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Villains, we tình yêu to hate them, and Disney has many of the best villains known to man. Since we are only focusing on the Disney Princess Villains, the countdown will obviously not include the others. For the past 10 days, I've held a countdown for the Best Disney Princess Villain, and here are the results.

10. Governor Ratcliffe
This round was no contest at all. From the very beginning, the villain from Pocahontas had the majority of the votes, and all of the other villains got one hoặc two sự bỏ phiếu each. People đã đưa ý kiến that he is pathetic, lazy, and there was no purpose for him to be in the story....
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posted by chillyneon
The official blurb released bởi Disney describes the film as follows:

“In Frozen, a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, so Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, on the grandest of journeys to find the Snow Queen (voice of Idina Menzel) and put an end to the icy spell. Encountering Everest-like extremes, mystical creatures and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.”

The Comic Book industry site Bleeding Cool got their hands on an extended synopsis:

“When Anna is cursed bởi her...
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posted by Blueshoes20
Lottie's yêu thích Princesses!! ( Not including Pochantas and Mulan)
Edit: ok I realize that people have been complaining about this and how people should be up higher. And I realize that not all of Cindie's info is incorrect. Sorry but hope bạn enjoyed : D

#7 hoa nhài
She wouldnt tình yêu hoa nhài because she wants to leave the palace life. hoa nhài also could have any Prince she wanted, but instead chooses an thief, who lives on the streets. Lottie would do anything to be princess, so she wouldnt, get why hoa nhài would throw it away.

#6 Belle
Personally I tình yêu Belle, but I don't think món ăn bơm xen, charlotte would....
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Here is my fifth article! I decided to write two lists about my yêu thích hát voices, this danh sách is the english voices, the tiếp theo one will be with their swedish voices (same goes for their speaking voices which I will do after the hát voices) because swedish is my first language and I grew up with most of the swedish versions of the princesses (except for Tiana and Rapunzel). For the swedish version I will post đường dẫn to video so that bạn can choose a yêu thích aswell. Image credit goes to Elemental-Aura for the beautiful hàng đầu, đầu trang image and princesslullaby for the rest of the pictures.

10. Pocahontas...
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One ngày King Triton had to go away for the night. “I am leaving bạn my trident for protection,” he told Ariel and sisters. “This will keep bạn safe, but make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!” “Let’s have a sleepover,” đã đưa ý kiến Ariel. “We can take it in turns to stay awake and watch over the trident, and have some fun while Daddy’s away!” They did not realize that Ursula, the sea witch, was planning some fun of her own. Later that day, an old peddler arrived at the palace. “Like to buy some pretty things, my dear?” she crocked. A âm nhạc box in the basket caught...
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10.Prince Charming
Rank Last Round: 10
blah too little screentime blah

"I wish Charming had thêm screentime. That eye roll intrigues me. It means underneath that vacant, Ken-doll stare beats the tim, trái tim of an intelligent (or at least, easily bored) human being" (phantomrose89)

High Rank (1-3):
sweetie-94 (3)
KataraLover (3)

Medium Rank (4-7):
PrueFever (4)
fhghu (5)
MrsEmmaPeel (5)
princesslullaby (7)
callejahLUVSed (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
Pink_Love (8)
flina (8)
tiffany88 (8)
mergirl13 (8)
PrincessSnow (8)
Ashley-Green (8)
haynay24 (9)
Mongoose09 (9)
SailorM91 (9)
Maja2601 (9)
phantomrose89 (9)
rougeslayer17 (9)...
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After a few weeks I've finally made part 1 of the dreamcast for the supporting characters.

I'm losing my touch here so I didn't put much effort in making these images. And I've had a hard time finding pictures to edit. I hope it's still good though.

So as of September 26, 2011, here's what the những người hâm mộ voted:

1. link and link
The những người hâm mộ voted: Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone

2. link
The những người hâm mộ voted: Betty White

3. link
The những người hâm mộ voted: Ashley Tisdale

4. link
The những người hâm mộ voted: Olivia Wilde

5. link
The những người hâm mộ voted: Alex Meraz

So these are all for now, my personal yêu thích here is Olivia Wilde...
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A/N: This idea has been in my head since I saw the movie and I really just needed to type it all out and see where it went. This is the tale of how Eugene Fitzhebert really got his name!

"He rode off on his stead..." Eugene was suddenly cut off bởi giggling coming from a 6 năm old brunette perched on his knee, her ngọc lục bảo eyes were closed as she brought her hands to her face to smother the laughter.

"What's so funny Annabelle?" He asked exasperated at his little sister. Eugene loved her but don't get me wrong sometimes she was just a little too much to handle.

Both of the children were currently...
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Chapter Four

Angelina found herself sleeping soundly much later into the morning than she had planned. Normally she was a morning person so she woke up quite early. However this morning was different. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a different environment hoặc the fact that she could just flat out be a heavy sleeper. But when she finally did flutter her eyes open, the girl was quite surprised to see a small brown bunny just wiggling its nose and staring at her. Angelina paused for a minute, just looking at the creature wide-eyed. Maybe she was still dreaming. Maybe this rabbit wasn't even...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
Ok, I'm bored at work and felt like nghề viết văn something...I've done tons of articles, but never one about my yêu thích transformation scene, so here we go...

7. Evil Queen transforms into an old Hag
 Mummy dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag's cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to người hâm mộ my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now begin thy magic spell.
Mummy dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag's cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to người hâm mộ my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now begin thy magic spell.

