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posted by cruella
    While Mickey, Goofy, giống cúc, daisy and the children hid in the brush pile they told each other everything that they had discovered about the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys. After a while they heard the angry chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys give up and stomp away. “D-d-do bạn think they’re gone?” Webby whispered nervously once she could no longer hear them.

    The boys shrugged, “I don’t know. They might be gone hoặc they might be hiding out there.” Huey replied also feeling nervous. His brothers nodded in agreement, trying not to hiển thị how frightened they all felt.

    “Shh…” giống cúc, daisy whispered, “I can’t tell. We’d better wait a while.” The party stayed hidden for some time even after the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys left, wanting to be sure they were far away and not coming back.

    About half an giờ after they left, Mickey breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “Okay, I think they’re gone for good! But somebody should check, to make sure.”

    “I’ll do it!” Goofy exclaimed.

    “Shh…Goofy!” Mickey whispered, “I think it’d be better if I did it”, he đã đưa ý kiến then crawled out of the brush pile, and began to tìm kiếm for any sign of the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys. After looking for several phút and not seeing anything he motioned for everyone to come out, then whispered, “Okay, now we’ve gotta get back to the lều, cabin and find a working phone, and if we can’t find a phone somebody’s gotta drive into town and tell the cops!” Everyone nodded in agreement, and they quickly began to make their way back.
    Meanwhile Donald, Duckworth, Judy and children all stood in the restroom armed with bathroom accessories waiting for a possible attack. When nothing happened for a while Millie spoke up, “Do bạn think the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys are gone?”

    “I can’t say”, Donald replied, looking out the small window, “But now’s as good a time as any to make our break. Remember they could be hiding anywhere, so arm yourselves and keep a close eye out.”

    The group exited the restroom carefully holding their plungers, toilet brushes and branches ready for an attack. Suddenly Duckworth caught something out of the corner of his eye, “Oh my heavens! A chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boy!” he shouted and began to whack furiously with his toilet brush.

    Donald immediately came running to assist him. When he saw what Duckworth was beating he rolled his eyes and said, “Uh…Duckworth bạn do know that’s a bush, right?”

    Hearing Donald, Duckworth quickly stop what he was doing, and saw that it was indeed a bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush he was fighting. “Oh silly me,” he said, embarrassedly, “You know those bushes and chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys, they all look the same, especially when it’s pitch black out.”

    “Whatever.” Donald replied, “Now that we’ve got that cleared up we’ve got to get back to Uncle Scrooge’s lều, cabin and find some way to contact the cops.”

    “Oh bạn were so Công chúa tóc xù to take on that bush,” Judy đã đưa ý kiến as she tried to hug Duckworth.

    Hearing that Donald started to snicker. Duckworth rolled eyes and replied less than enthusiastically. “Uh… thank bạn Madame. But now is not the time for flattery.”

    Meanwhile Scrooge, Minnie and Launchpad fled into the woods, trying to escape Glomgold. After making it back into the forest, and thinking they were an toàn, két an toàn they began to hear the sound of someone running behind them. Then came a loud voice shouting, “Find them ye fool! Don’t let them escape!”

    “Curse me kilts! They’re closer than I thought!” Scrooge exclaimed, “Faster Launchpad! Faster! We’ve got to find a place to hide from them while we plan our tiếp theo move!”

    “Aye-aye Mr. McD.” Launchpad called as he sped up.

    Finally they found a large pile of brush to hide in while they rested and made their plans. “Do bạn think we’ll be an toàn, két an toàn here?” Minnie whispered nervously, as she tried to peek through the brush.

    “Yeah. I think we… Mất tích ‘em,” Launchpad, đã đưa ý kiến panting and trying to catch his breath.

    “Aye,” Scrooge replied, “But we mustn’t waste any time here. We need to hurry and get back to me lều, cabin before Glomgold and the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys get there. I over heard old Flintheart telling them to go ‘take care of’ the children.”

    Minnie gasped, “Oh dear!” she exclaimed.

    “Aye. Now let’s get moving.” Scrooge đã đưa ý kiến as he started to stand up. “We must stop wasting…” Suddenly a horrible pain shot through his ankle. “Oh burst me bagpipes, me ankle!” he shouted as he sat back down, immediately regretting what he had tried to do.
    “Shh…Uncle Scrooge, they might hear you,” Minnie whispered. Then she began to rub the severely swollen ankle, hoping to quiet him down. Feeling embarrassed Scrooge objected and tried to pull his foot away, but Minnie continued despite his protests.

    Suddenly they began to hear loud thrashing, which seemed be coming closer. Then came the sound of voices, “Hey boss I thinks I heard somthin’.”

    “Aye, so did I,” đã đưa ý kiến another.

    “Um…I think they heard ya Mr. McD,” Launchpad whispered.

    “Uh…aye,” Scrooge replied, still feeling a little embarrassed, “Which is why I đã đưa ý kiến we must get out of here before they find us, and get back to me lều, cabin before they harm the wee children,” he đã đưa ý kiến trying to pull away from Minnie.

    “But Uncle Scrooge you’re no shape to out run them.” Minnie replied.

    “I-I’m fine,” he stammered, “It’s just a wee sprain. But they are far too fast for ye to out run, and much too dangerous for a young lassie to face, which is why ye need to wait here while Launchpad and I lead them away.”

    The two of them argued for a few phút about who was better equipped to out run Glomgold and the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys. Finally Launchpad interrupted, “Will bạn two stop that fightin’? They might hear ya’ll again,” he whispered. “Look, I’m faster than both of you, so I’ll go out and distract them. Then bạn two can sneak back to Mr. McD’s lều, cabin together.”

    Minnie thought for moment then asked, “Does that sound like it will work, Uncle Scrooge?”

