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posted by Jayden-G
I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other Disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. bạn can recommend me which couple to do tiếp theo in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my tổng thể statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself. I also have a request, just for a little while; please do not recommend a Disney Renaissance couple? I say this because...
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posted by snowsowhite
Alright, all girls have the right to choose who will be their style, girly hoặc tomboyisl, but some mothers and fathers want their daughters to be girly and like all the other girls, hiển thị that to be different is wrong. I wrote this bài viết for all those parent who want their daughters to became girly, but they mean just like all the today's búp bê barbie dolls, to be thin, cause without knowing it that's what they make, they buy things with their daughters and they choose dolls, fairytale sách and other things with the girly princesses that they grew up with, no matter what the right is, the leave...
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posted by CyberFive
xin chào everybody!

Seeing as how I've been a member of this club and have been a part of fanpop since May, I guess it's the appropriate time for me to introduce myself, and this seems like the very place to be thêm recognized, that's why I'm nghề viết văn this bài viết in order to do so. So, first and foremost, hello, my name is James (A lot of my Những người bạn call me "Frenchy" due to my last name for short but I swear I am not French (not that that's a bad thing, of course)). I live in England with my Mum, Dad, twin-sister, older sister (who has moved out and visits us regularly but I like to think she still...
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bạn know I hate when people say that classic princesses are not good role người mẫu and all these, bạn have never see a person who like cooking and cleaning, cause I like that, and stop judje them, bạn judje them and compare them with things that exist only in the 21th century and with a negative point of view, a selfish point of view, bạn see the critics about them who are very negative, cause that's their work to find negative things, even when they doesn't exist, bạn say they are only cooking and cleaning and waiting for a prince to come, bạn know they don't live in the 21th century! In those...
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Hello, and welcome to my bài viết ~**FANPOP'S yêu thích Disney PRINCESS phim chiếu rạp - MAY 2013**~. A total of 29 những người hâm mộ took part in the countdown, and gave me their rankings. I would like to thank all of them for their help! Enjoy the article.

 trước đó rank :none
Previous rank :none

This years' newcomer in the DP lineup ended in the last place. I personally don't understand why this movie is hated so much. It's a cute story with likable characters and stunning animation. I guess because it's new and people don't have childhood memories with it, hoặc any emotional attachment to it, that's why it ended so low...
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1. Most Likely to be the killer-Snow White hoặc Aurora

It's always the quiet, innocent ones...

2. The one everyone THINKS is going to survive at the end-Mulan hoặc Pocahontas

In horror movies, the one bạn THINK is going to survive the whole thing dies.

3. The one who ACTUALLY survives at the end-Cinderella hoặc Belle

In horror movies, one of the thêm innocent ones live.

4. Most likely to be the prime suspects-Merida, Rapunzel, hoặc Ariel

The killer is always white, and Merida, Rapunzel, and Ariel are the only white princesses left.

5. Most likely to die first-Jasmine hoặc Tiana

Of course the colored people always get it first...Horror movie stereotypes :P Anyone wanna bet how many phút into the movie until one of them gets it?
10. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Not that I have anything against her at all. She's beautiful and has a great hát voice and all. It's just that her personality doesn't seem to stand out as much as the others'. That's just my opinion.

9. Cinderella
To be honest, she used to be my least fave due to me finding her a bit overrated. But, I recently watched the movie again and my opinion of her began to change. I actually find her pretty awesome with her positive attitude, kindness, and faith in her dreams. She may not be my ultimate fave but she's definitely not the worst.

8. hoa nhài (Aladdin)
Now here's...
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My personal list:

10. Pocahontas & John Smith

Sorry for some thêm Pocahontas bashing, I am not doing it on purpose. They're the only couple I'm not fond of at all. The relationship only seems passionate to me. John Smith's fast change of mind wasn't believable at all. A lot of scenes were awkward for me to watch. Like when Kocoum saw John & Poca kissing and when she admitted she loved John to everyone at the worst time possible. Plus, John Smith would've shot Pocahontas if she wasn't beautiful. I just see them as two hot people who lust over each other and John Smith doesn't even...
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I didn't add Pocahontas and Snow White because while I do like their outfits, I didn't really have any other outfit to choose from.

8. Mulan's màu hồng, hồng Dress
I tình yêu its simplicity and I tình yêu that it's colorful but the màu sắc still mesh well together. It looks lovely on Mulan.

7. Ariel's Sparkly Dress
It definitely stands out, it's so sparkly. Her body looks nice in that dress.

6. Aurora's Peasant Dress
It's a little too simple to make it further but I absolutely tình yêu the colors. It looks so elegant on Aurora.

5. Belle's Green Dress
Again, it's a little simple but I think it looks...
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When dimitri_is_hot made her danh sách of the Disney Princes she'd settle down with I figured I'd do it too but with the Disney Princesses. It took a lot of thought to figure it out. Anyway please bình luận about what bạn think and please keep in mind this is just my opinion.


I honestly don't think we would have any chemistry. Me and her don't really have anything in common, other than feeling like people treat us like we're still children, but other than that nothing really. I'm outspoken and a little rebellious while she's dependent and does what she's told. For me I prefer to have...
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It's weird to think I've been on fanpop for almost a whole year. In some ways, that seems like a really short amount of time considering how much at trang chủ I feel in this club. In other ways it feels like a really long time, since so much has happened since joining Fanpop. When I look back on how I was when I first joined Fanpop, I cringe a little inside. My opinions have changed so much since then, I think it's high time I rewrite my list. So here it goes! Enjoy.

