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I started this countdown when it was Couples Month, but I had a lot of personal stuff going on, so it took me a while to get back on track and finish it.
Whether it's a Kiss at a wedding, a Kiss that brings about a wondrous transformation, hoặc if it's a Kiss for a dead person, we all voted and the results are in!

13. Lọ lem & Prince Charmings Wedding Kiss
 Have faith in dreams, and someday, your cầu vồng will come shining through...
Have faith in dreams, and someday, your cầu vồng will come shining through...

Lọ lem has just married her very own "Prince Charming". There are plenty of people who tình yêu Cinderella, but her relationship with Charming lacks a hell of a lot of heat, passion and romance. Even their Kiss at the end is sort of a "bleh" moment. Here's what some of bạn had to say...

"Eh. It's far away and pretty boring." - Straggy

"It is just not memorable." - BKG201

"It's sort of lame.. every other Kiss had some ZING to it, this one was just sort of like.. "hmm okay..." - callejahLUVSed

12. Ballroom Kiss
 Certain as the sun, rising in the East, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast.
Certain as the sun, rising in the East, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast.

As the Prince and Belle celebrate their new life together, he twirls her up in the air, around the ballroom, and they share a quick, but sweet, kiss. They both look so happy it literally makes me sick!

" Short, sweet, but not very memorable. The others mark special point in the movie, and this doesn't."- firegirl1515

"I don't even remember this one."- madisonsavanna

"This... well, I just watched Beauty and the Beast last night, and it was very short... in fact, it was right after the Kiss that "unenchanted" the castle, so it wasn't even significant really other than a scene switcher."-AllegroGiocoso

"I absolutely tình yêu Belle and Beast's ballroom kiss. It's so short and sweet and yet full of passion." - misssy

11. Wedding Kiss
 Now we can walk, now we can run, now we can stay all ngày in the sun...
Now we can walk, now we can run, now we can stay all ngày in the sun...

Right before the movie ends, we see these two share one thêm passionate kiss. As they sail off in the vast horizon they lean in one last time and lock lips.
"I think it was a bit too short."- LionaChoco

"Meh, no big deal."- callejahLUVSed

10. Kiss bởi the river
 Dreams do come true when bạn believe!
Dreams do come true when bạn believe!

As the movie comes to an end, Tiana and Naveen dance around celebrating their new life together, and they share a very sweet Kiss on the roof of their new restaurant.

"tiana and naveen were already married bởi the time this Kiss rolled around. it's not as dramatic." - Gleek4ever

"The Kiss bởi the river is way better, I mean, they've just been turned back into humans! Can't really get much better than that :)" - callejahLUVSed

"Ahhh I tình yêu Tiana and Naveen's Kiss bởi the river. It's one of my các sở thích if not yêu thích Disney kiss. A lot of people don't really seem to care for it but it's just so sweet to me because it's after they're married and it just shows that their tình yêu is lasting." - misssy

9. Snow White's Kiss
 Someday we'll meet again...
Someday we'll meet again...

Everyone is sad because they think Snow White is dead, then along comes her handsome Prince. He gently kisses her (which many people find gross...locking lips with a dead girl), and she magically wakes up.

"It's not a little disturbing. It's a lot. "Oh, this girl has been dead for days - possibly weeks? I'M GOING TO Kiss HER ROTTING CORPSE!"- Staggy

"Still kind of creeps me out, not going to lie." - kenzieiscool

8. Tiana and Naveens Transformation Kiss
 bạn just kissed yourself a Princess!
You just kissed yourself a Princess!

Tiana and Naveen both realize how much they tình yêu each other...in fact, they tình yêu each other so much they were willing to stay as frogs- if that aint tình yêu I don't know what is! They get married in the bayou bởi Mama Odie, and when they Kiss they magically transform back into human form!

"Kind of awkward in my opinion. I mean, they're frogs. Sure it's magical and all, but frogs kissing is weird." - boolander25

"I tình yêu the transformation kiss. It's got them all sweet as frogs then there's the green light and the bubble and they break apart as humans... It's just MAGICAL!" - Straggy

7. True Loves Kiss
 And from this slumber bạn shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break.
And from this slumber bạn shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break.

