Những nàng công chúa Disney What kind of Disney Princess party would bạn most like to go to one day? hoặc have gone to and just have really fond memories.

Pick one:
ngẫu nhiên Party ~ No reason, just a feel-good time!
Piss-Elegant Ball ~ Mingle with the rich and famous!
Baby vòi hoa sen ~ BABIES!
Surprise/Sweet 16 ~ Now legal in 32 states!
Quinceanera/Débutante Party ~ It's all about YOU!
Welcoming Party ~ "I think I'm gonna like it heeeeere" ~ Little Orphan Annie
Engagement/Wedding ~ "To all bạn single suckas, WE'S GETTIN MARRIED!"
Costume Party/Masquerade! ~ Hide your face so the world will never find you!
Pseudo-Religious Holiday ~ Mardis Gras! Beads, bia and BOOBS!
National Holiday ~ Fireworks, dưa hấu 'n fried chicken!
 alafastanzio posted hơn một năm qua
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