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anukriti2409 posted on Mar 03, 2018 at 07:27PM
I love weddings! Disney Princess movies don't have enough wedding scenes and the few who have weddings don't have elaborate settings. I had an idea to create a contest of everything combined - icon-making, aesthetics, inspirations. This is how it will work:

Each month will be dedicated to a Disney Princess. I will conduct a poll to select the princess of the month. Then I will create 4/5 rounds ( for each week in the month) with different themes related to wedding. It will not necessarily be an icon making contest only. A round can be aesthetic making round. Or simply posting a picture from internet that is closest to the round theme.
Each round will be concluded with a poll and the winner will be rewarded with props!

Here's an example of 1 month.

Princess of X month: Belle
Round 1: Belle's wedding aesthetic (make use of only 6 pictures)
Round 2: Icon making contest: dance with groom
Round 3: Belle's wedding gown look-alike picture (post a picture of a wedding gown that is closest to Belle's style)
Round 4: Icon making contest: Belle holding wedding bouquet

Etc. etc.

I hope you guys will like the idea and join in to participate.

1. Aesthetic:
use only 6 pictures for 1 aesthetic.
Don't use available aesthetics on internet.
Don't vote for your own aesthetic

2. Icon Making:
icon must be yours. Don't steal someone else's icons
it must not be bigger than 200x200 pixels.
Don't vote for your own icon.

3. Inspiration/Look-alike pictures:
The picture you upload should be square and not more than 400x400 pixels
It should be a single picture only and not a combination of multiple pictures
You can edit the pictures if you want or you can post something directly from internet.
Don't vote for your own picture

Have Fun!

Princess of the month: Belle (taken from JungleQueen13's forum)
Round 1: Belle's wedding aesthetic | Winner: tiffany88
Round 2: Icon: dance with groom | --- voting in progress ----
Round 3: Icon: Belle with wedding bouquet | 18th March - 25th March
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cách đây 15 ngày princesslullaby said…
but why conduct a poll ? why not just use the current princess of the month? otherwise it may be confusing?
cách đây 15 ngày Swanpride said…
I agree with princesslullaby...why not stick to the princess in already chosen for the month?
cách đây 15 ngày anukriti2409 said…
Yea, that's a good idea! I can use the existing princess of the month :)
cách đây 13 ngày anukriti2409 said…
ROUND 1: Belle's Wedding Aesthetic | OPEN
Deadline: 6th March - 10th March
cách đây 13 ngày Lavendergolden said…
cách đây 13 ngày tiffany88 said…
Mine ^^
 Mine ^^
cách đây 12 ngày anukriti2409 said…
Lavendergolden commented…
Pretty cách đây 10 ngày
cách đây 12 ngày DameDarcy said…
cách đây 8 ngày anukriti2409 said…
Round 1: Belle's wedding aesthetic. CLOSED

Round 2: Icon: dance with groom. CLOSED
last edited cách đây một ngày 1
cách đây 8 ngày tiffany88 said…
Mine ^^
 Mine ^^
cách đây 8 ngày Lavendergolden said…
Beauty and the Beast
Người đẹp và quái vật
cách đây 8 ngày anukriti2409 said…
cách đây 3 ngày Swanpride said…
Just wanted to drop in and say sorry for not participating, even though I said i would. I got the flu and was laid up the whole week because of it. I am still coughing pretty badly.
anukriti2409 commented…
^ sure, no worries! bạn are welcome to tham gia anytime bạn feel free :) cách đây 6 giờ
anukriti2409 commented…
And take care of your health cách đây 6 giờ
cách đây một ngày 1 anukriti2409 said…
Round 2: Icon: dance with groom. CLOSED --- voting in progress -----

Round 2: Icon: Belle with wedding bouquet OPEN
Deadline: 18th march - 25th march