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Hi! Here is another article. I am thinking about this since last week, and I thought it is gonna be fun! This is in no particular order and it begins right now...

BelleAnastasia is like my inspiration on Fanpop! She, like me is a Belle fan. Her nghề viết văn skills are just awesome and she really is nice! I hope that I could be also like her on the future in Fanpop. I also tình yêu her diễn đàn posts especially the POTM biểu tượng Contest whcich is really a genius idea to make POTM thêm popular. BelleAnastasia really is a big người hâm mộ of Disney Princess!

 BelleAnastasia's biểu tượng
BelleAnastasia's icon

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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I figured it was time someone wrote an bài viết on this. We all tình yêu the Disney Princesses, hoặc else we wouldn't be here. Do bạn ever find yourself wanting to break into song, but realizing if bạn did, you'd probably be thrown into a mental institution? We can't get away with that. We can't go into a strangers house uninvited; that's called breaking and entering people. These are things we can only dream of, but things that our beloved Princesses get away with. I've compiled a danh sách of moments such as these. They aren't in any particular order, and I'm sure I probbaly left some things out, but...
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