10. Belle
Previous Position: 10

Belle of course hasn't moved at all. While I don't completely hate her any more, I don't really like...
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I'm just a mere newbie here, but having read several các bài viết on here, I really wanted to write one of my own (hope it looks ok, and I haven't made a mess of it!)

Good thing this is sit on my đít, mông, ass ngày (otherwise known as Sunday), otherwise I wouldn't have had all ngày to write this up.

I hope I've explained my rankings well enough.

10) Aurora

What is there to say about Aurora? I figure she must be the least fav of a lot of people, but not because she's incredibly unlikable. I feel harsh saying that she's boring, but she is just your stereotypical fairy tale princess. She's pretty, has a pretty voice,...
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posted by maryksand
First off, here is the order, analysis right bellow the list.

1 - Ariel and Eric

2 - Flynn and Rapunzel

3 - Mulan and Shang

4 - Phillip and Aurora

5 - hoa nhài and Aladdin

6 - Lọ lem and Charming

7 - Belle and Beast

8 - Naveen and Tiana

9 - Snow White and the Prince

10 - Pocahontas and John Smith

Pocahontas and John Smith

Probably Disney's most angsty couple, seeing as the build up of their relationship starts with one of them pointing a loaded gun at the other intending to shoot without a một giây thought and being interrupted bởi nothing other than the overwhelming mindblowing attractiveness. And that's...
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 Cinderella's Castle!
Cinderella's Castle!
I did this phiếu bầu awhile cách đây to see if anyone was interested in đọc about my trip! Lots of people were so I finally decided to write it. I met every Princess (except Pocahontas) and other characters
So I'll start talking about it now.

I went for 4 days a couple weeks ago. Both of my parents and their friend ran the 25th Anniversary Disney Marathon so we got to go on a trip to WDW! We stayed at a WDW Resort, Port Orleans Riverside. Its a very cute, southern hotel. We stayed in the Royal Guest Rooms. They're princess themed! All over the walls were pictures of all the DP's hanging out and going...
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Like all young girls I tình yêu the Disney Princesses I was undecided who I liked because I liked the bran new one when it came out it wasn't until I got older that I placed them in a ranking from my least yêu thích to my all time. I'd like to apologize in advance if I offend anyone this isn't intentional I think all the Disney Princesses are beautiful and inspiring in there own way :)

# 10 Jasmine: I've never really had a thing for her even when I was little I always found her immodest granted now I know its part of her culture but she just seems like a spolied brat who doesn't seem to be grateful...
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So I decided to start with this fan-fiction and hopefully finish this one before Christmas. Hope you'll like it and don't forget to leave a comment

Aurora looked up on the lovely and big lâu đài garden she had arrived to, then she looked at her dress. She wore the peasant dress she'd been wearing while she lived with the three nàng tiên in the cottage. In her hands she held a bucket filled with water and a scrub.
"Am I supposed to clean this whole garden, I've never done such hard work", she thought for herself.

She decided to walk around the garden to hopefully find a reason behind all of this....
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Okay, I've seen some people do friendship pairs before but I decided take it to the tiếp theo level. This is my opinion on how the princess would get along, in hàng đầu, đầu trang 20 format. It took me ages to put together and I honest to God have no idea what I'm doing. I tried my best to take in account the princesses' personalities, their hobbies and their talents. And I think I did a pretty good job.

Honorable Mentions
Snow White and Belle
Cinderella and Rapunzel
Aurora and Ariel
Aurora and Belle
Ariel and Mulan
Belle and Jasmine
Belle and Mulan
Jasmine and Pocahontas
Pocahontas and Tiana
Pocahontas and Rapunzel
 The Royals
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My little sister, she's nine years old, is really into Disney Princess and she's been bugging to me let her do this all week. So If bạn want to see a child's perspective of the princesses, here bạn go. My nghề viết văn is plain, her's is in bold.

10.Snow White
She's my #10 because her voice is very annoying. And I think she's really dumb but still think she's interesting.

Aurora is this low because half of the movie she is sleeping but she is still very pretty and charming.

Cindrella is my #8 because she stays with her step family even when they treat her like crap.

I really...
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 Credit goes to Deviant Art for all the pics!
Credit goes to Deviant Art for all the pics!
Now we all know the same old, same old about Aurora and...not a lot of people like her personality, but I think we can all agree she's beautiful, has awesome hair, sings beautifully, and all that...but the personality...isn't a good thing among most fanpoppers. Here I will be putting in my Opinion, and making some true's into false's (or reverse) Now, let's begin!!!!

Fact 1
Aurora only has less than 19 phút of sreentime.

Now I watched the entire movie, and paused, and put in the difference with her timing, and every scene where bạn can see her face and/or body. After all the calculating the...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The 10 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses
The 10 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses
Alot of people thảo luận over this, so I thought I'd be the one to address it. Who's royalty hoặc who's not royalty really doesn't matter to me but I'm just going to tell bạn guys who's techinically a princess and who isn't . I will address the royal status of each in ngẫu nhiên order.

First of all, Mulan is not a princess in anyway, we all know this. But bạn could say she's royalty as she was được trao the crest of the Emperor. Not to mention all of China bowing down to her. So while Mulan isn't royalty, she's certainly not a commoner.

Technically, she isn't a princess either. Belle obviously wasn't...
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