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ApplesauceDoctr posted on Aug 22, 2018 at 04:44AM
Hello! I wanted to create a thread regarding an idea I have for a future favorite score (instrumental) countdown. The poll I made a few days ago indicates there is some interest in this, and I'm excited to continue with this! However, I could use some help getting this off the ground.

The first thing to consider is the biggest one -- whether to include ALL scores, or just some. Ultimately, I think it will be the latter, simply because there are so many. One thing that I for sure want to do is to have each countdown poll include tracks across all of the DP movies, instead of pinning the tracks from a single movie against each other. BB2010's recent polls make me think that it might be nice to categorize the tracks by type. Right now, I'm going through each movie's soundtrack online to get a feel for how I might organize this, but feedback would be helpful.

There are a couple of other concerns/questions I have now that I've gone through some of them:

1. The official Disney soundtracks don't always include *every* track from a movie. Should these polls only include the official ones, or also the unofficial ones?

2. Sometimes, a song returns later in the movie, but isn't treated like a musical number (ex: ending of Cinderella, when "A Dream is a Wish..." is sung by a choir; ending of The Little Mermaid, when "Part of Your World" is sung by a choir). Should these be treated as songs (and therefore excluded from the countdown) or as scores (and thus included)?

Any and all responses are appreciated. If you have questions yourself, feel free to ask! And thank you for your time.

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cách đây 10 tháng Swanpride said…
I have a suggestion:

How about you are simply asking for submissions? Like, everyone who wants can submit their favourite score pieces (no limit on how many). This way, you are basically filtering out the less memorable ones from the get go. And maybe you can limit each movie to three scores for the countdown - if more than three are submitted, you either do an isolated poll to determine the top three, or you go with whatever got submitted the most often.

I would exclude scores which are based on songs, though. And here is my reasoning: We tend to remember songs easier since they have the text as additional tool to forge a connection. It would therefore be unfair to run song-based score pieces against scores which have to shine all on their own. This should be about the scores we remember despite them not being connected to any words.