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 Sing to friend on other side!
Sing to friend on other side!
We talk about the Princes and the Princesses but we never talk about how the villains sang because well out of the 12 films only 7 sing and I only counted 6 because Nữ hoàng băng giá just came out and not everyone has seen the movie hoặc own the soundtrack.

6: Jafar
He Mất tích this phiếu bầu bởi a landslide in fact bạn could tell that it was rigged for the others because well Jafar stunk at hát he only had one big song and I don't think anyone wants to remember it for that long.
"Just doesn't leave a lasting impression." MalloMar
"I've always found his voice very grating and hard to listen to." MaidofOrleans

After this I wanted to tie everyone else for first but that would be a lame way to end a countdown.

5: Ursula
Amazing Disney voice! But we loved the others more!
"Well is Ursula trying to sound bad?" alycat2
"They're all amazing" dclairmont

4:Governor Ratcliffe
I am pretty sure this is the highest he has ever been in a a countdown. He has an amazing voice! But we liked the others better.
"Not bad hoặc anything and it Luật sư đấu trí his character, but the others are a bit thêm impressive." JungleQueen13
"I prefer the others." dimitri_

3: Gaston
Yet another amazing vote that was so hard to vote out. But the hàng đầu, đầu trang 2 earned it an we can all kind of agree they are the best.
"He tries too hard, like I đã đưa ý kiến before." CRaZy_rawR
"All are amazing, but Gaston just doesn't compare to the talented actors behind Facilier and Gothel." MalloMar
"His is ayyight, but Gothel is so BROADWAY and Dr. F is so SMOOOTH." MacytheStrange

2: Doctor Facilier
I can see hear why Naveen trusted the Shadow Man...with a hát voice like that I'm pretty sure he could talk anyone into doing anything.
"I think Gaston should be here over Facilier." Mongoose09
"He should have gone after Jafar." Silverrose1991

1: Mother Gothel
AMAZING hát VOICES!! MUST TRUST MOTHER!!! MOTHER KNOWS BEST!! With a voice like that if I was Rapunzel I just stay in the tower to hear my mom sing.
"Mother Gothel's voice is lifeeeeeeeeeeeee!" dclairmont
"I tình yêu them both, but lately I've found Gothel's voice amazingly awesome sooo" MacytheStrange

So there bạn have it. Can we just pause for a một giây and once again take in their voices!
 Where would bạn know who rank?
Where would you know who rank?
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Ok so ariel was my 3rd yêu thích but then I re watched her movie and I have to admit she dropped way low I realized I loved her movie not really her as a person then Merida was my 13th but I moved her up because her actions were understandable anyway I'd thought I'd rant about it to get it out of my system and for someone to maybe change my mind *sorry for my grammar and/or spelling that might go wrong in this article*

Ariel has a lovely life under the sea however she likes the human world and discovers there stuff in shipwrecks and collects their junk. Now her father doesn't like that because...
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 Ella and Kit's Wedding!
Ella and Kit's Wedding!
Hi guys, I will write down 4 of my favourite reboot songs played at the ending credits.

Strong (Cinderella)

I absolutely tình yêu this song, like Let It Go from Frozen. I also played this on the car, it has a message in to be positive!

Once Upon A Dream (Maleficent)

Despite that I was not very happy with the arrangements and the tempo, I grew up with this song.

How Does A Moment Last Forever? (Beauty and the Beast)

I absolutely adored Celine Dion, she sang beautifully and emotionally. I'm glad that she's chosen to sing this and be a part of the film once again!

Evermore (Beauty and the Beast)

Another singer that I adored is Josh Groban, he sang beautifully and equally to Dan Steven.

Which Do bạn Chose?

Which of these 4 is your favourite? Do bạn agree with my reasons?
 Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
 2 Songs!
2 Songs!
posted by deedragongirl
 Princesses with their voice actress!
Princesses with their voice actress!
Hi guys, I would like to write down my favourite Disney Princess Signature Songs and the reason why I tình yêu them!

1) How Far Shall I'll Go

Since watching Moana on the big screen, I could not get this song out of my head despite that I don't have the soundtrack yet.

2) Let It Go

Same reason as How Far Shall I'll Go, I also could not let it go! For the past few days, my brother have been listening it on his iPod and it is his favourite movie and song!

3) Beauty and the Beast

Another Disney Princess that I grew up with, it is one of the most được ưa chuộng songs in Disney history.

4) Part of Your World

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My danh sách hasn't changed all that much but I thought after rewatching Aladdin và cây đèn thần I would write an updated list.

13. Merida- Not a fan, I'm all for female empowerment but I don't like her attitude. She is just so rude & I do not find her likeable.

12. Elsa- She just really bugs me. I can't think of any other reasons but she just aggravates me.

11. Anna- Not keen on her either. She is not as bad as the other two but I'm not a fan, moving on.

10. Tiana- She is too much of a workaholic. I get that she has dreams to run her own restaurant but she can have fun once in awhile.

9. Jasmine- hoa nhài has really...
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Okay so I know I got off on the wrong foot here with some users so I wanted to give a peace offering (to those who want it) bởi telling about myself so others will get the chance to understand me and see where I am coming from. This is my attempt to:
1) Formally apologize: To those who I Mất tích my temper with, I sincerely apologize for the way I conducted myself. I truly did not come here to start arguments but to get the opinions of others. I humbly ask that bạn forgive my passionate responses and know that I promise to work on not losing my temper. No matter how threatened hoặc attacked that I...
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Nữ hoàng băng giá
let it go
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I'm counting this as opinion(Ik its as list) cuz it all took me, like, 2 hours to danh sách these out. I tình yêu them all so much!

10. Snow White
Don't get me wrong, I tình yêu HER. But there just isn't a lot to relate to with her. She ran away because she was being hunted down, she died, got kissed and came back to life. So, since I really can't relate to her, I put her here. Sorry Snow, I still luv ya!

9. Jasmine
Again this was MEGA hard to put her here, cuz I tình yêu her! But I just can't relate to her, again. I mean, I've never really been in her situation, and I can't get over the whole "Magic lamp" thing...
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