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Here are the results of the Princess of the tháng Hairstyles Countdown!

This is originally a BelleAnastasia's idea, she started to make countdowns for princesses' songs, hairstyles and outfits each month. She made the other các bài viết with results only with images, so I continued her tradition, because personally I think it's not bad.

I'm really glad she let me do Aurora's countdowns, I hope bạn enjoy my pictures!
Share your opinion if bạn agree hoặc disagree with something.

 "She looks like a very bad homecoming queen" - princecatcher93
"She looks like a very bad homecoming queen" - princecatcher93

 "This does not suit her at all. Maybe without the tiara it would" - Flutey_Girl96
"This does not suit her at all. Maybe without the tiara it would" - Flutey_Girl96

 "Aurora looks lovely with the blue hairband" - LibelluleBleu
"Aurora looks lovely with the blue hairband" - LibelluleBleu

 "Her gorgeous hair shouldn't be all covered up." - dimitri_
"Her gorgeous hair shouldn't be all covered up." - dimitri_

 "The purple mui xe is great!" - dclairmont
"The purple mui xe is great!" - dclairmont

 "I tình yêu thêm if she wears something in her hair." - tiffany88
"I tình yêu thêm if she wears something in her hair." - tiffany88

 "Tiara must win" - Lisia
"Tiara must win" - Lisia

 "The black hairband is so lovely in her hair!" - rhythmicmagic
"The black hairband is so lovely in her hair!" - rhythmicmagic
This was Dreamygal's idea of an article, enjoy!

Snow White
I used to have Snow White low on my danh sách because I had a hard time connecting with her. I thought she was too cheerful, old-fashioned, unrealistic and not a very well developed character. Her character definitely isn't all that layered, but I started liking her simplicity. I tình yêu how she is like a bossy mother to the Dwarfs and how she always makes the best out of a bad situation. I also think she's funnier than được trao credit for.

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with a cape- It looks complete with the cape.
Favorite Physical Feature...
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Okay this took quite a while. I got Mất tích in different chinese zodiac -meanings websites some time cách đây and I started worder what characters princesses would be. I personally don't believe horoscopes.
This goes quite backwards as we don't know which năm princesses are born. Anyway these are the results. There was no dragon hoặc pig so put their descriptions at the end in case someone's interest.

 The con chuột is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the năm of the con chuột are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's đã đưa ý kiến that finding a poor con chuột is rare, since they are good in business.
The con chuột is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the năm of the con chuột are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's đã đưa ý kiến that finding a poor con chuột is rare, since they are...
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I'm so excited to finally get to write this article! I thought this was an incredibly interesting countdown, and I want to give a huge "Thank you!" to everyone who participated. This was my first countdown and it was so much fun! I have a bunch of ideas for other ones I can conduct in the future. So anyway, I'm gonna stop blabbing now and get to what you're all actually here for: the results! Enjoy...

10. The Princess and the Frog

It was no surprise that this movie came in dead last. It was practically a unanimous vote! Every single person who đã bình luận voted that this should be the first to...
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posted by CaiWonderlander
 How can bạn say this little girl is ugly?
How can you say this little girl is ugly?
I don't like judgy people very much, because I used to be bullied. (I wear different clothes and dream to much) This is also why I adore different people. Merida is in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 danh sách of all the Disney princesses, and I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like her, so I decided to write this bài viết about her, since I find her beautiful and interesting.
This is why I think she's so disliked:

1. People hate her looks!! They say she's ugly. Which I don't really get, because she has long red hair and blue eyes. -Cough, a bit like Ariel, cough.-

2. They don't like the story. I've also seen somewhere,...
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most underrated Disney Princess of all? The answer is Snow White. First of all, a lot of things are đã đưa ý kiến about Snow White and.....I agree with a lot of them. Yeah, I agree that at times, she is too nice for her own good and she sees the bottle only half full. Yes, I think she is naïve and as far as what she does in her movie...she doesn't do a lot except cook and clean (although the movie was made in the 1930's, so what do bạn expect?)

