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 Hello Pocahontas!
Hello Pocahontas!
Hi guys, since my favourite Pop versions of Reflection made it to the front page. Now, it's Pocahontas's turn for the pop version of her signature song, Colours of the Wind.

Brazilian Portuguese (Daniela Mercury)

I tình yêu how the intro and the instrumental version is different from the original Vanessa William's version. Daniela's version has a calm and strong voice, she starts of very soft and it was not until the first chorus that she comes out of the shell with a strong personality.

Cantonese (Amanda Lee)

Another version sung in Cantonese that I really like, and I have to say Amanda is much...
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Wish she sang this the 20th anniversary release of Pocahontas!
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Who side do bạn choose? Team Original hoặc Team My Little Pony????
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 We'll be excluding Nữ hoàng băng giá in this countdown.
We'll be excluding Frozen in this countdown.
Greetings! I'm ApplesauceDoctr, here with an evaluation of the theatrical posters for the 11 Disney Princess films. To determine which posters are the greatest, I've considered three factors:

1) The thiết kế (including layout and color scheme)
2) Intrigue (the strategy involved in "selling" the film, hoặc influencing moviegoers to see it; includes the design, tagline, and impression)
3) Reflection of the film (how accurate of a representation the poster is of the movie it's advertising)

I'm attempting to look at each category objectively, but that may be difficult for the third one. My perception of...
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Moana (2016)
animated film
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
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