    Scrooge grumbled something angrily. Then he hesitantly nodded and muttered, “Ugh… ye will only slow me down. But, aye, I suppose it will work,” not wanting to admit the real reason he didn’t want Minnie to come with him. “It would however be better if Launchpad and I were to lead them away, and Minnie wait here.” he added.

    “Um… but then I’d have to help ya… and you’d be slowin’ me down,” Launchpad replied.

    Finally they agreed that Launchpad would lead Glomgold and the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys away, while Scrooge and Minnie sneaked back to the cabin. As, he started to crawl out of the pile; Minnie realized that Scrooge’s ankle would need to be bandaged if he was going to walk to the cabin. “Launchpad would bạn mind leaving your scarf?” she asked.

    “Um… okay,” he replied, feeling a little confused, as he took off his scarf, and handed it to her. Then he noticed the flashlight sitting on the ground. “Oh I almost forgot this,” he đã đưa ý kiến grabbing it, then he left to lead Glomgold away from his friends.

    “No Launchpad, please leave the flashlight,” Minnie whispered, but it was too late, he was already gone.

    “Um…so…why on earth do ye need the blasted scarf?”, Scrooge asked, very feeling irritated and confused.

     “Well, if we’re going to sneak back to the cabin, bạn need to be able to walk on that foot,” Minnie replied, as she took the reluctant Scrooge’s foot, and began to bọc the scarf tightly around it.

    “I told ye it’s just a wee sprain,” he đã đưa ý kiến feeling irritated. “And we need to stop wasting time, hoặc Glomgold will beat us to me lều, cabin and harm me lads and me wee Webbigail!”

    Feeling very frustrated, Minnie glared at him, and snapped, “Oh, and how do bạn expect to beat him back to the lều, cabin when bạn can’t even walk?!”

    Knowing that she was right, Scrooge quit trying to argue with Minnie. He sat there, deep in thought, watching her bọc his ankle. He didn’t have any children of his own, Webby and his nephews were in fact the closest thing he had to children. But although he was afraid to admit it to her, he had noticed that as his friendship with Minnie grew a fatherly tình yêu for her also grew. And he had begun to see her as his surrogate daughter.

    He continued to watch her and admire her, even after she finished binding his ankle. As he watched her, he hoped that someday his wee Webbigail would grow into a fine, confident and capable young woman, like Minnie.

    As Minnie wrapped Scrooge’s foot, she too was deep in thought. Despite the fact that he was often accused of being ‘a greedy miser’, Minnie thought very highly of Scrooge. She of course wasn’t unaware of his great tình yêu of money, but she knew that he definitely loved his Những người bạn and family much more. She also knew, that while he was generally very tightfisted with his money; he could be very generous at times. Why he had even helped her out, when she was faced with financial trouble.

    After Minnie finished wrapping his foot she sat there a few phút and continued to think. She had noticed that while her friendship with Scrooge grew, a daughterly tình yêu for him also grew. And she had begun to think of him as a father figure.

    Suddenly both of them realized that they were wasting time and needed to start moving. Cautiously, they peaked out of the brush to make sure no one was nearby. When they didn’t see anyone, they carefully crawled out of the pile. After exiting their hiding place Minnie helped Scrooge up onto his feet. He found that while he was slower, he could walk with his foot bound leaning on his cane.

    As Minnie turned around he decided that he need to tell her what was on his mind, “Wait, Minnie!” he whispered. “There’s something I must tell ye.”

    “Oh Uncle Scrooge, what’s so important that bạn need to tell me now?” she asked, as she turned to face him.

    “This is no easy for me to say…” he replied, while looking down at the ground, “But, the reason I’d like ye to stay behind is because I…I tình yêu ye…as much as I tình yêu me lads and me wee Webbigail. And, I can’t chịu, gấu the thought of something happening to ye.”

    Touched bởi this, Minnie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “I tình yêu bạn too, you’re one the kindest people I know. And I couldn’t stand thought of anything happening to you. Which is why we’re in this together.”

     Meanwhile after loosing track of Launchpad, Glomgold and his henchman returned to their hideout. Soon the other defeated chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys also returned to their lair to tell the news about their loss to their very unhappy boss, “Ye bumbling idiots, how could ye loose them?! They could be in town bởi now! They could have contacted the police for all we know!” Flintheart shouted angrily.

    “Uh…well it was actually real easy to loose ‘em”, one of chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys đã đưa ý kiến before getting elbowed bởi his brothers.

    “Well, where did ye numskulls loose them?!” Glomgold asked.

    Another chó săn nhỏ, beagle boy started to explain, “Um…ya see we don’t really know. It was so dark and everything and all we could see was trees ‘n’ rocks…”

    Flintheart interrupted him, “Oh never mind. It sounds like ye Mất tích them in the middle of the forest, so likely that haven’t contacted the police yet. But now that they know about us we can’t let them get away” he paused and thought for a few minutes, “Sooner hoặc later they will have to return to the cabin. We’ll hide and wait for them, once they’re all there, we burn it!”

    “Oh…do ya mean like them cabins that belonged to those girly scouts that we burned down a few tháng ago?” a chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boy asked.

    “Aye, just like those ” replied Flintheart, “Expect for one small difference.”

    “Um…what’s da difference boss?” asked a curious chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boy.

    Glomgold glared over at them and shouted, “We won’t being burning down the wrong cabins so we can have free range to dig for gold. And may I add we could have easily avoided that if it weren’t for ye idiots and your miss calculations.”

    “Uh…But I thoughts bạn were the one who messed up,” đã đưa ý kiến one of the chó săn nhỏ, beagle Boys.

    “Well lads let’s one thing straight…” đã đưa ý kiến Glomgold as he held up a knife, “…I don’t make mistakes!”
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