This scared the living daylights out of me when I was a kid, but now, looking back, it's a really great scene. It shows her in her secret lab (which is creepy but...
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posted by disney_prince
Main Spot:

The Official Disney Princesses:
link from link (1937)
link from link (1950)
link from link (1959)
link from link (1989)
link from link (1991)
link from link (1992)
Pocahontas from link (1995)
Mulan from link (1998)
link from link (2009)
link from link (2010)
link from link (2012)

Disney Princess related:

Additional Disney Princesses / Heroines:
Alice from link (1951)
Wendy from link (1953)
link from link (1953)
Maid Marian from link (1973)
link from link (1985)
link from link (1994)
link from link (1996)
link from link (1997)
link from link...
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As the girls continued to walk home, Mulan began to feel some minor pain in her abdomen. She thought it was just a cramp from all that climbing she did. "Are bạn alright, Mulan?" Pocahontas asked. "Yeah. Just a cramp." Mulan answered. "I hope it's nothin' serious." Merida replied. "It's not. The baby might be growing." Mulan replied. Pocahontas and Merida just smiled at her thought.

However, the pain only progressed the tiếp theo morning. Mulan held her stomach lightly as she got out of bed. To make matters worse, Shang noticed. He rushed out of giường to be at his love's side. "Are bạn OK?" he asked....
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Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

I absolutely loved Ariel. I can't really go in depth about it, because when I first saw it, I was really little. (Prolly about 5 hoặc 6) But my feelings were pretty straightforward: she was a MERMAID & was pretty & a unique princess. I mean, I kinda wanted to be her. Who wouldn't want to live under the sea? I never really understood why she wanted be a human, though, because a mermaid was freaking amazing in my mind! Something...
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Eight months ago, I started an bài viết series explaining my tổng thể opinion on each princess in as much details as possible. I've decided to start over! :) Technically, we don't know if Anna and Elsa will even be included in the lineup, but like last time, I'm including them. The categories I will analyze are: original thoughts, thoughts now, beauty, wardrobe, singing/speaking voices. Also, I will be doing these in chronological order, form my least yêu thích princess to my favorite!

My Original Thoughts

Most of bạn new gents and ladies weren't around to witness my blindness to the "Frozen" hype....
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first, I want to apologize for the pictures. I didn't feel like making them, didn't have inspiration, but I wait too long to write this article.
Anyway, here we go!

11.Prince Charming
It's interesting that Prince Charming spends so much time yawning during the ball, because I think most of fanpop spends their time yawning when they think about Prince Charming. He merely served as a body for Lọ lem to dance with and couldn't even be bothered to find the girl he liked- probably exhausted from all that eye rolling.

"Prince Charming is my least yêu thích prince. That's a usual spot for him,...
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Hi! I'm @arendelle and this is my list, least to favorite. Enjoy!

11: Beauty and The Beast

This movie, I simply found boring. It reminds me of most phim chiếu rạp where a girl looks inside of the man and he saves her. The end. To me, it was a very cliche modern fairy tale, one I'd probably make up as a child to tell an adult. I feel like Beauty and The Beast scores better with a younger audience than an older one, since it teaches good moral values that maybe little one's don't know but we do.
Music: I found the âm nhạc poorly written and rushed. Even though I do like the chorus in the song Belle a lot,...
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Pocahontas was still distressed from the trước đó events in the day. John suggested she go outside for some fresh air. She accepted and he gladly went along with her. The atmosphere was nice. Pocahontas looked at her bump. It was TINY for it to be in a 5 tháng range. John chuckled. "It'll get bigger with time." he said.

Meeko came dashing towards Pocahontas and examined the bump. Pocahontas laughed. "It still needs time to grow, Meeko." she đã đưa ý kiến sweetly. "Have bạn thought of any names?" John asked. "I've thought about Steps High." Pocahontas answered. "I like that." John replied. "What names...
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Hello everybody :3
So,I'm kinda new to fanpop and I really tình yêu nghề viết văn and Disney princesses,so what's the better start then do danh sách of favourite Disney princesses?
Also,English isn't my native language,so forgive me for few mistakes :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hate hoặc hurt anybody.
So,let's begin (:

I really tình yêu Aurora and,unlike some people,I actually think that she has big personality.She is a beautiful and kind dreamer,she is playful and curious,she is mature and caring...
When I was little,she was actually my second.The main reason why she is last...
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posted by sweetie-94
It's been a while since I last made this list, it's changed since then and for the first time I'll include Anna and Elsa in this article, I've noticed that this danh sách is very similar to my prettiest DP danh sách with only a few exceptions, anyway enjoy this article

13. Ariel

The only DP Hair that I don't like at all, the only time I like her hair is when she's on land, the color is awful and the hair is too thick for my taste

12. Jasmine

The only reason hoa nhài is higher than Ariel is because her hair is black which is my yêu thích haircolor, but other than that I have pretty much the same...
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 1st Place: juliemontoya - "Cinderella"
1st Place: juliemontoya - "Cinderella"
Hey!! Welcome to the first official biểu tượng of the tháng article!!!(Yes, Yes, I know VERY late! I was busy xD) Anyway soooo... the winner of The very first biểu tượng of The Month... is... *Drumroll*
juliemontoya with her biểu tượng "Cinderella"

1st: juliemontoya's "Cinderella"
2nd: Popcornfan's "Glow"
3rd: fanlovver's "Reflection"

Here is an interview with juliemontoya:

About Her:

Q:When did bạn join?

A: I joined 3 years ago, in may 2011. But last năm I was really busy and didn't have time to come to fanpop. I came back at the beginning of the year.

Q: Why did bạn join?

A: I joined because...
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