The Redesigns
Okay, so a lot of people have been doing these, and I wanted to write a new bài viết before I finished my countdown of the smartest Disney Princesses, so I'm going to be doing this. Anyways, keep in mind this is just my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

11. Mulan

She may be my yêu thích Disney Princess, but I am definitely not a người hâm mộ of her design. In my opinion, her face is completely changed, it's made sort of chubby, with thêm rosy cheeks. Her hair looks different, and I do like the outfit, but I don't think it Luật sư đấu trí her, I don't think her appearance is unappealing to look at hoặc anything, but she looks so, well different. Plus there's that whole controversy about her and Pocahontas and such..

10. Pocahontas

What?! Is this even Pocahontas?! This redesign almost scored number 11. but I put Mulan there instead. Anyways, like Mulan, her face looks completely different. Pocahontas also has feathers hanging from her ears, which I just don't think looks right on her. Like Mulan, the color of her skin has been slightly lightened, which has led to a controversy. Her dress, once again like Mulan's has had a lot added on to it. So, are they just aiming for marketing now? Seems like it, and it looks like they don't care if people see that.

9. Merida

So, it looks like Merida has been COMPLETELY redesigned from her computer animated form, and she sure looks different. Well actually, not that different. She remains a (sort of, just a little bit though) similar dress, just not a computer animated one, and she mostly looks the same. I don't really care for this redesign at all, so that's why it's so low.

8. Jasmine

Sorry to all the hoa nhài những người đang yêu out there, but I never really thought hoa nhài was pretty at all anyways. Her dress remains mostly the same, but is thêm sparkly with a few minor changes. Her face is bigger,and the color of her lips have been changed. Overall, I actually like her thiết kế better than the original, but it's not my yêu thích redesign nor is it even near my favorite.

7. Rapunzel

So, it looks like my hàng đầu, đầu trang Three yêu thích Disney Princess' have been eliminated before the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5. Such a shame I'm not a người hâm mộ of their redesigns. They're still my các sở thích though. Anyways, Rapunzel hasn't changed much either. She's got her new sparkly dress (I guess that's some new trend with the Princesses.) which is still the same dress, just with sparkles, and that's basically it. I don't find a huge difference at all. I much prefer her computer animated.

6. Belle

Now we're at the new designs that I really love. I just tình yêu the new dress! I do like the original one, but I just tình yêu the color on the new one! Her hair looks great as well, and I tình yêu the little change in the color of it. Also, of course, Belle's got the sparkles. (I don't really understand the point of them, but I do like them) I really do tình yêu her redesign, but I just like the others more.

5. Tiana

I know that people really tình yêu Tiana's redesign, and I do too, but it's just not in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 3 favorites. So, Tiana looks basically the same, but OF COURSE she has her sparkles?I just tình yêu this outfit, and Tiana also has one of my yêu thích wardrobes, if people actually care about that, but who really does?

4. Aurora

I don't think Aurora is gorgeous at all in the movie, hoặc even in her original design, but I absolutely adore her redesign! My yêu thích part is definitely the hair! I just tình yêu the way it looks! But her dress is better, in my opinion, and I like the thiết kế of her face better. I do prefer the other though,

3. Ariel

I ADORE her new dress! It has such a great color to it! I can't decide if I like her hair better before hoặc now, but I'm leaning towards now. In my opinion she looks so much better now than she did before the redesign! I just think the others have better designs then her.

2. Snow White

It's not often that Snow White is even near my hàng đầu, đầu trang 2, so she better enjoy it while it lasts! Her redesign is just GORGEOUS! Her dress looks better than ever, her hair and bow look better than ever, and she just looks absolutely gorgeous. However, I just think number one is even better.

1. Cinderella

In my opinion, her look is absolutely FLAWLESS! I absolutely tình yêu her dress, it's my yêu thích Disney Princess dress EVER! Her hair looks better than ever! Her face looks fantastic! She looks so much different! But DEFINITELY for the better! (In my opinion) Congratulations Cinderella!

Thanks for đọc the article! :)