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I always wanted to make some countdown here. I mean I made some in different spots, but this Disney Princess spot is one of my favourite clubs, so I have been thinking of the theme for some time. And at last - it was the Disney Couples tháng - I realized that the Best Parents Countdown could be fun! I knew I should have done something before my vacation in August, so I estimated all, prepared các biểu tượng and began all this thing.
Well, the first two rounds were good, but then... I don't know how it's happened! I forgot to add one couple, moreover they are my third favourite couple, Tiana & Naveen....
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 Flynn "theyjustcan'tgetmynoseright" Rider.
Flynn "theyjustcan'tgetmynoseright" Rider.
There are a lot of Aladdin và cây đèn thần and Price Eric những người hâm mộ out there – and while I’ll admit I’m a người hâm mộ of both – neither come close to the swashbuckling (and smouldering) perfection that is Flynn Rider. He’s heroic, hilarious and has thêm than enough personality to share with the pre-1989 Prince’s. He is, bởi far, my favourite Disney prince – and for the life of me, I can’t understand how people so easily overlook him. And that is exactly why I’m nghề viết văn this bài viết – to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve divided this bài viết up into 4 parts – Heroicness, Humor, Personality &...
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It´s been quite a lot since I wrote an article, and I really wanted to do so, but I wasn´t sure what to write about. I knew I wanted to do some các sở thích list, like bạn know: yêu thích DP movie, yêu thích DP villain, etc.

I finally decided to write a short bài viết about my yêu thích DP tình yêu stories, inspired bởi a câu hỏi PrincessLD asked. So this bài viết is basically the anwer I gave her.I just want to make clear I´m not stealing her bài viết idea, this is merely my opinion. So here it is, it´s quite short but I hope bạn enjoy it.

The fact is I tình yêu all DP couples, but talking about the development...
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Yeah, it has changed since last time I wrote about it, and it will probably change even thêm in a few days. Also, I´ve never been good to put my opinion in to words, but I tried ^^

10: Tiana
Old Position: 9th

I tình yêu Tiana, she is nice, ambitious, but SO BORING. I mean, how does saying: ``And we talk too´´ make bạn funny and not so serious anymore? Seriously, that´s not even a funny line. Still, I tình yêu her. I think it´s great that Disney decided to make a princess with a very different personalty, that works hard, and is not all about love. But it just doesn´t appeal to me.

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