Những nàng công chúa Disney Which of these ngẫu nhiên Disney Princess headcanons of mine do bạn find to be the most interesting? (Full descriptions are in the comments)

Pick one:
I consider Fairest of All to be The Evil Queen's official backstory
Snow White will have a daughter that both looks like and has the personality of E
Công chúa Công chúa Anastasia Tremaine's father was a good man and explains her desire of tình yêu and he
When Melody grows up she'll be voiced bởi Sierra Boggess (Singing at least)
The Beast was a spoiled brat because his parents ignored him, so he took it out o
The Merchant is really Genie in disguise (Same beard and voiced bởi Robin Williams
Evangeline was Ray's girlfriend and a real firefly that died and became a ngôi sao
Lottie tried to just give Tiana money but Tia refused because she didn't want to
Gothel told Rapunzel growing up that her father abandoned them
On the bờ biển, bãi biển Ariel was trying to use the sign language she learned from Gabriella
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