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Diazdiaz95 posted on May 11, 2014 at 09:15PM
Hola! O.k. this is how the game works. It's very easy, first a person says "Who said... then they put a quote from any Disney or Pixar movie but it has to be said by a character with a name and it can't be a generic thing like, I love you, because that's way too general, many characters have said that.
The next person gives the answer and then they can either say "Who said..etc" or "What song is this from... and then they put a lyric from any Disney song and the next person has to say the name of the song and what movie it's from. Please use exact quotes and lyrics so that people won't be confused.
Example: Person 1: Who said...
Hold this, we'll need more luck than I thought
Next person: Grandma Fa
What song is this from?
They love me at the Chelsea, they adore me at Ritz
Next person: Why Should I Worry?-Oliver and Company
What song is this from?
etc. etc. etc.
Get it? Only answer if you know the answer for sure so as to not create confusion. O.k.

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