11. Cinderella

This was one of the easiest. Despite being the first DP movie I've ever seen, it is also the only DP movie with no aspects I enjoy. I don't like the characters, phim hoạt hình hoặc songs. I find nothing enjoyable about this movie and I have no desire to re-watch it. I don't hate this movie but I wouldn't say I like it either. My least yêu thích DP movie wth no doubt. There are adaptation of this fairytale I like more.

10. Sleeping Beauty

I tình yêu its animation, it's gorgeous and one of the best in Disney history. I feel like artistic style of Pocahontas was inspired bởi SB and it is makes me adore the phim hoạt hình in SB even more. I don't really care about other aspects though.

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I prefer it over other classic DP movies. The nguồn material is probably my yêu thích classic fairytale, I am interested in its adaptations. I like Disney's version of the Evil Queen, I prefer her over Tremaine and Maleficent. The Huntsman is one of the most handsome Disney males, Ratcliffe seems to be inspired bởi him. Snow White is touchier that Lọ lem hoặc Aurora. However, I dislike and find this movie quite boring.

8. The Little Mermaid

Honestly, I don't get why this movie is that được ưa chuộng and admired. It's bởi no means lame( none of Renessaince phim chiếu rạp is lame) but it's less powerful than Mulan, Pocahontas, BatB hoặc Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don't like the animation, I don't care about the character( except Ursula) hoặc songs( except Poor Unfortunate Songs), Hans Christian Anderson is one my most yêu thích authors and Pocahontas is much thêm Anderson-esque movie than TLM( and because bittersweet ending, I guess it is also because of thêm graceful and mature phim hoạt hình style).

7. Brave

I am very dissapointed bởi this movie. I like the phim hoạt hình and the idea of Celtic princess. But the story is unoriginal and full of Renessaince cliches and doesn't really match with a title. Bravery isn't Merida defining trait and isn't braver than most princesses. Elinor is an awesome character though.

6. Mulan

bạn may call me a xenophobic chó cái, bitch for what I say about Mulan. Despite being born in a small town at the very east of Europe, I am a westernist. It seems that my understanding of honor, happiness, justice, good and evil is too different from how the characters understand them. Mulan is my saddest, darkest DP movie( and not my most feminist) and has my the most annoying good guys in Disney history( the only good guy that doesn't annnoy me is Mushu is really out of place). My antimilitaristic các lượt xem are the only thing that stop me from rooting for Huns. I don't think that the Emperor is as awesome as he is supposed to be. As the Emperor he is still responsible for infamous law yet he is supposed to be the embodiment of wisdom and the perfect ruler. Mulan's only redeeming quality he sees is that she directly defeated Shan Yu( his famous " I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. annoys me a lot). Powhatan and Elinor are supposed to be flawed characters but in my opinion both of them are less flawed than the Emperor. Mulan's dishonor in the mountains is my saddest Disney moment and it also prevents me from putting this movie higher. I also don't really find the ending happy. And I really dislike Shang and Shang Yu/Mulan the only Disney couple I really hate and want to ignore.
However, the phim hoạt hình is gorgeous even bởi Renessaince standarts, the opening scene is breathtaking and soundtrack is decent( though not as awesome as BatB and Pocahontas soundtracks). Oh, and let's don't forget about hottest Disney lady ever!
This lady is so hot! No wonder why that Hun gave her a smile! I believe that she is a Snow White the Magic Mirror was talking about! Snow White we know is the fake Snow White!

5. Aladdin

Another Renessaince movie which is very well done. I find Genie and his song overrated though( I never liked any Disney character for his voice actor, I don't even watch Disney phim chiếu rạp in English). My yêu thích Aladdin và cây đèn thần character is Jafar and my yêu thích musical number is Arabian Nights.

4. Beauty and the Beast
My yêu thích scene in the entire movie. I tình yêu hoa hồng and màu hoa cà, màu hoa cà, lilac thêm than any other flowers.

My most nostalgic Disney movie. The phim hoạt hình is one of the best in Disney history, the soundtrack is in my TOP-3 best Disney soundtracks( along with Pocahontas and Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtracks, my #4 is Tarzan's) and the protagonist is one of my most relatable DPs. I also tình yêu the opening scene when we see rose and màu hoa cà, lilac bushes surrounding Beast's castle( hoa hồng and màu hoa cà, lilac are my yêu thích flowers), it's one of the most beautiful Disney scenes ever.
However, I am not entirely sure whether I like BatB hoặc Aladdin và cây đèn thần more. I prefer Belle over hoa nhài but Aladdin và cây đèn thần over Beast.

3. Tangled
Disney's most beautiful tình yêu story.

I never liked the original tale so this movie turned out to be a very pleasant surprise I prefer it to the nguồn material. My yêu thích hing about this movie is the cast. I tình yêu the changes they made to the character of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is one of the most admirable Disney characters, I tình yêu her personality. Flynn is the most handsome prince. Mother Gothel is very realistic character. Rapunzel and Flynn's romance is very touchy and one of my favorites( and how I tình yêu Kingdom Dance score!), it's represents a lot my yêu thích things about romance: mutual sacrifices, falling in tình yêu for personalities, good relationship with in-laws( I hope so). The only movie's flaw is this whole " she changed him to better with her love" thing I don't like( my #1 and #2 also have it but less prominently).
I tình yêu the ending. One of my yêu thích tropes( and sadly one of the most underrated) about romantic couples is being treated bởi in-laws as their own child. I guess it's very likely to happen with Eugene and it's extremely touchy.

2. The princess and the frog

I tình yêu how this movie mixes tradition and innovation. The phim hoạt hình is gorgeous and very Renessaince-esque, it was to recognices Belle's features in Tiana and Eric's in Naveen. tổng thể soundtrack isn't as awesome as in Pocahontas but I tình yêu Down In Orleans and its reprise and Những người bạn On The Other Side. I tình yêu the choice of setting( I mean instead of putting a story in medieval Châu Âu which is associated with fairytales bởi most people). Tiana is an awesome character in every way, extremely beautiful and a great role model. I also tình yêu Facilier, he is my một giây yêu thích DP villain.

1. Pocahontas
I tình yêu both this scenes and all ninety phút between them. I feel like this movie was made special for me.

My absolutely yêu thích Disney movie of all time. It is and will always be. This movie is like was created specially for me: the stunning and elegant animation, the best DP soundtrack( not only when it comes to màu sắc of the Wind but also to the underrated Virginia Company and to every single song and score), the 17th century( I tình yêu this era! I mean it wasn't comfortable era but I really enjoyed seeing Disney's version of Elizabethan England during Virginia Company and Mine, Mine, Mine), the patriotic protagonist who doesn't prioritize romance, the villain with a great fashion sence. The Pocahontas' cast is very underrated in my opinion( especially Wiggins!). I also tình yêu the ending, it's very original and powerful.
I listen to my tim, trái tim and it tells me that Pocahontas movie will always be there.