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Những nàng công chúa Disney Which of these two princesses is thêm similar to Ariel?

45 fans picked:
hoa nhài
Snow White
 AllegroGiocoso posted hơn một năm qua
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princesslullaby picked hoa nhài:
But they are both very similar.
posted hơn một năm qua.
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cromulanfav picked Snow White:
I never saw any similarities between Jasmine and Ariel
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Mongoose09 picked Snow White:
Jasmine and Ariel are similar because of their lifestyles (both want more than what they're given, even though they're well off)

Snow White and Ariel are similar personality-wise because they are both bubbly and excitable.
posted hơn một năm qua.
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KataraLover picked hoa nhài:
Snow White really NO just NO her and Jasmine simlar personality and life-style wise
posted hơn một năm qua.