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DameDarcy posted on Feb 03, 2018 at 01:06PM
Hey guys!

An aesthetic is basically a collage comprised of pictures that represent a specific character. You all can google it for more ideas. So I had an idea to make a contest in which each week, we would make a aesthetic representing a specific disney princess.

Round 1: Snow White
Winner: tiffany88

Round 2: Ariel
Winner: Sparklefairy375

Round 3: Tiana
Winner: tiffany88

Round 4: Pocahontas
Winner: misscindyspice

Round 5: Merida
Winner: tiffany88

Round 6: Cinderella
Winner: misscindyspice

Round 7: Aurora
Winner: Sparklefairy375

Round 8: Belle
Winner: Sparklefairy375

Round 9: Jasmine

Round 10: Rapunzel/b>
Deadline: 10th March, 2018.


- The aesthetic must be of no more or less than six pictures.
- You must not steal anyone else's aesthetic.
- No obscene language.
- Civil behaviour will be appreciated.
- You must follow the deadline.

That's all, folks!
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