However, there are some aspects of her personality that people seem to overlook.

For one thing, Snow White can be sassy....
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bạn know I hate when people say that classic princesses are not good role người mẫu and all these, bạn have never see a person who like cooking and cleaning, cause I like that, and stop judje them, bạn judje them and compare them with things that exist only in the 21th century and with a negative point of view, a selfish point of view, bạn see the critics about them who are very negative, cause that's their work to find negative things, even when they doesn't exist, bạn say they are only cooking and cleaning and waiting for a prince to come, bạn know they don't live in the 21th century! In those...
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posted by bluethunder25
OK, so in my last article, I gave my reasons as to why I don't think Gothel is a full villain. In THIS article, I'm gonna give a danh sách of possible backstories that may have influenced Gothel to be the way she is.

I'll start off with the one that's the most likely, but the one I don't wanna believe.

1. In her youth, Gothel was a very sweet child, but as she grew into a teenager, the trials and tribulations of teenage life took their toll on her. She Mất tích most of her innocence and became obsessed with things such as her looks, so much so, that it drove her to vanity, obsession with her looks. The...
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I've been wanting to write an bài viết about my yêu thích DPs for a while now, but I've been very busy lately (and still am a little, so it won't be a very long article, just a brief commentary with every princess).
This is my yêu thích Disney princesses' danh sách as of April 2013, with the current line-up. To determine my yêu thích princesses I took many things in to account: their personality, their looks, their movie, etc.
As with many other things, this danh sách is subject to change. My các sở thích are generally pretty consistent, but some of them might di chuyển a spot hoặc thêm every once in a while.
So, without...
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When dimitri_is_hot made her danh sách of the Disney Princes she'd settle down with I figured I'd do it too but with the Disney Princesses. It took a lot of thought to figure it out. Anyway please bình luận about what bạn think and please keep in mind this is just my opinion.


I honestly don't think we would have any chemistry. Me and her don't really have anything in common, other than feeling like people treat us like we're still children, but other than that nothing really. I'm outspoken and a little rebellious while she's dependent and does what she's told. For me I prefer to have...
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I'm so sorry for the delay of this part, I kind of Mất tích interest in writning fan-fictions and I've been busy with school, but now I'll try to keep on writning this story. Here's a link to the last part: link

Soon Aurora saw seven small creatures, they where much shorter in height than she was. She didn't knew what to do because she felt so uncomfortable with them in the room, the only way to make her feel less uncomfortable was to wake Snow White so she decided to do it:
"Snow White, wake up, there are strangers in here and I'm too scared to talk to them, could bạn try to talk to them", Aurora...
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Here's another danh sách that I wrote thêm than a năm cách đây and that I'm now going to update, compared to the yêu thích DP phim chiếu rạp danh sách this danh sách isn't so different from the original one.

10. Mulan & Shang (previous rank: #10, stayed the same)
This is not a couple, these two are just best Những người bạn and neither where ready to get married, now I'm basing this only on the first movie, they don't really get into a serious relationship like the other couples do (yes even the couples with little screentime has thêm serious relationships than these two).

9. hoa nhài & Aladdin và cây đèn thần (previous rank: #9, stayed...
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 For credit check Part 1 of Aurora's story found in Princesses Switching Places: Aurora and hoa nhài Part 1
For credit check Part 1 of Aurora's story found in Princesses Switching Places: Aurora and Jasmine Part 1
Aurora's Story Part 2:
Aurora had enjoyed the night, it had been a wonderful ride to a new world she had never seen before. She couldn't hide her feelings not even when her father came into her room to tell her that she was going to marry Jafar because Aladdin và cây đèn thần had died, but that wasn't true because suddenly Aurora spotted him and was so overwhelmed over his return that she quickly ran to him and gave him a hug.

