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10. Rapunzel: I just don't think she is pretty. It's mostly the phim hoạt hình that gets me. Her eyes are huge and she's way too skinny. I don't like her hair either. It's way too long. And when she cuts her hair short she looks worse. Maybe if they made her animated like the rest of the princesses she would be higher up the list!

9. Snow White: I don't exactly find her ugly but I wouldn't consider her pretty either. Her eyes are beautiful though. She would be a lot higher on this danh sách if she had longer hair. Her face just looks chubby and her hair is so boring. She's also way too pale.

8. Tiana: I find her pretty. Her eyes are really beautiful and her hair is so cute when it's up in a bun and it looks nice. Her red lips are also really nice.

7. Pocahontas: Pocahontas is just so beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, her smile. Everything about her is gorgeous. Her body is also very nice. She looks so different compared to the other princesses and that's what I tình yêu about her!

6. Cinderella: Lọ lem is beautiful. Her light blue eyes and long eyelashes are so pretty and when her hair is down she looks so beautiful. Though her hair looks kind of weird when it's up she is still very attractive.

5. Aurora: I just tình yêu her thick long hair. How it bounces and flows. It's so beautiful. Her eyes are also so beautiful. Her eye color is a pretty velvet-blue. Aurora is absolutely gorgeous. Though her voice doesn't really suit her well.

4. Mulan: It annoys me so much when Mulan is low on other peoples lists. I mean just because she went to war dressed as a male soldier doesn't mean she can't be pretty like the other princesses. I mean her eyes are so beautiful and her long black hair is so cute. She is unique looking and I adore that.

3. Jasmine: I bet you're surprised she didn't get number 1? Anyway, hoa nhài is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes, like Rapunzel, are huge but it fits her so well. Her eyes are very pretty. She might be a little too skinny but she still looks great. Her hair is so thick and she is so exotic looking. I also tình yêu when her hair is up in a ponytail.

2. Ariel: Many people don't like Ariel because her red hair. I think her red hair is so gorgeous. Her eyes are also so pretty along with her long eyelashes. Ariel is so gorgeous and unique. Her smile is also so beautiful. In some scenes she looks so stunning.

1. Belle: Where do I start first? Her eyes are just lovely, her eyelashes are long and thick, her hair is thick, brown, and long, her lips are a beautiful pink, and her hazel eyes are gorgeous. She is the prettiest of them all. Even her dress is the best out of all the princesses. Belle is definitely my yêu thích princess and the prettiest one at that.
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 Once again bạn see this picture as my hàng đầu, đầu trang image
Once again you see this picture as my top image
I had a hard time deciding how I should put the title. So, in case my tiêu đề looks messed up, this is basically my danh sách of favourite foreign Disney Princess hát voices. I chose the best foreign dubbing for each Princess IMO and put them in a list. Also, as Merida doesn't sing she is not included. This is only my opinion, so of course everyone will have different placings. But please don't be rude about my choices. Enjoy! :)

10: 1959 French Aurora (Irène Valois)

Before bạn read any further on my list, I have to tell bạn I have a thing for French voices. So don't be surprised if this danh sách ends...
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This is an bài viết expressing my opinion about some of the renaissance princesses most exaggerated attributes. I may do this for the other DP's, but I thought I'd start with the 3 that get a lot of flack. I feel that while the renaissance princesses have a lot of fans, they also have many haters. This is my opinion, and I know it's not very popular, but try not to be too negative. c:


Ariel is known universally as being the brat among the bunch. Though, honestly, I don't see how she's that big of a brat. She has been wanting to go on land for years, and years, and when the chance arises,...
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 Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
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Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. He had been hurt bởi the monster who attacked him, but luckily he had somehow been in his beast form which had saved him. Belle wondered why he was in that form when she knew her tình yêu for him had broken the curse. Still, she was grateful he had his claws and lông, lông thú to keep him safe. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
    Tears filled her eyes as she felt the pain of almost losing her tình yêu to the monster. Still confused as to why he...
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I noticed Papa had a cough about a tháng before his death. He'd been coughing and wheezing like a madman. My stepmother, Lady Tremaine, ignored it. I pleaded her to contact a doctor, but of course, she didn't want to listen.

So one day, I decided to leave the house in tìm kiếm of a doctor. I asked people around the village where I could find one, but nobody paid attention to a ten-year-old girl. I finally stood up on a barrel of cỏ khô, hay laying tiếp theo to a horse and yelled, "My Papa needs help! Help! Help! Doctor! I need a doctor!!!"

Finally, a kind, old lady instructed me to Dr. Paul A. Olverman's...
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My completely new, updated yêu thích princess danh sách is coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, since it is Disney princess songs month, I decided to do an bài viết on my yêu thích Disney song from each Disney movie. Just a quick, fun bài viết - I hope bạn like it!

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves - I'm Wishing/One Song
I adore this song - it would probably be on my hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 yêu thích Disney songs if I had an organized. It's so sweet, I tình yêu Snow White's little solo at the beginning with the well echoing back to her, but the Prince's voice is just gorgeous & I tình yêu the way he sings to her. It's...
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Since the last time I wrote this bài viết my danh sách has changed a bit and I also decided to write this bài viết again so that I could include Anna and Elsa. Also want to point out none of these screencaps are from disneyscreencaps.com, I found them on Disney Wiki so I don't know their original sources

13. Tiana

I like Tiana despite having her as my least yêu thích Disney Princess, but she's a person that I'm not striving after being thêm like and of course I can't relate to her at all except we both have a passion for food, other than that we're each others opposites and I find Tiana too realistic...
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