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10. Megara - Hercules

She is drawn in a very specific, edgy style to fit in with her film's phim hoạt hình but still, Meg has beautiful purple eyes, pouty màu hồng, hồng lips and gorgeous brunette curls. I find her quite beautiful although her body is the single most unrealistic which is forgivable since it's one of the cartoonier films.

9. Mulan

One of my all-time favourite Disney characters, she is never one to hàng đầu, đầu trang the beauty lists. But I actually find her to be quite lovely. Simple but at the start of the film she has gorgeous hair. Of course the designers had to make it believable that she could pass for a man...which would explain why she's not as gorgeous as some of the others.

8. Jane - Tarzan

Another non-princess like Meg, Jane is beautiful mostly because she has a really nice complexion and big blue eyes. She is a slightly thêm realistic version of Meg with a few improvements in my eyes.

7. Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Don't hate me! I know most people here are obsessed with her and I tình yêu her to death as well, I've just always been thêm fond of her personality than her looks. Still, she is gorgeous with big ôliu, ô liu eyes and beautiful, glossy lips. Sometimes the animators get lazy with her which is why she's not at the hàng đầu, đầu trang but for all the shots where she does look good, she looks really good.

6. Ariel - The Little Mermaid

My favourite princess and yet even I can admit that, like Belle, she's thêm on the cute side than the stunning side. I tình yêu her long, red hair that flows perfectly and even moves gracefully when she's human. She has stunning blue eyes and red, red lips. Truly beautiful.

5. Lọ lem

Oh my God, I just think this girl is so underrated in the beauty department. She's freaking gorgeous! Her hair is shoulder-length and dâu, dâu tây blonde and she has stunning blue eyes with thick, beautiful lashes. Truly one of Disney's prettiest girls.

4. Pocahontas

Most people agree that Pocahontas is exquisite. She has long, black hair that seems almost weightless, it just soars perfectly around her while she stands on hàng đầu, đầu trang of a cliff, goes canoeing hoặc runs the hidden pine-trails. She has thick, unique red lips and a super-model figure.

3. hoa nhài - Aladdin và cây đèn thần

No wonder Al falls for this girl the moment he lays eyes on her. She's got the cuteness of Ariel and Belle mixed with an exotic flare that's to die for. Her eyes are just stunning and her hair thick but sleek. She just has this really sexy appeal to her that most people appreciate.

2. Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

This girl is drawn so freaking beautifully, she's my favourite character in the movie even though she's barely in it compared to the others. Her bouncy blonde locks just sway with her while she dances in the forest and she's not stuck in cute...she's amazingly stunning. The most stunning of the princesses bởi far.

1. Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The three other leading men in this film spend the entire movie lusting after her. She's beyond gorgeous, she's like a mix of Aurora and Jasmine's beauty combined into one, all-out stellar character. She is drawn so magnificently throughout the film, I just think she is easily the most gorgeous of Disney girls.
 Type Three, "The Achiever"
Type Three, "The Achiever"
Introduction: Understanding the Enneagram

So, the Enneagram is a pretty complicated system of classifying personalities. Basically, everyone has a core type, expressed as a number of One through Nine. This is the most straightforward mô tả of someone’s personality.

Here’s a basic rundown of each type:
1: perfectionistic, rational, idealistic
2: generous, warm-hearted, nurturing
3: ambitious, image-conscious, charming
4: sensitive, dreamy, moody
5: cerebral, perceptive, analytical
6: trustworthy, loyal, Công chúa tóc xù
7: fun-loving, enthusiastic, lively
8: assertive, strong, self-confident
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 12 Season Color Wheel
12 Season Color Wheel
So I never really got to experience much of fashion-culture growing up and have just recently begun to give it any focus hoặc attention. I have heard of the rule that "Redheads shouldn't wear pink." and I have seen some people discuss this here on FanPop in terms of Ariel and her màu hồng, hồng dress. I have also read many các bình luận debating Aurora's famous "Blue vs. màu hồng, hồng Dress". In those discussions, I heard a talented user on this site, link say things like "She's a Winter." etc. I thought that was so fascinating! I had never heard of this concept before so I decided to look into it. That is how I came...
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Since it's Halloween soon I decided to write a few các bài viết relating to that, they're actually pretty much the same, this one is about the scariest moment in each DP Movie, the other one will be my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 hoặc hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 Scariest DP Movie Moments, haven't decided yet which one I'll do, but I'm leaning towards hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 at the current moment. Anyway so I hope you'll enjoy this article

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: The Forest Scene

It's feels kind of strange to start off this bài viết with imo probably the scariest animated moment and one of the scariest movie moments (I don't like horror movies),...
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link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="220" height="299" />
Credit to: http://braveandboldthinking.com/2014/03/25/unveiling-the-truth-about-muslim-women/
First: Here is a link from an actual Muslim woman with her thoughts on how Muslim women are portrayed in America in general.link
 Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)
Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)

Second: Here is my personal break-down analysis based on knowledge of Arab/Muslim culture compared to the Disney Aladdin và cây đèn thần film.

The majority of Princess Jasmine's numerous flaws stem from the fact that she is completely inaccurate and offensive to her culture. From the clothes she wears to the way she speaks, hoa nhài does not represent Arab hoặc Muslim women at all but rather a disgraceful woman in their culture. Unfortunately, Jasmine...
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Ah yes. Merchandise. Money, in other words. I adore the Disney princesses. They are all unique, and have good qualities. Some are even a little complex and the majority are at least decent role models. That's not how Disney markets them. Well, unless their name is Anna hoặc Elsa. For the first 11 princess, they are downgraded into sparkle obsessed girls that look nothing like they did in their original film. Great princesses are forgotten in merchandise as well. The whole system is downright awful. For the Nữ hoàng băng giá sisters, Disney markets them as "I don't need a man". They tried that with Merida...
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We all know the step-sister from Lọ lem that ends up reforming in the sequels. However, many people seem to have criticisms about her because they feel that she shouldn't have been forgiven bởi Cinderella, there was nothing to hiển thị that she deserved to be redeemed, and that it's ridiculous that she got to be redeemed but Drizella didn't. First of all, I think I need to explain where this idea of Công chúa Anastasia reforming came from. In the original Charles Perrault version of Cinderella, Cinderella's real name was actually Ella. When she became a servant she would sleep bởi the fireplace to keep...
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 This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
Elsa is without a doubt my yêu thích Disney character ever because she's the one I related the most out of all the Disney characters out there.Let's get into thêm detail why I tình yêu her so much,shall we ;):

Originally,I didn't tình yêu Elsa that much,I thought she was okay and felt neutral about her.That is until I re-watched the movie 2 months cách đây and from that ngày on,I realized just how much I have in common with her.
It was like I was seeing myself in her,for me that meant so much,and I'm thankful for that.
bạn see,my mom told me to hold back my emotions at school because I have big anger issues...
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