getting there. She does have a mature, classy, yet edgy look going on here she doesn't look a ngày over 29. But looks like she's gonna wanna kill thêm than just Snow White she's gonna need to make a whole lot thêm poisen apples.(Villianess)

At least out loud I won't say I'm in tình yêu

15.Meg I know alot of Meg những người hâm mộ are gonna be mad that she's not higher on this list. She's gorgeous to me even though alot of people think she's ugly but I must completely disagree with them when they say that. She very stunning espesually in this picture it's my yêu thích of her. She's sexy and has a sassy edgy look her hair is weird but in a cool way. But she's too thin, her facial features are too pointy, and weird eye brows.(Heroine)

Tarzan the ape man

14.Jane some people think she's just cute and somewhat pretty but I think she's gorgeous. She manages to combine england and the jungle together with looks. Some say she looks like a chuột but I don't see it, just because she has a slight overbight doesn't mean she looks like a mouse. But she does look a bit weird but she's still gorgeous to me.(Heroine)

I came down the chibney ho ho ho

13.Helga I bet alot of Helga những người hâm mộ are happy that she's on this danh sách in fact she's that thing that kicked The Evil Queen out of 15th place. The gorgeous sexy villianess that alot of people fell in tình yêu with mostly because of her looks. Some of people think she's prettier than Kida but I don't think so at all but she is prettier than two heroines Jane and Meg.(Villianess)

Welcome to the city of Atlantis

12.Kida the stunning sexy underrated beauty the poor girl people focus on the sceens she's badly animated but if they notice she has a lot of gorgeous shots. The first heroine with awesome white hait, nice tan skin, and lovely blue eyes. She looks great for someone who's thousands of years old but she looks like she's in her early 20's. She's what made me forget about Helga when I first saw the movie Atlantis: The Mất tích Empire. Plus I just tình yêu than sceen where she becomes part of the crystal and when we first see her when she takes off her mask talk about gorgeous.(Heroine)

Someday my prince will come

11.Snow White the one that started it all but isn't the fairest one of all anymore. This little beauty was one spot shy of getting into the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10. She has cute hair, cute brown eyes, and gorgeous red lips plus a gorgeous face. But it looks like Snow White's step-mother has thêm competition besides this beauty, little Lời khuyên girls in hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 if an ugly old hag offers bạn an táo, apple don't take it.(Heroine)

Time for the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10

You'll tình yêu me at once the way bạn did once upon a dream

10.Aurora yes I know bạn all upset that little miss búp bê barbie didn't get higher too bad so sad. She has the gift beauty rare vàng of sunshine in her hair, blossem màu hồng, hồng lips, and violet/purple eyes. A princess lovely and fair with a gorgeous face but unfortunately her facial features are too pointy for me I prefure abeauty who's facial features are softer.(Heroine)

God help the outcast hungry from birth hiển thị them the mercy they don't find on earth

9.Esmeralda yeah sorry Esmeralda những người hâm mộ but she's not all that special when it comes to looks. She has gorgeous curly raven hair the sun get's kot in het raven hair, lovely green eyes, and nice dark skin. She's sexy and manages to charm 3 men but I just don't think she's all that.(Heroine)

*gingle* *gingle*

8.Tinkerbell the gorgeous tomboy fairy we all tình yêu but I use to hate her but after watching her tinkerbell phim chiếu rạp I tình yêu her. She's glowing with beauty but I think she's prettier in her movies. She's kinda too small too. Why is she even going after Peter Pan anyway?(Supporting girl)

When will my reflection hiển thị who I am inside

7.Mulan the asian beauty of Disney she represents china's beauty who cares if she's a crossdresser she's a gorgeous one. I could still tell that she was a girl when she was dressed like a guy who knew she would have to fool complete morons, she was cute even as a guy. She looks better with long hair if bạn ask me though.(Heroine)

Mất tích forever if I never knew bạn

6.Pocahontas the native american beauty of Disney she has her mothers spirt she goes where ever the wind takes her. I tình yêu how her long beautiful hair flows in the wind, she also has handsome copper skin, puffy puty lips, and the most soulful eyes of all the Disney women. She's one spot shy of the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 because I'm not a big người hâm mộ of her nose plus she's kinda plan compared to the others a head of her.(Heroine)

Time for the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5

I want so much thêm than they've got planed

5.Belle I find her beautiful while some users on here think babette, the bimbettes, and even the good ngày girl are prettier than her but they're no where near as gorgeous as her. She has very pretty natrually curly brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, rose red lips, lovely pale skin, and her cheeks a lovely shade of pink. It's no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got to parallel but the others are just prettier than her.(Heroine)

Cinderella: The dreams that bạn wish will come true, Tiana: I'm almost there

4.Cinderella and Tiana yes two girls in one stop that's right if bạn don't like it GET OVER IT, it's my opinion. bạn GOTTA PROBLEM WITh THAT(JK)? Anyway Lọ lem she's as lovely as her name, with pretty dirty blonde hair, the prettiest eyes, her cheeks are a pretty shade of pink, lovely pale skin, and the best smile. Tiana she has lips red as the red, red rose, big beautiful brown eyes, rosey cheeks, nice dark skin, and very pretty natrually curly black hair. But they didn't make it to the hàng đầu, đầu trang 3 only because the other three are just prettier.(Heroines)

Time for the hàng đầu, đầu trang 3

A whole new world a dazzling place I never knew but when I'm way up here it's crystal clear that now I'm in a whole new world with bạn

3.Jasmine the arabian beauty of Disney this princess is a beauty known for miles around that princes come far and wide just to see her. With her gorgeous long hair, nice tan skin, beautiful red lip, and big brown beautiful eyes she's easily one of the most beautiful. She has princes, a villian, and a streetrat trying to win her heart, she won the tim, trái tim of Aladdin và cây đèn thần with just one look at her beauty. However I'm not a big người hâm mộ of her nose plus they other two are just prettier than her so she's one spot why of the hàng đầu, đầu trang 2.(Heroine)

Time for the hàng đầu, đầu trang 2

Soon I'll have that little mermaid and the ocean will be mine

2.Vanessa yes there's a villianess in một giây place she's obsalutely gorgeous. She was just a disguise from Ursula to get Eric to fall for her but it's a pretty good disguise. She has long gorgeous brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and beautiful rose red lips. She looks alot like Ariel she's like her twin except for her hair color and style. She could have been number one but when she was being attacked she didn't look so pretty, sometimes her eye brows looked weird like all Disney villianesses and Meg have, plus that's not her true form she's reallt a hideous fat evil sea witch. Though she's almost as beautiful as the number 1 most beautiful.(Villianess)

Me: Magic Mirror is that you

Magic Mirror: How did bạn know it was me

Me: Any moron could figure it out I was suppose to tell about this now just tell who the fairest one of all is and get going

Magic Mirror: Very well the fairest one of all the Disney women is.....

Up where they walk up where they run up where they stay all ngày in the sun wondering free wish I could be part of that world

1.Ariel bạn all know me it's no surprise that I think this beauty is the most gorgeous of all of the Disney women. She looks just like Vanessa but besides the hair Ariel's just thêm softer natual beauty. She has the most beautiful hair of them all I tình yêu red hair, beautiful big blue eyes, beautiful rose red lips, and lovely skin, plus she has great scails when she's a mermaid. She's thought of as just cute because of her childish personality but when it comes to looks she's WAY thêm than just cute. She's the most beautiful thing ever drew on paper and to be seen on screen.(Heroine)

Me: Thank bạn Magic Mirror maybe tiếp theo time I do a danh sách I can do the talk

Magic Mirror: Sorry it's my job

Me: Excuses, excuses