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 Aurora In Green
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I've been putting this off for a while because I've been busy with school work but I found the time to make this review now. There isn't much to spoil but the little that is, I will give a spoiler warning and let bạn know when the spoiler ends. It's hard to talk about certain parts without giving away too much that could be considered spoilers. Let's start with the short film, Nữ hoàng băng giá Fever.

Frozen Fever

Yep, it's been a năm and a half and they still won't let this freaking movie die and di chuyển on to something else already. There isn't much to spoil here. I mean, if bạn listen to the song...
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We 've learned a lot of lessons about live from Disney Princesses. We've learned the importance of support, the romance and the patience,
For Example, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora,
They believe in their princes and are patient. Snow White is definately just like women of trước đó eras with their romances. She's shy and hides from the prince just like trước đó eras girls as talking to men was probably considered innapropriate in trước đó eras and that was probably what most women in her era did. They had no other choice that being patient and believe in their tình yêu interest. And furthemore, dream...
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Reverse Version of the song 'Gaston' from Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" (1991)
walt Disney video
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Friends! Family! Comrads! Amigos! ...Strangers? Oh how I've missed bạn all! I've been away from my một giây trang chủ for far too long, but I'm back and with an exciting new series of các bài viết featuring myself, avatar_tla_fan and AudreyFreak (or as I'd like to call it, The Classic Princess Protection Team) :) I believe AudreyFreak came up with the idea upon realizing that the three of us have extremely similar opinions on quite a bit, so we decided to make a series of các bài viết out of it! And here's our bài viết on our collective yêu thích princesses! bởi the way, you'll be able to tell bởi reading, but...
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Back to my Character In Review series with another one of my favorites, Pocahontas! I was originally planning on doing them in chronological order, but I decided to go in order of các sở thích instead because that seemed thêm interesting. I'm also going to structure this a little bit differently than my last one, but I hope bạn still enjoy ^^ Anyway, without further ado, the article!

Pocahontas is great in many ways, but I think there was one instance that really struck me as remarkable, and solidified my tình yêu for her. That scene is the one when Nakoma tells Pocahontas that she sent Kocoum...
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Snow White = About a lonely girl who is treated horribly bởi her step-mother; she has decided to run away and she gets a job at a retirement home, one in which she meets seven old men who all were in a war together. They talk to her every ngày and tell her their amazing stories. One day, she hurts herself badly and is asleep in the hospital bed. A boy from her old high-school comes and takes care of her when she wakes up, gaining the trust of the old men. He then works with Snow, helping the men and everyone else there.

Cinderella = She's been treated badly for her whole life, until she finds...
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