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Pocahontas was out helping her people gather thực phẩm early one morning when Nakoma ran up to her. "You shouldn't be working since you've had those frequent dizzy spells." she advised. "Nakoma, I feel fine. Besides, the tribe could use all the help around here." Pocahontas reassured. "Okay, but Kekata's got a close eye on you." Nakoma replied. "If I get dizzy again, I'll take a break." Pocahontas promised. The reason behind the dizzy spells? Pocahontas was pregnant!

"So, have bạn told anyone else about the baby?" Nakoma asked. "I've told Mulan." Pocahontas answered. Nakoma was alittle surprised. "Only Mulan?" she asked. "Yes. I'm pretty frightened about how Merida will react." Pocahontas answered. "C'mon, Pocahontas. I'm sure she'll be over the moon for you!" Nakoma stated. "I can only hope." Pocahontas replied doubtfully.

Pocahontas knew Merida's rebellious side REALLY WELL. Even better than Mulan did! "She's just like John." Pocahontas said. "That's because she'll be 17 in a couple months." Nakoma playfully joked. John came bởi the field. "You shouldn't be working." he stated. "I think it's time for me to take a break." Pocahontas said. John had kept a sharp eye on her since she got pregnant, just like Kekata.

"So, you've only told Mulan?" John asked. "Yes." Pocahontas answered. "Don't worry about how Merida will react. She's a free spirit. If she DID react harshly, she wouldn't DARE hiển thị it." John reassured. "Well, maybe you're right. I think I might write a letter to her." Pocahontas replied. She and John reached their little hut. "Let me assist you." John đã đưa ý kiến sweetly as Pocahontas was about to sit down. Pocahontas smiled.

Later that afternoon, Pocahontas wrote the letter to Merida. She was nervous about mailing it. "Don't worry. She's your friend." John told her. She put the letter in the mailbox. "I still don't know John. Merida is so wild, like you, and that's why Shang hates her." she said. John let out a small chuckle. "That's because he's so serious all the time." he đã đưa ý kiến half-joking.

"John, he despises Merida with a passion." Pocahontas proclaimed. John cuffed her face in his hands. "Pocahontas, I want bạn to listen to me clearly on this. Shang WILL warm up to Merida. Yes, it may take alittle thêm time, but he'll warm up to her." John reassured. Pocahontas put her arm in his as they walked back to their hut. *I'm so lucky to have him!* she thought as she beamed silently. She and John enjoyed the nice walk back as the wind blew lightly. She was still worried about how Merida would react, but with John bởi her side, she knew she could wait.
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bạn guys already know that I started a phiếu bầu and added a câu hỏi in the respective columns of the Disney Princess pot,asking for your yêu thích 3D Disney Princess,that are,Rapunzel,Merida,Anna and Elsa.And now,the results are out!

4.Merida (12% in poll,3 sự bỏ phiếu in answers)

Merida is the 11th official Disney Princess,who was added in the DP line up officially on 11 May,2013.She is the main female protagonist of the Disney's 2012 Animated Feature 'Brave' directed bởi Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

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kittykittykat13 đã đưa ý kiến : Merida is not afraid of being herself.

RoseOfRapunzel said...
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The heartbreaking scene in "Brave" which then later turns out better in the end
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The German version, performed bởi Sabrina Weckerlin and German Idol winner Alexander Klaws.
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Snow White gets some help from an unexpected wildlife companion. bạn never know where you'll find a friend!
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English Reverse Version of the song 'I See the Light' from Walt Disney's "Tangled" (2010)
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Me as Pocahontas visiting John Smith, I didn't like it a lot but I guess it works :b I made it for a friend that loves "sexy John tied to a truck" (I really don't like him :s)
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This is not my video!
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Haaaa, there's no way I'm sane. As Lia said, I'm a nutter with a hint of genius.
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the princess and the frog
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my hàng đầu, đầu trang 30 Disney songs. do bạn agree? disagree? please dont ask me why a certain song is on there. I'd like to add that "I'm Still Here" from Treasure Planet should have been put up there-probably around number 8.
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