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 Walt Disney người hâm mộ Art - Queen Elsa
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Source: lio-sun @ DeviantArt
Walt Disney người hâm mộ Art of Queen Elsa from "Frozen" (2013)
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walt Disney
walt Disney người hâm mộ art
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Queen elsa
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The Disney Princesses are usually have some beautiful and iconic dresses. In this bài viết I would share my danh sách of yêu thích Disney Princess wardrobes.
I don't include some undergarments, undone dress (ex: Ariel's sail outfit), and some that I don't count as an outfit like Ariel's mermaid attire.
Credit goes to link's bài viết of link for ideas of rate each princess' dress.
Anyway, here's my list, started from least to most yêu thích :)

11. Tiana

Tiana has a lot of clothes out of all Princesses, but a lot of dresses doesn't make me like them. Most of her outfis consist of yellow and green, which were...
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These are just my opinions regarding the two phim chiếu rạp compiled together. BEWARE SOME SPOILERS!!!!

Weirdly enough, I liked Emma Watson's speaking voice better than Paige O'Hara's (though Paige O'Hara is definitely the stronger singer), and I think it may be why I even liked 2017 Belle slightly thêm than 1991 Belle. Emma Watson's voice is thêm down-to-earth while still being elegant and classy, fit for a magical fantasy, while Paige O'Hara's speaking voice sounds like well...a chuông, bell (get it? cause her name's Belle). Her voice sounded too perfect, if bạn know what I mean, which probably made Belle...
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