Her father was so happy over his daughter's choice that he letted the guards take away Jafar

Aurora looked at Aladdin, both of them smiled over the Sultan's decision, now nothing would...
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 I Can't Believe I got #10!
I Can't Believe I got #10!
I tình yêu all the Disney Princesses, but I do like some thêm than others. Some WAY thêm than others. So I would like to share with bạn my most gần đây opinion, and order of the Disney Princesses. Hope bạn enjoy!

10. Tiana -- The Princess and the Frog
A lot of people like Tiana, and there are some redeeming qualities about her, but, I just don’t like Tiana. Maybe it’s because I really despise her prince, Naveen. hoặc maybe because I wasn’t that big of a người hâm mộ of the plot of the story. I find myself to like Charlotte, her friend, better than Tiana. I don’t find myself liking her personality that...
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posted by hajirah4
Intro: this danh sách is not a ranking,it can be hoặc could be,but I don't intend it to be. This will be short and straight to the point. I will also be making one for : all of the princesses couture, ariel couture, tiana couture, belle couture, pocahontas couture,aurora couture,rapunzel couture, hoa nhài couture, snow white couture and so forth...(I won't need any comments)
There will also be các bài viết for all princes couture,eric couture,naveen couture and so forth...(if những người hâm mộ bình luận asking for them)
Also Disney Fairies, Disney Characters (like Pinocchio) and also Walt Disney. (mickey mouse)
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Well I hope you'll enjoy this bài viết :)

Snow White: Red bow

I've already explained why I tình yêu the bow in 2 other articles, but as I've đã đưa ý kiến before I've always loved this bow ever since I was a child and I will always have this as my yêu thích accessory, it's so cute and I have the same hairstyle so I suit in bows perfectly well.

Cinderella: Blue headband

As bạn know I really hate the bun, but the headband is very lovely and of course it Luật sư đấu trí the dress perfectly. I also tình yêu how sparkly the headband is and I would tình yêu to wear this headband someday.

Aurora: Golden tiara

I would...
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Well, since I wrote an bài viết about my yêu thích DP Movie Intros I decided to write an bài viết about my yêu thích DP Movie Endings too so enjoy and don't forget to leave a bình luận :)

10. Pocahontas

Compared to the intro to the movie I like the ending better, but I really dislike the ending because it isn't a happy ending and I personally think this ending is a little too overrated, on the other hand the ending is different from other endings with it being sad. Personally I think that Pocahontas should've gone with John Smith instead of staying, but xin chào she followed her own path. And I just...
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[i]I finally decided to do this, has changed a little bit since I did the pick about it, but I hope you'll enjoy this bài viết and don't forget to comment![i]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Since this is my yêu thích DP movie I'm always having it hard to choose my yêu thích scene in the movie so my yêu thích changes often, so right now my yêu thích is when Snow White finds the dwarf's cottage, especially because of the music, it happens to be my yêu thích score in the movie. I don't know what else to say, it's in my opinion one of the best drawn animated scene that I've seen, only the ending...
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I am glad to announce my tiếp theo interview will be with the Characters from Disney’s Cinderella. Now I was warned before hand that this may well be my most boring interview with very undramatic and plain characters, but we shall see. The first to enter the room are the Happy couple, Charming and Cinderella, but we asked her to keep her động vật outside today….then in comes The fairy Godmother who seems to be all smiles, oh and has brought lunch and bottled drinks…how nice. Lady Tremaine sweeps in dramatically with her two daughters and takes the seats right in the center (Drizella actually...
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posted by rapounzel97
Where Dreams Begin Lyrics

Just put your hand in mine
Go where dreams begin

Everyone has their own ngôi sao in the sky
There's one for bạn and me
Yes it's a magical light
That shines high up above
Far as the eye can see

It shows us the way
Lead us an toàn, két an toàn through the night
Into a lovely fantasy
Its heavenly glow
Will help our tình yêu always grows
So take my hand
Don't let go and you'll see

Just put your hand in mine
And then we'll go where dreams begin
I'll teach bạn how to fly
And then we'll go where dreams begin

It's a wonderful ride
As we scale the heights
There's no better view hoặc place you've ever been
The signs are clear...
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