The Princess Aurora sleeps peacefully in her tower, waiting for her true tình yêu to pucker up and bring her back to life. After Prince Phillip defeats the evil Maleficent, he races up the stairs, leans down and softly kisses her rose red lips.

"Just a copy of Snow White's, imo." - ppgbelle4

6. bờ biển, bãi biển Kiss
 There's just one problem left...how much I'm going to miss her.
There's just one problem left...how much I'm going to miss her.

At the end of the movie, King Triton decides to transform Ariel back into a human because he knows that she would never be happy again otherwise. She rises out of the water in a gorgeous sparkling gown, runs to Eric, who picks her up, twirls her around, and then lays one on her.

"They don't really DO anything. They just lock lips and stand there motionless. Plus, Ariel looks weirdly fat." - Straggy

"I tình yêu this couple to death" - ppgbelle4

"This one has no passion whatsoever." - Mongoose09

5. Secret Kiss
 Only when the fighting stops can bạn be together.
Only when the fighting stops can bạn be together.

Pocahontas and John Smith both meet up in the woods at Grandmother Willows tree. They both want to make things right between their people; that's the only way they can offically be together. John Smith agrees to go talk to Pocahontas' Father. Then she kisses him. Meanwhile, an angry Kocuom, and curious Thomas are watching from a distance.

"It's sad." - princesslullaby

"When I was little I liked the Kiss but now I dont like it. It is something with the Kiss that isnt good and I dont know what it is." - sweetie-94

"That's so passionate and beautiful to watch!" - Straggy

4. Goodbye Kiss
 No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you, forever.
No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you, forever.

After John is shot, he has to go back to England. He asks Pocahontas to go with him, but she says "I'm needed here". So they share one last kiss, that is heartbreaking, but full of passion.

"DEFINITELY. The goodbye Kiss is passionate and has so much emotion to it. Pocajohntas really know how to make out! Plus, it's much thêm memorable. I always remember this kiss." - Straggy

"Again, I dislike all this ending, I mean its emotions, not the plot, but I just tình yêu all these carpet scenes, so I prefer Aladdin và cây đèn thần and Jasmine's one." - ppv

3. Carpet Kiss
 A whole new world...a whole new life...for bạn and me!
A whole new world...a whole new life...for bạn and me!

After they find out they can marry, Aladdin và cây đèn thần and hoa nhài take a romantic carpet ride as fireworks explode around them. They share a very sweet Kiss as they fly off into their happily ever after.

"the moment feels much thêm happy... Aladdin và cây đèn thần and hoa nhài have FINALLY gotten to their happy ending after their struggles in the movie." - AllegroGiocoso

" I just tình yêu all these carpet scenes, so I prefer Aladdin và cây đèn thần and Jasmine's one." - ppv

2. Balcony Kiss
 Goodnight, my handsome Prince...
Goodnight, my handsome Prince...

After a very romantic carpet ride, Aladdin và cây đèn thần takes hoa nhài back to her balcony. They tell each other goodnight, and slowly lean in to kiss, and then carpet pushes Aladdin và cây đèn thần up making them kiss. Both seem a bit surprised bởi this, but it doesn't slow them down.

"I adore the balcony Kiss and I think it deserves to win without a doubt. It's unexpected, like the relationship, but it works and fits together perfectly. There's so much passion in it as well." - Straggy

" I absolutely tình yêu the balcony kiss. It's the most realistic." - princesslullaby

1. Fireworks Kiss
 It is you!
It is you!

We were all sad when we thought the Beast had died, then all of a sudden his body rises and transforms into a man. He stands up and turns around to face Belle. She looks at him, running her fingers through his hair, looks into his eyes and she knows that it's him. They caress each other and then share a most passionate kiss. Fireworks begin to explode and the lâu đài and it's residents transform. It's truly a magical moment.

