Happy Father's ngày everybody! The countdown has come to an end so here's the bài viết about the results! Just a warning, a lot of the dads are going to have the same sentences like "We don't see this dad with his son/daughter" but that's what happens when there's dads that are either killed off early in the movie hoặc aren't the main focus of the story :P

19, 18, and 17 Lord Dingwall, Lord Macintosh, and Lord MacGuffin.
So it's pretty clear why they were taken off first; they were really just comic relief and we didn't see them with their sons too much. We can tell they do care about their kids though and after Merida's speech when the sons agreed with Merida about doing their own thing and getting married in their own time the Lord were pretty hesitant at first (cuz, bạn know, each of them wanted their son married to a princess) but they respected the sons' choice.

16. Triton
Honestly I thought Triton was going to be taken off first because unlike the Lords in Brave, he does have thêm screentime and he does contribute to the plot thêm but he had been shown to be abusive. He didn't listen to Ariel and when he found out about her collection and about going to the surface and about saving a human he yelled at her instead of just talking to her about why he was upset. I can understand that after losing his wife because of humans he has the right to be protective but that's not an excuse to yell at his teenaged daughter hoặc to destroy her collection while she begs him to stop.

He at least looked like he felt guilty for making his daughter cry, he was upset with himself for Ariel going missing, after seeing the way Ariel was looking at Eric at the end and realizing how much she wants to be human he changed her into one, and in the sequel it looked like he fixed her collection. Though what he did was still unforgivable, he does want his daughter to be happy.

15. General
We didn't see him too much and Shang never talked about him at all but it's clear the General and Shang had a good relationship. The General trusted his son to train the new recruits and Shang was devastated when he learned his father died.

14. Cassim
Cassim wasn't brought up until the third movie. He didn't plan to leave forever to be a thief, he was doing it so he'd be able to take care of his wife and son. bởi the time he came back to Agrabah he couldn't find his family so he thought they died. We know he cared about his wife and we know he cares about Aladdin, but he didn't have a problem with jeopardizing his relationship with, once again, stealing Aladdin và cây đèn thần and Jasmine's gift, the Oracle. And then later after Aladdin và cây đèn thần broke him out of prison Cassim tried to talk him into leaving his future wife and his friends. At the end he gives up the Hand of Midas, something he's searched for for years and tells Aladdin và cây đèn thần that he is his greatest treasure.

13. Emperor
We don't see him interact with his daughters at all and he tried to put them through an arranged marriage

12. Powhatan
He cares about his daughter and he wants what's best for her, but he tried to get her to marry a man she wasn't interested in marrying and when Kocoum was killed Powhatan blamed Pocahontas. At the end he at least made sure to let Pocahontas know she had the choice to leave hoặc stay.

11. Fa Zhou
Fa Zhou does care about Mulan and he wants her to be happy, but he was very strict when he was summoned to fight the huns and told her she needed to learn her place. When Mulan left he was obviously devastated because he knew if he was too late to bring her trang chủ she would be executed and when she came trang chủ he was surprised to see her but was happy to see she came trang chủ okay and đã đưa ý kiến "The greatest gift and honor is having bạn for a daughter"

10. Stefan
Not a lot of screentime with Aurora but it's clear he loves her

9. Big Daddy
Big Daddy loved món ăn bơm xen, charlotte and did everything he could to make her happy. However, this ended with her being incredibly spoiled.

8. King
He cares about his son but he tried to rush his son into marriage because he wanted grandchildren. We don't actually see him with his son until the sequels

7. Hubert
Hubert loves his son but it's kinda clear he'd rather his son marry a girl he didn't know than a girl he fell in tình yêu with (though she turned out to be the same girl)

6. Frederic
In the movie it's obvious Frederic loves Rapunzel and we see him crying before releasing the lanterns. In the hiển thị we're able to see him with his daughter more. Like Triton Frederic is protective of his daughter, but to be honest can bạn blame him to be protective when she was missing for the first 18 years olf her life? And unlike Triton he doesn't actually destroy her posessions. Some of the things he did weren't the best decisions but at the end of the first season he let's Rapunzel go on an adventure with Eugene and Cassandra

5. Eric
We don't see him with Melody too much but he does tình yêu her

4. Maurice
Maurice is one of the few fathers we see in DP phim chiếu rạp who we see as supportive from the beginning. Belle is very protective of her father and we see she has a great relationship with him. When Belle talks to him about how the townsfolk think she's odd he doesn't tell her to change herself to fit in hoặc to stop reading, in fact he finds it odd that anyone would think she's odd. When Belle offers to take Maurice's place he begs her not to and he actually tries going back to the Beast's lâu đài alone to save Belle.

3. Sultan
Like some of the other fathers on this list, Sultan tries to marry off his daughter when she doesn't want to be forced into it. However, he at least let her choose the one she liked rather than just picking the one most convenient. Sultan loves hoa nhài and wants her to be taken care of and he wants her to be happy. When he sees hoa nhài crying he immediately comforts her, when Jafar comes to him to try convincing him to let him marry hoa nhài Sultan is not on board at all (not just because Jafar isn't a prince, but also because Jafar was too old for Jasmine), and in the end he changed the law to allow hoa nhài to marry whoever she wanted to marry.

2. James
We don't see him too much but it's clear he loves his daughter and was very supportive of her tình yêu for cooking. There's people who think that he gave Tiana bad Lời khuyên and because of him she worked too much but read this quote:
Yes, bạn wish and bạn dream with all your little heart. But bạn remember, Tiana, that old ngôi sao can only take bạn part of the way. bạn got to help him with some hard work of your own. And then... Yeah, bạn can do anything bạn set bạn mind to. Just promise your Daddy one thing? That you'll never, ever lose sight of what is really important. Okay?
Tiana thought he meant to work and to not believe in wishing on stars but he never told her to stop wishing, he was telling her to not expect stars to do all the work.

1. Fergus
Fergus taught Merida since she was little how to be an archer and he most likely taught her everything she needed to know about fighting, what berries weren't poisonous, etc. because he knew that whether Merida was a princess hoặc not, knowing this stuff was important, and he has fun with Merida. Though he was putting Merida through an arranged marriage, Fergus wasn't up for it as much as Elinor. When the other lords were getting angry and threatening war Fergus actually told them that none of their sons were fit to marry his daughter.