Những nàng công chúa Disney Disney Princess Magazine Cover Designing Contest - Round 22 : Summer

nmdis posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 04:15PM

This contest is revived from previous rounds, so everyone enjoy!

1. You must make the magazine cover yourself. The size of the magazine cover is 600x800 px

2. You must follow the theme.

3. You can use 1 or more Disney Princess for to be cover model, following the theme I give you.

4. You can add another small pictures to your magazine.

5. You must make your own magazine title. Don't copy real magazine title such as Vogue, Time etc.

6. You must put the day your magazine is released (for example April 2017)

7. Your headline in the magazine should follow the theme. Your other news titles may loosely follow the theme. Your magazine cover must at least have 1 headline and 2 other supporting news titles (see example for more clarification). Win/Bonus/Contest are not news titles. You may or may not add them.

8. Do not pick your own picture

The winner will receive 1 prop from me.

Round 1: Beauty | tiffany88's Arabian Beauty
Round 2: Dance | Swanpride's Nightly News
Round 3: Food | LightningRed's Foodzine
Round 4: Vacation - LightningRed's Dream Vacation
Round 5: Before Meeting His True Love - LightningRed's Royal Weekly
Round 6 : Sports - Swanpride's Kick!
Round 7: Sidekick - Swanpride's SideView
Round 8: House - Swanpride's In Style
Round 9: Wedding | LightningRed's Royal Weekly
Round 10: With horse | hajirah4's French Equestrian
Round 1-10: LightningRed's Foodzine
Round 11: Arts & Crafts | hajirah4's Artsy
Round 12: Garden | LightningRed's Wildflower
Round 13: After the Ending | Swanpride's Royal News
Round 14: Costume | Swanpride's Royal News
Round 15: Face | Swanpride's Daily Desert
Round 16: Family Gathering | LightningRed's Monthly Crown
Round 17: Season | Swanpride's Reflections
Round 18: Love | nmdis' Princess Times
Round 19: Problem | LightningRed's Chinese Herald
Round 20: Gossip | pick here

Round 21: No winner.
Round 22: Summer | April 19-26, 2017

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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hơn một năm qua tiffany88 said…
I think the size would be easier in pixels, since everyone using graphic programs or editors.
Example 600x800 px ? (this size is a correct magazin cover size translated into px)
nmdis commented…
^That'd be cool, I'll change it right now. Anyways it always hard in cm. hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Sparklefairy375 said…
Here's my entry, I try to make one.
 Here's my entry, I try to make one.
nmdis commented…
It's really adorable honey. hơn một năm qua
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Thanks! hơn một năm qua
tiffany88 commented…
It's indeed cute <333 hơn một năm qua
wavesurf commented…
Nice job, hon! hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua tiffany88 said…
Mine ^^
 Mine ^^
nmdis commented…
Adorable, a perfect magazine to buy ^_^ hơn một năm qua
tiffany88 commented…
Thank bạn dear <3 hơn một năm qua
wavesurf commented…
Very cute, indeed! hơn một năm qua