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Eight months ago, I started an bài viết series explaining my tổng thể opinion on each princess in as much details as possible. I've decided to start over! :) Technically, we don't know if Anna and Elsa will even be included in the lineup, but like last time, I'm including them. The categories I will analyze are: original thoughts, thoughts now, beauty, wardrobe, singing/speaking voices. Also, I will be doing these in chronological order, form my least yêu thích princess to my favorite!

My Original Thoughts

Most of bạn new gents and ladies weren't around to witness my blindness to the "Frozen" hype. Believe it hoặc not, my friends, I LOVED Elsa. She was everything I wanted in a princess, breaking boundaries, ice magic, that feeling of loneliness that was oh-so relatable since I had recently moved. Elsa surprisingly never managed to wiggle out of my hàng đầu, đầu trang five.. until around March.

My Thoughts Now

Who knew my opinion on Elsa would take a complete 360 from tình yêu to hate? Once "Frozen" fandom took a chill pill, (even though it was a tiny one) I took a real look at the movie, especially Elsa. Rewatching the movie a few times really kicked my analyzing skills into gear. I noticed how completely boring Elsa is. Besides "Let it Go" what does she do? Oh yeah, she sends an abominable snowman on her sister :) She doesn't give a crap about the kingdom; she runs away from responsibility :) And she expected Anna to be in charge, in which she knows her sister is too naive to handle such a big job, considering she turned down Anna's plans to marry the man she just met :) [talking about stopping the winter] "I don't know how!" bitch, did ya even try? :)

One thing about Elsa that I find relatable is toward the end, when [I think] Elsa heard Hans unsheathe his sword, but didn't move. She had ruined everything, and had nothing left to give. Fits me perfectly, tbh.


Eh, I do not even know where I am at on the Elsa beauty spectrum. Ugh, somedays I cannot handle her beautiful face; others I can't find anything gorgeous in her. Personally, pictures don't do Elsa, hoặc any other CGI Disney Princess, any justice. To see these girls in motion is where the magic happens.

Her hair, which I used to not find that attractive, I'm in tình yêu with. Unlike my past opinions, I like the braid thêm than I do the bun. Elsa's eyes are stunning and look stunning in comparison with her skin tone. I'd have to critique on her nose and lips though. Elsa's nose is too long [especially in profile] and her lips too thin! I wish she hadn't plopped all that makeup on though. She looks better natural.


Her wardrobe doesn't impress me that much. I mean, I like the ice dress thêm than I used to, but it's still not my favorite. I tình yêu the color combination of her cape and coronation gown. I also tình yêu the little amount of skin showing. It really Luật sư đấu trí Elsa's entrapped life. They're both detailed, but in all honesty, I don't find it all that special.


When it comes to the speaking voices of the DPs, Elsa's is bởi far the most controversial! bạn either hate it hoặc tình yêu it, there's no in between. In my opinion, it doesn't fit Elsa. She sounds too old for the part, and Idina wasn't meant to be a speaking actress. Sorry..


Idina is a powerhouse, no doubt, which makes it seem odd in comparison to her serious, plain speaking voice. Idina has so much range, it's sorta crazy. I tình yêu the intensity she brings. Personally, she gives thêm emotion hát than she does speaking.
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