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Welcome to the results of the countdown for Which Disney Princess Has the Best Speaking Voice. This phiếu bầu was so much fun to work on! Thanks to all the people who participated in it. I'm so sorry, but I decided to only chose three các bình luận from every phiếu bầu and try to fit any further opinions into my paragraphs. Also, I've shortened a few comments, because for some reason my mind really isn't comfortable with the longer comments. Now, without any further ado, let's look at the outcomes.

11. Snow White

Snow White went out very quickly, with users claiming that her voice is much too high to be likable....
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The countdown is over and the results are in! DP club những người hâm mộ have voted for their yêu thích landscapes in DP movies. Surprisingly những người hâm mộ were thêm divided for choosing the lower ranks and had almost a united say about the hàng đầu, đầu trang ones. Here are the results. Hope you'll enjoy.

11. Princess and The Frog
I was a little surprised to see it leave first. I know its not much liked around here but I thought having Lọ lem and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs around, this might just skip being eliminated first. Well, I was wrong. những người hâm mộ didn't really find the bayou magical and swamps looked garish and dull to them....
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 Princess of Bohemia hoặc Russia? bạn decide!
Princess of Bohemia or Russia? You decide!
Alright, since I had done a Hispanic princess, here is how a Slavic princess will look like.

1. Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe 2005, Canada)

A Canadian of Russian origins, she has the looks for a typical Slavic princess if Disney were to make a Russian princess.

2. Anna Buturlina (Elsa's and Tiana's Russian hát Voice)

The một giây choice for a Russian princess, she also did the hát voice for Princess Tiana as well as Elsa!

3. Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, Russia)

Another Russian beauty who won Miss World 2008 in South Africa, In fact, Natalie is the runner-up to her. Especially their...
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 Princess for Spain?
Princess for Spain?
Okay, my Korean Princess Appearance made it to the front page. Now, many of bạn are dying to see a Hispanic princess in the line-up. So, here are my personal choices on how she looks like!

1) Ly Jonaitis (Venezuela, 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe 2007)

When I first saw her in 2007, I thought that she looks pretty idealistic for a princess. Especially her appearance, unfortunately my opinion changes because she looks a bit old. Unless if Disney have 2 Hispanic princess and Ly will play the elderly sister.

2) Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic, Miss Universe 2003 winner)

She is actually my number...
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Which Disney Princess got to live in the most beautiful house? Which ruled the hearts of những người hâm mộ - the cottages, mansions hoặc humble homes?
Fans have voted and results are in! Here's a look how những người hâm mộ ranked the DP homes.

12. Aladdin's home:
Most những người hâm mộ understood that this barely counted as a home, but thêm like a shelter to rest at night. It barely had anything, not even a door. Even though it had a great view, beautiful it surely wasn't.

anukriti2409: This is really an abandoned place, which Aladdin và cây đèn thần uses for shelter. It's really downtrodden, with no furniture hoặc gate hoặc windows hoặc curtains. It's...
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What's a princess without a tiara! những người hâm mộ have voted for their most beautiful tiara here's the look at the results.

11. Merida:
Most những người hâm mộ didn't think that hers was even a tiara, although technically a coronet is a tiara. những người hâm mộ felt it was too much like a headband only and was voted the first. Personally i thought it was very pretty and much closer to being a tiara than some that looked thêm like proper crowns.

Isabellagirl033: Like wavesurf said, Merida's tiara is not even a tiara, it is just a piece of jewellary around a wimple.

Cruella: Is this thing even a tiara?

Sparklefairy375: Eh? I...
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 1. Forest dress
1. Forest dress
Hi there. Thanks for the positive feedback from this i will reply to each bình luận to say thanks hoặc give my opinions on what bạn think. Today we will be discussing Princess Aurora from sleeping beauty, the last of the classic princess.

1. Forest dress
Unlike the first two she is not a slave, but must hide from malifecent in the forest. Her dress is a black hàng đầu, đầu trang with grey sleeves, a black váy and a black headband. Sometimes she will have a light brown head cover. Despite her bright blonde hair this is a dark dress for her but it fits well. It is a not a dress for a princess to though but that...
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