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 Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Hello, everyone! Here is the compilation of the results of this spring's DP movie countdown. The ranking was based 32 lists: thirty-one đã đệ trình bởi fanpop users link + mine. Click on the link for thêm information on how this countdown works, but in case bạn are wondering, I awarded one point to the first of each list, two points to the second, and so on. Which means that the movie with the least points was the winner of the countdown.

This bài viết includes:

1. The tổng thể ranking;
2. The individual placements;
3. The total of points;
4. Two các bình luận for each film (four for the first place).

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 audreybrooke's biểu tượng
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Congratulations audreybrooke on being người hâm mộ of the tháng January 2015!! Sorry this took so long :D

1. How does it feel to be người hâm mộ of the Month?
It's such a surprise! I'm so pleased. I never thought I'd get it!

2. Who is your yêu thích Princess?
My yêu thích princess is definitely Aurora.

3. Who is your least yêu thích Princess?
I've never cared for Snow White, unfortunately.

4. Has your yêu thích princess ever changed?
When I was little, my yêu thích would have been Mulan hoặc Ariel. It changed a few years cách đây when I rewatched Sleeping Beauty and realized how much I tình yêu everything about it, especially...
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Again, I'm not an expert on this but I'm trying my best to analyze each princess from a feminist standpoint. Trying to figure out which princess is the most feminist, taking into account their actions, their stories, their portrayals and their accomplishments. Well, now it's time for part two, with the middle three and this one might cause quite a bit of disagreements since this part has very polarizing princesses. And be sure to critique because this is the part I'm the least sure about.

6-7. Ariel
She's tied with Rapunzel. I have a hard time deciding. There's no denying Ariel's a groundbreaking...
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Here is my Disney Princess Villian Dreamcast.
1) I havent included Duke of Weselton since I dont consider him a real Disney villian.
2) I havent included Mordu (obviously).

Queen Grimhilde: Keira Knightley

The Duchess (2008) ngôi sao Keira Knightley knows a little something about onscreen royalty.After years of playing good girls, she sure needs to play a negative role. She'll add much needed personality to Queen Grimhilde.

Lady Tremine: Cate Blanchett

Catherine Élise "Cate" Blanchett is an Australian actress of screen and stage. She was perfect...
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Ah, feminism and Disney Princess. Such a complicated relationship. Now I'm not an expert, especially being a guy but the topic of feminism in relation to the DPs has always intrigued me. I'm gonna try my hand at ranking the princesses in terms of agency, independence, heroism and other aspects to figure out which one of them is the most feminist. I'm trying to expand my nghề viết văn skills so this is gonna be chẻ, phân chia, split into three parts, starting with the bottom four.

WARNING: No Anna and Elsa in this countdown, so let's begin.

11. Aurora
Sorry guys, but I'm one of those people who believes that feminism...
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This was reposted due to an unwanted and frankly annoying troll spamming my last article

Over the years, I've noticed that people really HATE Aurora in Keys To The Kingdom from Disney Princess Chuyện thần tiên ở New York Tales: Follow Your Dreams. I've honestly never understood the hate she received, mainly because no one ever freaking EXPLAINS it! I've always asked and they just say "SHE SUCKS," hoặc "SHE'S A GIRLY STEREOTYPE," hoặc "SHE HAS A POP VOICE," and all that but they don't EXPLAIN! The reason this version of Aurora is so hated is even less explained than the plot holes in Frozen. First of all, Enchanted...
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Hello, Everyone! Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce --- Scarletunicorn, người hâm mộ of The tháng for March 2015!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Scarletunicorn, on winning người hâm mộ of the tháng for March 2015!!!

It’s good to catch up with you, today, my friend. I’m proud bạn were selected. Do tell me some thêm of the unique things ( we should all learn) about you!

[ b ]1. How does it feel to be người hâm mộ of the Month? Surprising? Heart-warming? It’s certainly impressive.[ /b ]
     It's wonderful! I'm honestly very surprised and grateful for this. I never imagined I could ever get nominated...
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Please note that this is a countdown where we users make a lot of assumptions and don't provide proof of anything. This is for the amusement so please don't kill the fun :)

11. Prince
The Prince from Snow White comes in last place, can't say I'm stunned. At that time, Disney animators haven't mastered drawing male characters yet so I'm guessing what's underneath isn't HD quality either. He's also quite feminine looking, petite frame with soft edges. No worries though, Snow White loves his man for his huuuuuuuge tim, trái tim :)

10. Charming
Nope, still not quite there with drawing men. Charming...
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