Disney Villains Which one of These Songs Will Luật sư đấu trí Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty?

Pick one:
Bring Me To Life bở i Evanescence
Bring Me To Life bởi Evanescence
Going Under bở i Evanescence
Going Under bởi Evanescence
Everybody&# 39; s Fool bở i Evanescence
Everybody's Fool bởi Evanescence
My Immortal bở i Evanescence
My Immortal bởi Evanescence
Call Me When You&# 39; re Sober bở i Evanescence
Call Me When You're Sober bởi Evanescence
Friday I&# 39; m In tì nh yê u bở i The Cure
Friday I'm In tình yêu bởi The Cure
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