"I thought Beast and Belle's Kiss looked beautiful, when we have a clear side view of them, before the fireworks went off." - TigerRanma

" I agree with the first posters, its pretty epic, Its the first time we see Belle and Adam as humans together and the first time they kiss, its pretty epic." - Persephone713
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Dr. Evan interviews the marvelous Linda Larkin, Disney Legend and voice of Princess hoa nhài from the Disney classic, Aladdin! Linda talks about working with the late great Robin Williams, her feelings about working on a landmark Disney hand-drawn film, and her thoughts on hoa nhài as a role model. A few have đã đưa ý kiến that Jasmine's only dream in life is to get married. Listen to hear Linda's fascinating response! Linda reveals who her yêu thích Disney Princess is, along with one of her yêu thích charitable causes: Smithtown, NY's Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Disney has recently released the Diamond Edition of Aladdin và cây đèn thần on DVD and Blu-Ray in spectacular high-def; pick it up while bạn can. Many thanks to Linda, Disney, and Click!
linda larkin
Aladdin và cây đèn thần
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Here's the 2nd part of my yêu thích Disney Princess Christmas/Winter Outfits from promotional images, this part covers placements 20-1
If bạn haven't read part 1 of this click link to read it


Oh, this is such a beautiful outfit, the details at the bottom of the dress are so cute and the cape has a lovely color that matches well with the dress, but like number 29 I have a problem with the sleeves, they're a little too long, though nowhere near as crazy looking as those in number 29


Another beautiful outfit, I really tình yêu the color and all the sparkles aswell as the details on the...
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Hi everyone!

Recently, I đã đăng a câu hỏi asking những người hâm mộ to danh sách five personality traits most desirable in a Disney princess. My traits poll, which was going to be the foundation of this article, was based on TheMusicalMolls' danh sách of traits; the first response. I didn't bother to check my câu hỏi again for other responses, but when I returned to my câu hỏi after I đã đăng the poll, I was surprised to see that thêm những người hâm mộ had bothered to answer my question. At that point, it was only a handful of people, and since I found their lists highly similar to TheMusicalMolls', I let it be. I hope I didn't...
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Here's my quick ranking on original DP films in part 1 of this bài viết series. Part 2 will follow with all the sequels, prequels and shorts. Hope you'll enjoy it!

12. Princess and the frog:
I found the script to be very lazily written, with no wow moments to remember and no surprising twists. The movie crawled at deathly slow pace, making me skip scenes in between. The phim hoạt hình was pretty average with nothing memorable except a few scenes in bayou and death of Dr. Facilier. I found the sett ups to be unflattering and lacked the Disney magic feel to it. The best set-up from the entire movie was...
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Here's my danh sách of Disney Princess couples, it's primarily based on what connected with me in their relationship and what i find admirable. I do have some ifs and buts with few couples but that's just my way of looking at how a relationship grow

1. Mulan and Shang:
Theirs a relation that I actually look up to with great admiration and respect. They both were mature to handle a relationship before falling for each other. Their tình yêu grew out of mutual trust, understanding and respect rather than romantic feelings. It is to not say that romantic feelings are not true hoặc valuable, it's my personal...
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Here's my quick top10 các sở thích of Disney Princess movie songs. I get stuck to a new tune hoặc lyrics far easily, if its hummable and peppy especially. I like listening to songs and don't have particular fixed tastes in genres. Though i find, i tend to gravitate towards pop, rock and Indian music. Very rarely I enjoy classical music, although some that I tình yêu become my all time các sở thích and they don't die-out. I guess that's how classic âm nhạc is. Anyways, this is my current danh sách of hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 favrorites songs from DP movies, it keeps changing for sure as I di chuyển onto newer songs.

10. I see the light:...
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After being here on fanpop since few months, my opinions and way of seeing each princess have changed a lot, though not for all princesses. Some have gone from yêu thích to least yêu thích while some have been on an opposite ride, altogether. A lot has changed as I have grown up and inclusion of other princesses as well in gần đây times (Frozen and Brave).

So here's my new ranking danh sách of Disney Princess along with the mention of their original ranking prior joining to Fanpop

1. Belle:
When I think of Belle, one word strikes me "whole-hearted" person. She inspires me so much to find balance between...
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