Their wonderful hair makes me jealous
Hell, I am having a good hair day! hoặc not? Well, whatever, I’m in tình yêu with the Disney princess hair. So, hair’s a great physical feature we all have got. Yea, all of us rock it! And I tình yêu how it varies much less on tastes. According to opinions, Someone’s eyes seem too big hoặc too small, someone’s body can be too thin hoặc too fat, our nose can be too big hoặc too small, we can have too thick hoặc too thin eyebrows and can have too thick hoặc too thin lips. But hair rarely gets such opinions, right? My hair is a shade of dark ginger hair, which is down to my waist and is wavy . I tình yêu my hair, and every DP hair, I guess!

10. Tiana
Solid-black, 20's bob style, Messy

Hell, I didn’t want it to be this low. I absolutely tình yêu the color. It is black and I like it! Her hair is realistic with a lovely color. But why is it always in a bun? I hope she’d let her hair be down, it would look nice. Her hair, except the color, is a draggy, messy and lumpy mop! God, what a MESS! It is too boring and an eyesore for me to tình yêu much.

Best hairstyle : The low ponytail = Tiana’s hair looks nice when it’s down, with a few curls sticking out.

Worst hairstyle: The messy bun = That might be realistic, but it so lumpy and dirty, I hate this one too much.

9. Cinderella
dâu, dâu tây blonde, medium length, Boring

Her hair is soft and the color is beautiful. But that’s it! I don’t like a lot about this hair. I probably am not a người hâm mộ of her hairstyles. The updo she did at the ball was horrible, others are just meh. Her hair looks greasy and boring. Hell, if it was much thêm flowy and silky, I’d like it. BORING!

Best hairstyle : The one with bow = Aw, Cindy’s hair looks so adorable in it, simple yet so cute, right folks?

Worst hairstyle : The bun at the ball = Some people have it as their favourite, but it is so horrible and unrealistic to look at.

8. Anna \ Snow White
Simple, Ginger, braided

First, Anna. Well, I do think her hair is nice haha. But is it as nice as my hàng đầu, đầu trang 7? Lol, it isn’t. It is too PLAIN and boring. I feel like rolling my eyes, it isn’t that awesome to be loved. Okay, I tình yêu the colour, my hair is just its silky and dark version I guess. I like the white highlight, though. But, just #7!

Best hairstyle :The two braids = I don’t care how elegant her coronation bun is, but this is too adorable for me to dislike

Worst hairstyle: The mess when waking up= Look at this lumpy, messy, greasy and draggy mop, Oh my God
Short, ebony-black, chic

Now, Snow White. Heck, I like it but I probably haven’t got a huge craze about it. I do like the color, it is as black as ebony God. I also do like the style, short hair’s cute, it used to represented sophistication in her time. But it is BLAND and looks like a wig, the reason why it isn’t higher.

Best hairstyle : The one with the red bow = It represents Snow White’s sweet and cute nature. It has the best shade of blood red.

Worst hairstyle : The one with blue bow = Meh, it barely stands out! That shade of blue they used isn’t so nice.

7. Mulan
Silky, straight, black

Hey, Mulan, I like your hair! Her hair is so sleek and beautiful, even when it is cut. I’m just okay with her hairstyles damn. The color is pretty, it is pitch black. I tình yêu how SILKY, flowy, stylish and pretty her hair is. But it lacks volume and is nothing compared to the others.

Best hairstyle : Loose with hoa = The loose one’s also good, but here, the hoa stands out and Mulan looks nice.

Worst hairstyle : With that bun = Well, it looks very peculiar to me and is just meh. Well, she loses her beauty after becoming a man.

6. Belle
Sô cô la brown, with a widow's peak, beautiful

*People scream “Why she isn’t your hàng đầu, đầu trang five?”* Unpopular opinion! Unlike most of you, I am not crazy over her hair. Her hair has the most BEAUTIFUL shade of brown I’ve seen so far in hair. I tình yêu how it shapes her face. But it can look greasy and unhealthy, and I am not a huge người hâm mộ of it.

Best hairstyle : The ball updo = It is so elegant and pretty, I tình yêu how it cascades down her shoulder with a hint of grace

Worst hairstyle : Low ponytail = I don’t hate it, but I am not a big người hâm mộ of it, either. Mainly because it makes her hair seem greasy and unhealthy

5. Merida / Pocahontas
Wild, Curly, Vermilion

First, Merida. I tình yêu her hair! It is super CURLY and wild. I basically adore the color, it is such a lovely shade of red. Her hair is nicely animated and I think it rocks the style. I like how it goes with her eyes. But her curls might look too untamed and frizzy.

