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 Sing to friend on other side!
Sing to friend on other side!
We talk about the Princes and the Princesses but we never talk about how the villains sang because well out of the 12 films only 7 sing and I only counted 6 because Nữ hoàng băng giá just came out and not everyone has seen the movie hoặc own the soundtrack.

6: Jafar
He Mất tích this phiếu bầu bởi a landslide in fact bạn could tell that it was rigged for the others because well Jafar stunk at hát he only had one big song and I don't think anyone wants to remember it for that long.
"Just doesn't leave a lasting impression." MalloMar
"I've always found his voice very grating and hard to listen to." MaidofOrleans

After this I wanted to tie everyone else for first but that would be a lame way to end a countdown.

5: Ursula
Amazing Disney voice! But we loved the others more!
"Well is Ursula trying to sound bad?" alycat2
"They're all amazing" dclairmont

4:Governor Ratcliffe
I am pretty sure this is the highest he has ever been in a a countdown. He has an amazing voice! But we liked the others better.
"Not bad hoặc anything and it Luật sư đấu trí his character, but the others are a bit thêm impressive." JungleQueen13
"I prefer the others." dimitri_

3: Gaston
Yet another amazing vote that was so hard to vote out. But the hàng đầu, đầu trang 2 earned it an we can all kind of agree they are the best.
"He tries too hard, like I đã đưa ý kiến before." CRaZy_rawR
"All are amazing, but Gaston just doesn't compare to the talented actors behind Facilier and Gothel." MalloMar
"His is ayyight, but Gothel is so BROADWAY and Dr. F is so SMOOOTH." MacytheStrange

2: Doctor Facilier
I can see hear why Naveen trusted the Shadow Man...with a hát voice like that I'm pretty sure he could talk anyone into doing anything.
"I think Gaston should be here over Facilier." Mongoose09
"He should have gone after Jafar." Silverrose1991

1: Mother Gothel
AMAZING hát VOICES!! MUST TRUST MOTHER!!! MOTHER KNOWS BEST!! With a voice like that if I was Rapunzel I just stay in the tower to hear my mom sing.
"Mother Gothel's voice is lifeeeeeeeeeeeee!" dclairmont
"I tình yêu them both, but lately I've found Gothel's voice amazingly awesome sooo" MacytheStrange

So there bạn have it. Can we just pause for a một giây and once again take in their voices!
 Where would bạn know who rank?
Where would you know who rank?
I've got a large bone to pick with this whole rule where the princess can't interact with each other.

I seriously doubt the world would come to an end if the princesses communicated hoặc had polite conversation with one another. Those of us who are big những người hâm mộ of the lineup, such as myself, always tình yêu the idea of the princesses being Những người bạn with each other, so why not make it so. I do not, for the life of me, understand in the slightest bit, why the princesses have to be separated in their own realms and act like each other doesn't exist when they are tiếp theo to each other in a photo.

It's actually...
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Spoilers for one of them
Here are my favourite Disney princess endings

#1 Beauty & the Beast: One of the most touching endings I have ever seen this one is so beautiful as bạn hear the Beauty & the Beast song in the end and Belle dancing with Adam and bạn see the stained glass at the end. Simply beautiful.

#2 The Little Mermaid: Another touching scene that I tình yêu and the reason is because I tình yêu how Ariel says that she loves her father and bạn see her and Eric sharing true love’s kiss...
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A/N#1: Chapter 4 is actually something I have been waiting to write for awhile now. Last chapter for tonight.

Chapter 4:

My footsteps were light like a deer's as I hid in shadows and behind
It was easy slipping through the fence, the guards wern't the most
observant men. But still the thoughts of Natives laurking around waiting
for me to step out with bows and arrows truthfully frightened me.
I managed to grab a sword before I left from a tool shed where I would
return it in the morning, but for now it rested in its case on my hip
swishing as I walked along.
The forest was lush and green even...
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The four princesses followed the evil Maleficent to her layer. "Have bạn found them yet" asked Maleficent. "No it's as if they have vanished" đã đưa ý kiến Gaston. "IT'S INCREDIBLE NOT A TRACE OF THEM THEY COULDN'T HAVE VANISHED INTO THIN AIR" đã đưa ý kiến Maleficent. "Well I looked everywhere I will find the beautiful Princess Ariel and marry her" đã đưa ý kiến Gaston. "Well we'll find them and just because I have to wait for that little mermaid princesses powers doesn't mean I can't enjoy the powers I have now" đã đưa ý kiến Maleficent. "Yes since bạn too all the magic of the nine world good and evil includeing the villians"...
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 Party time girls!
Party time girls!
Hi guys, so basically this danh sách is about the princess's favourite Korean Pop Songs if they're organising a Disco Party.

1) Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior)

This song is very catchy that I could not get it out of my head! Definitely the best Disco âm nhạc ever.

2) Hallelujah (Big Bang)

Taken from the được ưa chuộng 2009 Korean drama, Iris. This song actually Luật sư đấu trí Tiana and Naveen, I feel.

3) Oppa Gangnam Style (Psy)

The most được ưa chuộng dance that took the world bởi storm back in 2012, this will definitely the other choice for a disco.

4) Gentlemen (Psy)

The một giây single from Psy, I watched a video with the Nữ hoàng băng giá cast dancing to this song. Go check it out!

5) Mr Simple (Super Junior)

Another song that I grew a liking on, it is another catchy song in fact I hope to download their album soon if I'm lucky.

Check Them Out!

Only 5 songs make it through the cut, anymore suggestions?
 Hello Psy!
Hello Psy!
 Big Bang
Big Bang
 Super Junior
Super Junior
So,I saw how many people made các bài viết about Disney Princesses redesign look,so I decide to write one :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I'm not trying to hurt anybody :)
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.

Details are sometimes a good thing,but not in this case.
They made too much details and they ruined her mothers' necklace!
I mean,look at the boots and feather earring!
That's actually a bad thing, becuse Pocahontas is an historical figure.
I hate how much make up they put on her.
Did they even have make up there where she lived?
I don't think...
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