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 Princess Aurora
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princess aurora
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This Những nàng công chúa Disney bức ảnh might contain bó hoa, phần trên áo đàn bà, bó hoa thơm, bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay.

posted by laylastepford
 Astrological Zodiac Signs
Astrological Zodiac Signs
Okay so I have seen some các bài viết (outside of this site) with "Disney Princess tử vi Signs" but I always feel like they are inaccurate, most likely made bởi people who are not as big DP những người hâm mộ as the people here. I also think they assign the DPs to specific tử vi signs based on their image rather than the substance of the character (i.e. Making Ariel a Pisces just because she's a mermaid hoặc Merida a Sagittarius just because she loves archery.) That being said, I used to tình yêu tử vi when I was a teenager, as I thought it was very neat and I have always loved the stars. I had a phase...
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posted by anukriti2409
After being here on fanpop since few months, my opinions and way of seeing each princess have changed a lot, though not for all princesses. Some have gone from yêu thích to least yêu thích while some have been on an opposite ride, altogether. A lot has changed as I have grown up and inclusion of other princesses as well in gần đây times (Frozen and Brave).

So here's my new ranking danh sách of Disney Princess along with the mention of their original ranking prior joining to Fanpop

1. Belle:
When I think of Belle, one word strikes me "whole-hearted" person. She inspires me so much to find balance between...
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added by dee389
Hello everyone! Since I made a câu hỏi about "Who are the princesses would bạn sort into the royal hoặc rebel?" based on Mattel's Ever After High, some peoples đã bình luận there with their own idea of princesses in royal and rebel group.
Well in this bài viết I want to classifying the princesses in the groups with my version.
This is the first time I wrote an bài viết on Fanpop, so please understandable if many mistakes I might be doing in this article.

1. The Royals (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora)

The true royals are kind, obedient, loyal, graceful, helpful, patient, and sweet.All of them have a...
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Saw an old câu hỏi đã đăng from a năm cách đây that inspired me to write this. The câu hỏi was about which Disney Princesses might make best friends, in pairs, based on commonalities. As I started to think about it, I found all of the commonalities to be quite interesting. So I decided to post my findings of commonalities (not go for the BFF route) just because I found it interesting what the princesses had so much in common. Hope bạn guys do too:

Snow & Aurora:
Both were royal but fled to the forest to escape their villains. Both were put under a sleeping spell. Both like to dance and initiate...
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