Best hairstyle: Wet and loose = Yea, her hair might look like a towel, but her curls look a bit tamed and her hair rocks

Worst hairstyle: With khăn trùm đầu, wimple = That headgear’s so annoying! It looks terrible and plus, I can’t see my beloved red mane
Flowing, inky-black, simply pretty

Now, Pocahontas. Her hair is so PRETTY! No doubt, I tình yêu the color so much and it goes with her skin and eyes. I tình yêu how flowing and light it is, looks wowing when it flows with the wind. It never tangles and the wind and has a perfect style. But it can seem too thin and paper-like.

Best hairstyle: Long and loose = It is basic and simple, but it allows her hair to flow in the wind, that’s something awesome

Worst hairstyle : The bun in sequel = Horrible, it took the beauty of Poca's hair and looks too gaudy

4. Jasmine
Thick, black, amazing

I’m not being a bias, but her hair is AMAZING! It is as black as ink and looks pretty nice. It has so much volume and softness! She has lovely hairstyles and hair moments. But, despite I adore her hair, I think it may look too thick for my taste.

Best hairstyle: Low ponytail = It stands out and doesn’t look out of the place. The hairstyle is pretty unique and nice!

Worst hairstyle: Free and loose = Meh, this looks like some thick charcoal. It is a way too bushy for my taste

3. Aurora / Elsa
Bouncy, stunning, golden

First, Aurora! Her hair is just STUNNING! I tình yêu how her hair has natural curls and is so bouncy. It is just so healthy and soft, I wanna play with it. Her hair has the color of sunshine gold! Lovely, isn’t it? But sometimes I think the color is boring and that her hair might look unrealistic.

Best hairstyle: Loose with black headband = Heck yea! Some users think it is too generic and simple but the black headband stands out and her hair looks amazing

Worst hairstyle : N\A
Ethereal, braided, platinum blonde

Now, it’s Elsa. I actually adore her hair, so much that it is in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 3. It is such a beautiful platinum blonde, it goes perfectly with her pale skin. I tình yêu the style, it’s braided and so nice. It is just sophisticated and cool. LOVELY! But, sometimes it looks lifeless and dry.

Best hairstyle : The braid = Guessed it already? Maybe, as I tình yêu this...I like how it cascades down and the tiny snowflakes look damn attractive

Worst hairstyle : N\A

2. Ariel
Red, voluminous, attractive

Her hair is anything but SHOWSTOPPING! It is red, so I probably think the color’s marvellous! It is soft, voluminous and thick! It looks so nice when underwater and I tình yêu how flowing it is. Her red hair is very unique and she rocks her hair. However, the ketchup color can be a bit too artificial.

Best hairstyle : Long and loose with hoa = The flower’s so cute! I tình yêu how it flows under water, revealing the true beauty

Worst hairstyle : N\A

1.    Rapunzel
Ravishing, blonde, shiny

I can see những người hâm mộ calling me a bias! But, her hair’s my favourite! One word : GORGEOUS! It is breathtaking and the best. First of all, I can’t help but tình yêu the color. It is such a beautiful shade of golden! Her hair is voluminous, bouncy and full of life and beauty. Rapunzel’s hair is so shiny, it looks as if made from melted gold! I tình yêu her hairstyles, even her brown bob! They’re no doubt ravishing, what with such a color and shimmer. Plus, it’s 60 feet! Some people go on like “Eh, the length’s annoying.” But I disagree. It can be transformed into a stunning braid and plus, her hair’s some defense mechanism. It is thêm strong than batman’s grappling hook Damn! Literally, it is magical! If rejuvenates youth, saves the dead and heals people. Plus, when it glows, it is wonderful! There’s barely anything I hate about her hair LOL.

Best hairstyle: Floral braid = Some haters call it gaudy, but the hoa look so graceful and angelic. The braid is just stunning

Worst hairstyle: None ;), I tình yêu them all! LOL!

I’d tình yêu to hear your opinions about this article. I’d definitely like hearing your perspective and if bạn want, bạn can ask me whatever các câu hỏi bạn have and also share your danh sách (optional)