This bài viết is similar to MaidofOrleans' bài viết but it has a unique twist. I started nghề viết văn mine a few days before she đã đăng hers. So don't worry I'm not stealing her idea hoặc anything. Plus she knows it's different from hers. We talked about it in her article's bình luận section.

Different perspectives - my past memories, my mum's memories, memories involving a friend, other fandom perspective and gần đây points of view.

Feel free to use my idea to make your own version if it inspires you. Just make sure bạn credit me please for the original idea.

Snow White

I was so excited when I saw a sequel of Disney’s Snow White out on VHS. Nevermind that the main character looked different, wore a different dress, had a different voice and the phim hoạt hình seemed thêm 80’s. The dwarves sisters helped guide Snow White to the villain’s lâu đài so she could save her prince from a male villain who turned his enemies into stone. It was great and I enjoyed it thêm than the original. Ah youth. The ability to watch something and let everything else go over your head. Except I did come to my senses on my một giây viewing years after as a young adult. I disliked it and thought it was childish. I tracked down the original and thought Disney’s Snow White was superior to it.


When my mum and her cousin (also my aunt because the family from my mum’s side are tight knit) were younger. They went to see Lọ lem at the cinema. My aunt was so excited to see what Cinderella’s ball áo choàng looked like. But when watching the iconic moment, she leaned over to my mum and đã đưa ý kiến “it’s ugly.” My mum agreed. Mum says she was so disappointed. She thought it was dull, not pretty. My aunt wanted to see something different from current fashion. thêm fantasy-like and colourful. She wanted a màu hồng, hồng ball gown. And after all of these years, her opinion hasn’t changed. She hates it with passion.


“Sorry I don’t know who she is”- my life long friend.
“Oh I don’t know her” - my best friend.
“That’s not Sleeping Beauty! Sleeping Beauty has brown hair” - my mum.
...and then she said;
“No! No, you’re kidding aren’t you? This is a joke.”
Then I go into Disney geek mode express what her real name is and explain why she is blonde.
....then mum frowns and says;
“Oh. Well in the original story she had brown hair. What was that bạn said? (I got tongue tied on saying Aurora) Say it again. (I tried again) Spell it. (Tries to say it herself twice in two different ways - equally difficult). I’m unsure how to pronounce it. Maybe bạn could research online on how to pronounce it.”
To which I đã đưa ý kiến hoặc rambled;
“Or we could just call her Briar Rose. It’s easier and I can pronounce it. Of course I’ll always use Aurora online because it’s pretty and I’m using it when I nghề viết văn about something, not saying out loud for all to hear. But yeah I could look into it, if bạn want me too?”
She said; “yes, it would be interesting to find out.”
....that was thêm than a few years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. But my mum has no memory of it. Just as well, because I forgot to do the research!


Rewatching the movie as a mature adult, I’m ashamed to say it does seem like Ariel sold her voice and got legs for a man. Thankfully I’m still very loyal to the TV series and know that Ariel has thêm depth than what is displayed in the movie. Oh how I wish they would release the TV series on DVD (all regions). I miss it so much!


Don’t bạn just hate it when Hollywood portrays intelligent people with thick educated sounding voices? They sound like Vulcans from ngôi sao Trek. Even animated characters. From my teens to my young adulthood I disliked Belle’s voice for that very reason. In the last two years, I realised Belle’s voice was that way because the voice actress was told to put on a French accent.


Who goes to Disneyland Paris just to buy búp bê that bạn can’t find in the local Disney stores? Me. I’ve done it twice. Once in 1999 and another time in 2014. In early 1999 I wanted hoa nhài in her purple dress. The local Disney store seemed to have Aladdin và cây đèn thần and Genie stuff but only one hoặc two things of Jasmine. The doll wasn’t special enough. It was just plain and boring and I thought it didn’t look like Jasmine. I remember discussing it with my mum in the car. How although the doll in the store was clearly made bởi Disney, face wise it looked like a Mattel version. I don’t know what I was talking about.I was in my own little world. Anyway, at Disneyland Paris, I bought two hoa nhài búp bê and an Aladdin và cây đèn thần one. The Paris búp bê looked thêm special. Jasmine’s regular outfit looked gorgeous with the vàng spots decorating the bedlah pants. I got a double pack of Aladdin và cây đèn thần and hoa nhài in their end of movie clothes. I remember looking in several shops around the park but couldn’t find hoa nhài in her purple dress anywhere. I was disappointed but I was very happy with the ones I found. So that trip was successful. 2014 trip, I went back hoping the purple dress doll would be in stock. But I forgot a very important detail, the new makeovers. I was so disappointed but I also wasn’t surprised. In every store in the park, Tiana, Rapunzel and Ariel seemed to have the biggest không gian for merchandise. Followed Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Belle. Merida and hoa nhài had a very small section. Pocahontas and Mulan didn’t have a section at all. Nah, clearly the new makeovers took over the merchandise, Wiping out the old merchandise of the Renaissance era. Who knows maybe they ran out of stock completely on the năm hoặc a few years after 1999?


Two days after watching the movie for the first time, I bought another film about Pocahontas. It was live action and for some reason, I thought it was a live action version of the Disney version. The film was closer to her historic life than the fiction that Disney created. I remember learning about Pocahontas in school, thinking oh my god she was a real person?! And then thinking hmmm nah, I prefer the Disney version. Now as an adult, I still don’t care much for the history. I like Disney’s Pocahontas on her own meaning her personality and spirituality. But I’m not loyal to the movie anymore. I tried to watch it as an adult after about ten hoặc thêm years since I watched it last. It bored me. I ended up turning it off and giving it away to a friend to keep.


I didn't know who Mulan was before watching the movie and the special features on the DVD. I remember being in awe, thinking wow, she was a real person! Later several years on I realised my mistake. Folklore person who may have been real but might not have been.


I had a "Tiana moment" whilst looking at rankings for Favourite Winx Transformations last night. Enchantix is thêm often than not, no.1 on each list. But I was looking at the group picture thinking I used think they were the best. But Layla/Aisha has the worst outfit, it looked gorgeous in blue. Like Tiana does in her một giây party dress. Why did they change?! Layla/Aisha looks better in blue than she does in green. However out of the two, Tiana can pull off wearing green, better than Layla/Aisha can.


Mum watched Công chúa tóc mây with me, a few years ago. She didn't like Rapunzel during the first half. Mum found her annoying, whiny and childish. During the một giây half, Mum liked her more. She thought she was mature and less whiny. I just sat back in silence let my mum form her own opinion. I remember agreeing with her during the first part. It was a time when I hadn't made up my mind about how I felt about Rapunzel. I liked her but I didn't tình yêu her. Her popularity annoyed me and in general I wasn't a Modern era Princess follower.


I've watched Công chúa tóc xù four times. Each time, Merida has been my favourite character. But whilst I tình yêu her. I can’t help but think she doesn’t belong in official DP franchise. The movie doesn’t feel like a Disney movie. It feels like one of the better animated phim chiếu rạp like Công chúa Anastasia for example from another company. It’s a pity she couldn’t be a được ưa chuộng standalone princess like Anna and Moana. Because that’s where she belongs I think. Alternatively, this is not going to happen but we can fantasise; make a franchise for heroine warriors, include Kida, Jane, Nala and anyone else who fits.