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I still continuously see people remarking on Pocahontas "lack of personality." It has been a little thêm uncommon, but just for the other nonbelievers, I decided to write this. I know many will beg to differ, but it's just the way I see it. If bạn have any reason to disagree, go ahead and leave a comment. I'm up to defend her. XD Okay, I'll quit rambling on and actually start the article.

The Start

We first begin to see Pocahontas' personality in the very beginning. She leaves us with a lasting first impression. We can see how she is connected to nature from the very start. Seeing her jump off the cliff shows Pocahontas' thêm adventurous side. She is playful throughout the scene with Nakoma. That is just the start. Also, Pocahontas is always being playful and having fun with Nakoma.

Inquisitive, Too

Pocahontas has as much as a curious side as any other princess. Most of the time, people overlook this trait. She is is not only desiring to know about the white men, but especially John Smith. The way she speaks to him and messes around with his mũ bảo hiểm shows how curious she is.

 "It's a helmet." -John Smith
"It's a helmet." -John Smith

Her Most Noticeable Trait

We all know people remember Pocahontas for her indecisiveness. We see it from the start, from Just Around the Riverbend" to whether she wanted to save John Smith's life. I actually find indecisiveness to be a admirable trait. I know it sounds crazy, but it means bạn actually take time to think things through. Obviously, there are majorly indecisive people that are even indecisive about what thực phẩm to eat, but I do not see Pocahontas as that type of person.

 "Should I choose the smoothest course?"
"Should I choose the smoothest course?"

Possibly Pessimistic

Let's be honest, Pocahontas is not always looking on the bright side of things. She is never enthusiastic about having to marry Kocoum, nor does she have a positive outlook on all the possibilities of the marriage. It is a thêm subtle trait, but still.

 "But.. he's so serious."
"But.. he's so serious."

Lust AND Love

Yes, most of Pocahontas and John Smith's relationship was based on lust. Yet though, I still can detect the tình yêu she has for John Smith in her heart. If she really didn't tình yêu him, she most likely wouldn't have left the village when her father forbade her from it. She wouldn't have đã đưa ý kiến John Smith's life if it weren't for tình yêu for not only him, but for her people and the white people. She loved John Smith enough to let him go, so he wouldn't die.

 "I tình yêu him, father!"
"I tình yêu him, father!"

To Be Caring and Determined

This trait is most prominent in "Savages Pt. 2." Her entire part of that song is her hiển thị her care for everyone, that war was not needed, and she was determined to stop it. She also showed her caring side when Thomas killed Kocoum. She had no interest in the man, but she still cared that he was dead.

 "Is there nothing I can do? Still I know I have to try."
"Is there nothing I can do? Still I know I have to try."

Mature, Not Personality-less

Pocahontas becomes thêm mature towards the end of the movie. We are talking about war here. She couldn't be ecstatic hoặc hyper all of the time. She had things to do, like stopping a war, rather than fooling around. We all have to grow up and become thêm mature, and Pocahontas was just becoming an example of that.

 "How loud are the drums of war?"
"How loud are the drums of war?"

These are just the thêm prominent and noticeable traits I see in Pocahontas. I hope bạn like the article, and sorry for it being so lengthy!
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Well, I've already re-done my my first article, My yêu thích Disney Princesses, so I thought I would re-do my một giây one. I won't re-do all of my articles, but I wanted to re-do some of my earlier ones, because my opinions have changed and my nghề viết văn style has improved throughout the các bài viết I've written, it's not just because I'm running out of articles, and I promise that I'll have my tiếp theo soundtrack review up soon, (wow, this bài viết is old, I just came back to it and realized this was here. XD. I should get back to the soundtrack reviews though, so just keep đọc that.) I'm still trying...
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Thought bạn all would enjoy this! :)
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Well, the tiêu đề is pretty self explanatory so... here I go.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Hmm, this is a tough one since I like all of the characters in this film but my two các sở thích are Snow White herself and the Evil Queen Grimhilde. I tình yêu them for completely different reasons. I tình yêu Snow's look and cheerful personality (she's in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 princesses) and I tình yêu Grimhilde because she's so cruel and I tình yêu her look as well but because it's so dark, regal, and imposing. She is downright creepy as an old hag. I tình yêu the scenes with both Snow and Grimhilde but then again I tình yêu this film so......
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