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anukriti2409 posted on Feb 13, 2018 at 07:12AM
Hi guys,
I'm opening another icon making contest for Valentine's Month. Hope people will find it interesting enough to participate.
Also, this is my first time creating a icon making contest, so please guide me if I'm going wrong and I have borrowed the rules from Tiffany's DP Themed Icon Contest since they seemed most apt.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Here are the rules:
• Official Disney Princesses are the most important part of this contest(you can see them on the banner), Elsa,Anna or Moana etc. aren't official Princesses,you can't use them, except if they are part of a theme
• You can post 1 icon per round, but you can change it before the round ends
• You can use screencaps, pictures from official Disney books, merchandise pictures but you can't use fanarts or pictures that somebody else already edited
• You have to make your own icon.Don’t steal icons.
• Don't post icons you've made in the past
• Everyone has 7 days to submit their icons
• An icon is a square image, not bigger than 200x200 and not smaller than 100x100 pixels
• There will be a poll, where you can vote for the best icon
• No cheating, don't vote for yourself!
• The next theme will be posted once the poll has been put up for previous round.

Have fun guys!



Round 1: Favorite DP Couple | Winner: ntmfan0707
Round 2: Your Favorite DP kiss | Winner: Cruella
Round 3: Color Red | Winner: anukriti2409
Round 4: Your Favorite DP dance | Winner: Cruella
Round 5: Your Favorite DP date | winner: tiffany88 (based on comments)

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